Best Wooden Docking Stations For iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

If you have already got a wooden case for your latest iPhone, you’re sure to love the combination of it with the docking stations listed today. This doesn’t just organize devices but it also supports charging the devices with precise slots with a clutter-free experience. So to make it easy, we have reviewed some of the best wooden docking stations for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 as well.

This accessory for iPhone not only organizes your devices but it provides a lot of other features as well. Here we go with the top 10 wooden docking stations for your iPhone 11 series.

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#1. Pezin & Hulin

Pezin and Hulin Wooden Docking Station for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

This is not just a docking station, it has a lot more to offer for those who have multiple devices at home or office. It can hold, 4 mobile phones, 2 iPads, and Apple Watch altogether. And the precise cuts with a slot to insert the charging cable is just like icing on the cake! Moreover, even if your iPhone or iPad is having a case on, it can fit comfortably.

You can easily charge all your devices at once with a 4-port or 6-port charger. Of course, this product doesn’t come with a charger but it does with 4 charging cables. The magnetic base ensures that the charging station can be assembled and disassembled with ease!

Moreover, the wide compartment at the bottom allows you to hide all the cables within the charging station itself. It’s made of natural bamboo and hence it is an Eco-friendly product to use. It is an ideal product for those who find it hard to manage multiple devices and want a clutter-free experience at their desk or home.

USP: Can Hold 6 Smartphones & Apple Watch
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#2. Erwubala

Erwubala iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Wooden Docking Station

If you don’t want a bigger docking station and want a compact designed one, Erwubala is your way to go! It can just hold on to one iPhone and an Apple Watch simultaneously. It comes with 3 USB charging port and surprisingly, it also has a business card slot. So this could be a perfect pick for you if the office desk organizer is your requirement for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

There’s no assembling required, just open the box and start using it for organizing your devices. It’s made of natural bamboo wood which makes it environmentally friendly and giving superior quality too at the same time. Take note that charger and cables are not included in this product and you need to use your original ones that come with your devices or get a new one.

USP: Compact Design
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#3. Archeer

ARCHEER Wooden Docking Station for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

If charging your iPhone is not your priority and if you just want to enjoy the music on your iPhone speaker, that too hands-free, Archeer’s wooden docking station is a perfect companion for the iPhone 11 series smartphones. It’s crafted with a design in such a way that you’ll fall in love at a first glance!

It’s a phone docking station which is made of bamboo wood and has a natural bamboo sound amplifier as well. It delivers more sound as compared to what you hear on your iPhone’s speaker due to the sound amplifier.

It’s stylish and is a perfect material to decorate your office or home. So if you want to soothe yourself and get relaxed by hearing to your favorite music, this should be your first choice.

USP: Natural Bamboo Sound Amplifier
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#4. LiZHi

LiZHi Wooden Docking Station for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

If you want to get a product which can comfortably handle your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods too, LiZHi is your way to go. It also comes with a wireless charger which has 2 coils with an output of 10W with a faster charger but it is 7.5W for iPhone only. The design angles are in such a way that it holds all your devices firmly and tightly.

The docking station is compatible with most of the Apple Watch series models and iPhone models too. If you want the wireless charger to work in this product, you need to get a separate  QC 3.0 AC adapter which is not included in this.

The wireless charger automatically turns off once your iPhone battery is fully charged. And the LED indicator shows whether your device is charging or not. Besides this, it also charges your Apple Watch and AirPods too.

USP: Charges All 3 Devices Wirelessly
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#5. Bavier

BAVIER iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Wooden Docking Station

Want to watch your favorite movies hands-free while your iPhone 11 is charging? Bavier’s docking station made of bamboo wood must be your first preference. Every edge is polished in such a way that it looks sleek with a soft touch. The Apple Watch charging stand is easily removable so that it stays away from scratches.

It’s not mandatory to use it at the office, but you can use it in your bedroom, living room and kitchen too where you can watch cooking recipes hands-free while you cook simultaneously! Not only the iPhone, but you can also place your iPad too. One can easily place 2 iPhone, 1 iPad, and an Apple Watch at a time.

