Best Docking Stations For iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

A docking station becomes the need of the hour when you want to power up your dying iPhone without halting your movie watching or FaceTime video calling. Aside from charging the compatible smartphones, they also offer a safe spot so that the devices can rest securely when not being used.

There is a variety of iPhone 11 Pro Max, Pro, and iPhone 11 charging stands in the market. While some docs sport an ultra-portable design, others boast multi-device charging system so that you can keep all of your devices organized. And then, some go beyond the set rules so that you have more flexibility to deal with power-hungry devices.

So, if your need has begun to call for a proficient docking station, this extensive assortment is for you. Here are the best docking stations for iPhone 11 Series!

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OMOTON iPhone 11 Pro Max Docking Station

OMOTON has introduced a highly efficient docking station for iPhone and Apple Watch. The dock is made of top-grade aluminum and sports a sturdy design. The company says that it has used the same CNC technology that is used in Apple MacBook.

With durable construction and clutter-free cable management, the dock can fit into both your home and office environment. It has a non-slippery pad that holds your smartphone securely in place.

Besides, you can comfortably adjust the viewing angles of your iPhone so that you can enjoy FaceTime video while still charging your device. On top of all, OMOTON is also priced comparatively low ($13.99) which makes it a great pick who are searching for a top-quality dock at competitive pricing.

USP: High-grade aluminum
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OLEBR Docking Station for iPhone 11 Pro Max

I have a special liking for the docking stations that can offer a one-stop charging solution for multiple devices. That’s the reason why I have chosen to include OLEBR that can charge three devices like Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods at one go.

Beyond the multi-device charging system, the dock also has a trendy looking design. And with the adjustable screw, it can also offer better viewing angles for media watching or even video calling.

Featuring the non-slip base, OLEBR stays intact while holding your devices. And with the strong built, it’s made to be a durable companion for your device.

USP: Compact design
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#3. CHGeek

CHGeek iPhone 11 Pro Max Docking Station

If a modern docking station is what sits right on top of your priority, CHGeek would be an ideal choice. The dock supports wireless charging to juice up your new iPhone conveniently. Plus, it can also charge your Apple Watch and AirPods at a time which makes it a handy asset for those who are deep into the Apple ecosystem.

Just in case, you have to charge many devices simultaneously, you will appreciate the inclusion of two USB ports. Aside from charging your devices with reasonably good speed, CHGeek also safeguards them against many threats such as overcurrent and overcharging. Considering the multi-device charging facility and efficiency, CHGeek seems to be a great buy at $35.99.

USP: Support for wireless charging
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#4. AhaStyle

AhaStyle Docking Station for iPhone 11 Pro Max

What makes AhaStyle a favorite pick is an ultra-compact design. But despite having such a minimalist look, the docking station can hold three devices like iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods steadily thanks to the anti-slip base.

Made of silicone material, the charging stand features a pretty soft pad which makes sure your devices not only have a bit more comfort but also stay away from scratches. Another notable feature of this dock is the neat cable management that keeps cable clutter at bay.

Speaking of charging efficiency, AhaStyle looks quite proficient. Besides, the reasonable price ($16.99) and safe charging tech makes a reliable asset.

USP: Pretty soft silicone material
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Ayepow iPhone 11 Pro Max Docking Station

Granted, AYEPOW might not fit into everyone’s needs. But those who are looking for a complete charging solution for not only iPhone but also many other devices, it is worth checking out.

The charging stand comes with as many as six USB ports so that you can charge all of your power-hungry devices simultaneously. To keep the dangers like overcurrent and short-circuit away, it comes with smart IC technology.

In terms of design, the dock has a simple and lightweight construction. With the smooth surface and anti-slip base, it’s an evergreen organizer.

USP: 6 USB ports
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Teslyar Docking Station for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Showcasing a vintage design, TESLYAR is probably the most competent wooden docking station for iPhone 11 series. The charging station supports Qi wireless charging technology to charge your devices comfortably. But what makes it a notable asset is the impressive desk organization functionality.

You can use the docking station to hold your smartwatch, keep your coins in the tray, and also hang your glasses. Not to mention, it also has a groove that can keep your Apple Pencil or other digital pens safe. Long story short, if you prefer a classy wooden organizer, keep TESLYAR in mind.

USP: Impressive desk organization functionality
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#7. erwubala

Erwubala iPhone 11 Pro Max Docking Station

A classy looking wooden dock like erwubala deserves to get included in this extensive collection. Made of eco-friendly bamboo wood, the dock has a lightweight design, unlike TESLYAR. However, as far as durability is concerned, it’s second to none.

Speaking of functionality, erwubala is equipped to charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Plus, it has three USB ports that can come in super handy when you have to power up multiple devices at a time. Courtesy the appreciable cable management, it keeps your desk neat and clean.

USP: Eco-friendly bamboo
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DPNAO Docking Station for iPhone 11 Pro Max

I guess not many of you saw it coming in this roundup, did you? Well, let me tell you that DPNAO is one of my all-time favorite docking stations in the market right now. The best part about this charging stand is the fairly good speaker that can light up your music time.

The FM radio with 20 preset stations can be great for catching up with your top programs. So, whether it’s news, sports or entertainment, you can catch up with your preferred beats.

Just in case you want a bit more capable alarm to help you never miss the sunrise, you also have got an alarm to help you wake on time. At $69.89, DPNAO may be highly expensive but given the fairly good speaker and secure charging tech, I think it deserves attention.

USP: Pretty good speaker
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BENTOBEN iPhone 11 Pro Max Docking Station

BENTOBEN aims to offer the best of both worlds: the impressive design and proficient charging solution. And I must say that the docking station has succeeded to a great extent.

Built with hard plastic and rubber, the charging stand has the strength to survive accidental drops. Equipped with the rubberized and anti-slip base, it stays steady while holding your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

Being adjustable, the dock offers 60° visual angle so that you can continue to watch your movies or have fun-filled video calling even while the device is being juiced up. Taking everything into consideration including multi-device charging tech, adorable design, and reasonable price ($23.99), BENTOBEN is one of the best docking stations for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and 11.

USP: 60° visual angle
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#10. Encased

Encased Docking Station for iPhone 11 Pro Max

As compared to many other modern-looking docking stations for iPhone, Encased looks quite simple. Besides, it doesn’t provide multi-device charging system either. So, why should you pick this one?

Well, it has an ultra-portable design that can comfortably find a place even on a small desk. Besides, it’s adjustable and also case-friendly so that you don’t need to take off the cover of your device before charging it. And with MFi certification, Encased is fully capable to deliver safe charging to your device.

USP: Ultra-portable design
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So, that concludes my favorite docking stations for the iPhone 11 series.

What’s the Most Efficient Docking Station for You?

Having checked out several notable charging stands, you might have finally found the right option for your specific needs. And I feel glad to help you out. Now that the hunt is over, let me know your favorite docking station and the qualities that make it a better fit for you.

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