Best iPhone 4/4S Car Chargers to Charge Your iPhone on The Road

The iPhone 4/4S is a powerful smartphone – no doubt – but it’s also very power consuming. I remember I was running no more than a three or four apps and the battery drain was pathetic. Still, it’s a smartphone with all the bells and whistles that make it amazing; so the battery thing is quite acceptable.

While it’s easier to charge the iPhone at the office or home (mostly when you don’t spend a lot of time in commute), when it comes to a lot of travel, you definitely need to carry a charger along with you. iPhone car chargers are quite popular and sell like hot cakes but since the smartphone is a finely crafted piece of an equipment, you’d probably need only the best iPhone 4/4S car charger in town. That means we’re talking about high-quality, trust, performance and compatibility.

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In our usual roundup of iPhone accessories that we think would benefit most of our users, car chargers kept popping up always and finally, here’s a list of the most-trusted car chargers that you can purchase without thinking thrice. Here we go:

4 Best Car Charger for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

#1. Belkin Micro Charger 2.1 ABelkin Car Micro Charger for iPhoneWe covered Belkin’s new Lightning car charger for the iPhone 5 and other associated devices, and there’s nothing to stop us from mentioning Belkin again for the iPhone 4/4S car charger accessory. The Belkin Micro charger is a standard issue that has one unique twist: like Apple’s Just Wireless, this accessory comes with a 2.1A reading which charges your iPhone faster. It’s a bit pricey but it’s one of the best in the market.

Price: $9.99
Buy Belkin Micro Charger 2.1 A

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#2. Just Wireless Car Charger from Apple

Apple Just Wireless Car Charger

Just Wireless car chargers are meant to be universal car chargers for all iOS devices (but the new Lightning-dock ones). The one linked above is a 2.1 Amp charger: this means faster charging. The coils are long and hassle-free, the design is minimal and compact, and the whole setup is quick.

Price: $19.95
Buy Just Wireless Car Charger

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#3 iClever 21W/4.2A Car ChargeriClever 21W 4.2A Car Charger for iPhone 4sThis car charger from iClever comes with dual ports and compatible with many iOS and Android devices. While one port (2.6A max) is for iPhone or iPad, the other port (2.0A max) is for Android. The LED indicator keeps you informed that your iPhone is being rapidly charged. With tiny size and lightweight design, it is easily portable.

If you are looking for an efficient car charger that can power up your iPhone with lightning fast speed and also be used for many devices, iClever can stand tall to your wish.

Price: $25.99 [$8.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
Buy it from

#4. Roker Mini Dual USB Car ChargerRoker Mini Dual USB Car Charger for iPhone 4sThis is a universal car charger made to power up your device with rapid speed. It features dual USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. While one port charges your iPhone with 2.1A speed, the other juices it up with 1A. The LED power indicator makes you know that your device is being securely charged.

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It has been with made with fire proof materials. This car charger stops automatically when your iPhone is fully charged. Moreover, if there is any danger with regard to over voltage or overcharging, it stops by itself. It doesn’t affect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Radio.

Price: $49.99 [$9.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
Buy it from

So which one do you use?

Dhvanesh Adhiya
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