Take note that if your device has a thicker case, just like the ones from OtterBox case, it won’t fit in the docking station. It comes with a 30-day refund guarantee if you have any issues with the quality.

USP: Environmental Friendly Wood
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#6. Prosumer’s Choice

Prosumer iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Wooden Docking Station

These slots in the docking station look more like a computer desk arranged at an office. It’s so perfect that you easily place your multiple smartphones and tablets all at once. You can simultaneously charge your 5 devices, be it an iPhone 11 Pro Max or your iPad 10.2-inch latest tablet.

The cable management is a lot easier because it comes with a removable base so that you can adjust the charging cables. Its bamboo wood finish makes it easy to fit in perfectly in any interior of your home, kitchen or desks as well. Moreover, this product is Amazon’s choice for device organizer and has over 150+ positive reviews on the marketplace.

USP: Charges 5 Devices at a Time
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#7. Nexgadget

Nexgadget Wooden Docking Station for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

When it comes to Nexgadget, it’s always on top of iPhone and Apple Watch accessories, especially the docking stations. We’ve already reviewed a docking station for Apple Watch in the past from Nexgadget and we’re reviewing the product from the same brand for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro & iPhone 11.

This product is specially made for Apple devices keeping iPhone, AirPods & Apple Watch users in mind. It can simultaneously charge all 3 devices at a time. Nexgadget looks clean and neat with a bamboo wood finish. The anti-slip mat at the bottom of the docking station provides a firm grip. And moreover, as compared the plastic docking stations, it is durable in all ways.

It could turn out to be a great travel companion due to its slim size and compact design. The product comes with 1 built-in charging cable in the docking station.

USP: Built-in Charging Cable
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#8. Lemo

Lemo iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Wooden Docking Station

Be it the sunglasses, a watch, a ring, a pen, a wallet, coins or keys, you need to be organized when you carry such things with you from office to home or home to office and this is where Lemo’s docking station comes handy. Of course, it doesn’t provide any option for wireless charging but it does come with a slot to insert your cable to charge your iPhone 11 Pro.

It’s made from pure pine and that makes it durable too. Besides, using it for yourself, you can also gift this to your loved ones on special occasions. The ring holder on the station is something which I haven’t seen in any of the products listed above. It is available in dark pine and wooden color variants. So which one would you prefer to go for?

USP: Comes with Ring & Wallet Holder
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#9. Peraco

Peraco iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Wooden Docking Station

Here’s yet another similar docking station made of pinewood and it offers similar slots which Lemo has to offer. It’s just that the design is a little bit different as compared to the above product. Be it a wallet, pen, coin, ring, earphones or your iPhone 11, you can place everything on this docking station.

Moreover, you can also keep your wallet in style and meanwhile charge your iPhone with a charging cable. Remember that this is just a docking station and no cable or charger is attached to this product.

USP: Multi-Purpose Docking Station
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#10. Teslyar

Teslyar Wooden Docking Station for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

If you’re looking for a premium wooden docking station for iPhone 11 Pro, Teslyar sets a perfect example! The product is made from solid ash wood making it eco-friendly and durable as well. It comes with a built-in wireless charger which is compatible with most of the smartphones that support wireless charging.

Besides that, you can also hang your sunglasses, watch and it comes with a groove to place your pen or pencil. On the back of the wireless charger, there’s a space to place your wallet along with the special try to put the coins. Of course, it’s a little bit costly but I am sure it’s worth because it comes with a wireless charger which is the costliest component in it.

Well, this is not just for you but you can also gift it to your loved ones on their special occasions or festivals too.

USP: Built-in Wireless Charger
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That’s it for today, folks!

Final Verdict!

If cost wasn’t an issue and I wanted a built-in wireless charger, I would go with Teslyar for a clutter-free experience of wires and all. And if I had to go for my multiple devices, I would definitely prefer Pezin & Hulin’s product which solves my equation. Which one did you list from today’s lineup? Do let us know in the comment section now!

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