Best Wireless Charging Stands for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 in 2020

Slowly but steadily, wireless chargers have caught up with the mainstream demand. While wired chargers are still ahead when it comes to speed and efficiency, the Qi chargers have gotten way better.

Due largely to the comfortable charging solution and more significantly; the zero cable-clutter (more or less), wireless chargers have found a safe spot in the kitty of most iPhone users. So, if you also wish to embrace this more convenient charging solution for your 2019 iPhones, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Having explored several notable offerings, I have created the best wireless chargers designed for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and 11. They come in different designs to suit various demands. While some chargers come with basic functionality, others boast versatility to be a complete charging dock for multiple devices. With that said, let’s check them out!

Best Wireless Charging Docks for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 in 2020

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#1. Anker PowerWave

Anker Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Let’s set the record straight! Anker PowerWave is simply the most efficient wireless charger for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max in the market right now. And there shouldn’t be any argument about it as the PowerWave scores pretty high in most aspects.

The Qi-enabled charger sports a compact and case-friendly design. So, you don’t require to take off the cover from your smartphone before charging. The charging stand is equipped with advanced protection technology to shield the devices against common threats like short-circuiting and overcurrent.

Depending on your convenience, you can position your iPhone vertically or horizontally to get a better viewing angle. As for durability, PowerDrive is well-built and fully capable to take some beating.

USP: Most efficient charging solution
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#2. Yootech

Yootech iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Stand

Yootech has introduced a complete wireless charging solution for Apple’s 2019 iPhones. Well, the company offers wireless charging in two packs to better suit your demands. While one is a stand, the other is a pad.

When you want to watch media or enjoy FaceTime video calling even while your iPhone 11 or its sibling is charging, the stand would come into play. Moreover, it also allows you to place your device both vertically and horizontally.

As for the pad, it’s pretty lightweight and features anti-slip surface to keep the device steady while it’s charging. Talking about price, Yootech has kept it in the affordable range at $26.99. (Just in case you prefer charging stand, you can spend $1 more to get the pack of two wireless charging stands.)

USP: Affordable and comes in two-pack
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#3. ESR

ESR Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Even though ESR is more popular for producing affordable yet pretty good iPhone cases, the company has introduced a top-grade wireless charging stand for the 2019 iPhones (of course it works with other supported devices as well). The stand has a modern-looking design and delivers 7.5W charging speed to Apple’s latest iPhones.

On the security front, ESR’s charger is up to the mark when it comes to protecting the devices against dangers like overheating and overcurrent. The soft pad makes sure your device doesn’t slide, while the anti-slip base endows it more stability. Even better, the charger has also received CE, FCC, and RoHS certification which makes it more reliable.

USP: Modern-looking design
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#4. Seneo

Seneo iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Stand

When it comes to charging the compatible devices with the needed speed and security, Seneo is not behind in the race. And the best part about this charger is the ability to deliver fast charging at three different input powers.

While it powers up iPhones at 7.5W speed, it can juice up Samsung Galaxy devices at 10.W and V30 at 15W respectively. Another thing that makes Seneo so proficient is the ATB technology that plays a vital role in controlling the temperature so that the device can charge securely. What’s more, just like Yootech, it also comes in double packs: a charging stand and a pad.

USP: ATB technology
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Allvcover Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Just in case you want a more powerful charging dock for not only your iPhone 11 series but also your Apple Watch and AirPods, ALLVCOVER would be worth giving a try. The dock has a sturdy built that endows both stability and durability.

With the smooth surface, it keeps your devices scratch-free. Aside from well-built design, automatic control technology plays a major role in safeguarding the device against hazards like short-circuit and overcurrent. And the addition of three different interfaces like Lightning, Micro USB, and Type-C, it’s compatible with almost every mobile device. Moreover, it doesn’t make a noise while charging so that your sleep won’t be disturbed.

USP: Can charge iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at once
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#6. ELE-Jiaruila

Ele Jiaruila iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Stand

I prefer a wireless charging dock that offers more flexibility. And I must say that ELE-Jiaruila seems quite promising in this aspect.

The dock powers up your iPhone with the desired speed and also offers a reliable charging solution to your Apple Watch and AirPods. It also comes with the multi-protect system to keep dangers like overcurrent at bay while your device is being charged.

Though ELE-Jiaruila has a compact form-factor, it has enough resistance to withstand minor impact. Better yet, it sports a case-friendly design that ensures kickstarting wireless charging remains hassle-free.

USP: Multi-protect system
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#7. Bestand

Bestand Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 11 Pro Max

You can count Bestand to be a lasting companion for your 2019 iPhones. Made of high-grade aluminum, the dock has a modern-looking design. So, whether you use it at home or office environment, it can effortlessly fit into the scene.

Beyond impressive design, Beststand also excels in the functionality aspect. I mean you can take advantage of its 3-in-1 functionality to power-up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at one go.

Courtesy the safe charging technology, the dock is equally skilled at fighting out common dangers like short-circuit that could damage your device. Lastly, if you prefer top-grade aluminum dock in vibrant designs, check out the nine eye-catching color variants.

USP: Top-grade aluminum construction
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#8. QI-EU

QI-EU iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Stand

Forget about three-in-one functionality, QI-EU is designed to take care of four devices simultaneously. So, if you have Apple Watch, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple Pencil and want an ideal dock for all of them, this one has to be one of the better options.

Design-wise, QI-EU looks quite simple and may appeal to those who prefer a minimalist appearance. Despite being so compact, the stand is durable enough to resist impact.

Featuring a stable base and smooth pad, the dock has ticked off all the basics to be worth giving serious consideration. And that’s exactly what makes it one of the best wireless charging stands for iPhone 11 Pro Mx, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11.

USP: Can charge four devices simultaneously
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MUIFA Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Well, I have specifically chosen this iPhone 11 series wooden wireless charging stand for the folks who adore wooden accessories. The wooden dock has a classy design with a neat finish. So, it won’t scratch your device.

Thanks to the two copper coils, the stand enables you to power up your iPhone both in portrait and landscape mode. No matter whether you want to enjoy video-calling or keep track of messages, the dock can offer you desired viewing angles. Being case-friendly, the also offers you the flexibility to get started with wireless charging without needing to remove the cover.

USP: Classy wooden wireless charging dock
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#10. Logitech

Logitech iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Stand

I guess most of you would be already familiar with Logitech that produces some of the best keyboards in the market. Even though it’s not as popular in making wireless charging stand/pad, I must tell you that it has come up with a more than decent Qi-enabled charging stand.

The dock has a pretty simple design that can get along nicely with any home decor. Being quite compact, it also won’t capture plenty of space on your desk. If there is any con (if at all), it has to be the relatively high price $56.32 and that too without having notable features like multi-device charging system.

USP: Simple and lightweight design
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That’s all about my top wireless chargers for iPhone 11 series.

What’s Your Favorite Wireless Charger?

Though initially, I wasn’t sure whether wireless charging would live up to my billing, I now feel more comfortable to charge my iPhone wireless. And from what I have experienced, I must say that it makes charging a tad hassle-free.

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