Best Bike Mounts for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

Be it cycling, long drives or a busy drive in the city with loads of traffic, you always need your iPhone either for entertainment, navigation or to call someone if urgent. I am sure that none of you would prefer to hold your iPhone single-handedly while driving a bicycle or a bike because your iPhone 11 is a precious thing. Isn’t it? So to get a hands-free ride experience, your iPhone 11 Pro Max or 11 Pro surely needs a bike mount.

We’ve gone through various best bike mounts for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 and we’ve selected only the best of all. In fact, we’ve reviewed each one in detail so that you get a chance to pick your bike mount as per your needs. 

Best Bike Mounts For iPhone 11 Series in 2020

Without further ado, let’s jump in to see some of the best bike mounts for iPhone at Amazon.

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#1. CAW.CAR Accessories

CAW.CAR Accessories bike mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11CAW.CAR Accessories is a pioneer when it comes to universal accessories that work with multiple devices. And one such product is its iPhone 11 bike mount which works with most of the other smartphones and older iPhones as well due to adjustable grip. 

It’s easy to install and with 360° rotation, it makes it easy for you to view your iPhone at any angle. The rubberized grip and the silicone belt provide sturdy protection to your iPhone as it has shock absorbing materials in it. When your iPhone is mounted on the bike using this product, you can easily access all the functionalities of your device without any hassles. 

The product fits on any device which is up to 3.7″ wide and it mostly fits the handlebars whose diameter is in between 0.6″ – 1.3.” If you have any issues with the product, you will get a complete refund. But I don’t think you’ll need this any day!

USP: Perfect Fit
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#2. IPOW

IPOW bike mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11With a width of 2.3″ to 3.5″, the clamp allows you to adjust the width of it as per your iPhone width. The soft rubber lines on the clamp ensure that your device is away from scratches and the little shocks that come on the way due to vibrations. The bands are made of silicone ensuring maximum protection to your iPhone.

The rotating head on the top of it, adds an awe-factor as it can rotate your iPhone in every single direction. Due to the adjustable clamp, you can use this bike mount with most of the other smartphones or older iPhones as well. With easy to install and a lifetime warranty, you couldn’t ask for more from IPOW’s motorcycle holder. 

USP: Soft Rubber Lines on Clamp
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#3. Bone Universal

Bone Universal bike mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11No buckles, no clamps, and no screws. Well, that’s how Bone’s Bike Tie 2 Series bike mount is made of. With a unique design that looks like a back tie or few may call it as a watch band design, it hardly makes you feel there’s a bike mount on your bicycle or motorcycle. 

Even if you have some slim or clear cases on your iPhone 11, it can still be compatible with this product but rugged cases might not be compatible due to the width of the case. The strap in this mount can not just fit your bicycle but you can also use it with your treadmill, pushchairs, baby strollers, etc. 

The soft-touch silicone material provides a guard for your iPhone against sudden shocks and vibrations. It comes in black, grey, luminous green and red color variants. And it also has a warranty for 1-year with easy replacements and refunds. 

USP: Back Tie Design
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#4. Insten

Insten bike mount holder for iPhone 11 Pro MaxAt a glance, I didn’t like the design but the protective features at such a cost-effective price got my attention right away! With just over $7, this bike mount from Insten is an example of a cheap and best bike mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max. And that’s only possible because of the padded back and the grips on the back as well. 

You can either use your iPhone horizontally or vertically as per your needs with Insten’s mount. The adjustable clamp along with the silicone band ensures that your iPhone is completely safe with a perfect fit. Besides this, the mount can be used for your older iPhones as well because the clamp is adjustable. 

USP: Sturdy Protection
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Sportlink bike mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11Sportlink’s mount boasts a traditional design which makes it a unique product overall in today’s list. And when you have such a design, you don’t need any extra tool to fit the mount on your bike or bicycle.

With an adjustable rotating ball head joint and the locking system, it’s easy to adjust the viewing position of your iPhone. This gives you a chance to view your iPhone at any angle and get a hands-free experience. Just with a press of a button, you can release your iPhone from the mount. That’s how simple it is to use. 

USP: Quick Release Button
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#6. Sunby

Sunby motorcycle mount for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro MaxThe spider-like design keeps your iPhone on the safest side. Considering the metal clamp along with the silicone pad on all the corners, it gives complete protection to your iPhone when you go on a ride along with this mount. It easily fits the handlebars that are in between 0.79″ – 1.57″ in diameter. 

Its 360-degree rotation holder ensures that you’re never short of a viewing angle when you need the most. That’s the best part about this mount and it gives you the best experience especially when you are using the navigation on your iPhone on the go! It comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guaranty as well. 

USP: Silicone Pads on Corners
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#7. CAW.CAR Accessories Metal

CAW.CAR Accessories Metal bike mount for iPhone 11 Pro MaxYou simply cannot get away with CAW.CAR Accessories when it comes to iPhone 11 Pro bike mounts. Such is the quality of their products and durability at its best too. This product is available in heavy duty metal and durable plastic material as well. Of course, both the products have the same design, it’s just that the material used in it is different. 

The rubberized clip along with silicone belt grips your iPhone nicely and protects it from sudden shocks and vibrations as well. Its adjustable grip ensures that you need not buy a new bike mount just in case if you have multiple smartphones with you. In fact, you can use this same one as it’s universal and compatible with the majority of the smartphones

USP: Universal Bike Mount
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#8. Bone Face ID Compatible

Bone bike mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11Here’s yet another product from Bone and this time it’s Bike Tie Pro 2 Series mount. In the previous mount, the strap was in a vertical position and in this product, it has a horizontal fit. Apart from that, the materials, the design and other things are mostly the same. 

It’s compatible with Face ID and Touch ID through which you can easily access your iPhone without entering the passcode if needed. The mount comes with a warranty for 1-year and Bone ensures that there are no troubles if you want to replace or refund due to quality issues.  

USP: Face ID & Touch ID Compatible
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UGREEN bike mount for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro MaxIf you ask me, I would not go with UGREEN as I don’t like the design and I doubt, it can be durable looking at the materials used. But for those who are looking for a temporary solution and don’t want to spend heavy bucks, UGREEN must be a perfect choice. 

The advantage of getting this bike mount is you can use it for multiple devices if you have any. It’s available in black color and it comes with a warranty for 18-months. 

USP: Universal Mount
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BOBILIFE bike mount holder for iPhone 11 Pro MaxJust in case if you saw 360-degrees shaft design, don’t get bluffed because the actual elevation is just 60-degrees. It’s more like a traditional mount design rather than an innovative one. This is yet another product that comes with a low price tag but has minimal features as compared to the top ones in today’s line up.

Locate the nut and lock it on the handle of your bicycle or motorcycle along with your iPhone. It’s simple to install and take out your iPhone when you need it. The product from BOBILIFE comes in black color and it has a warranty for 1-year as well. 

USP: Easy to Install and Remove
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So these were some of the top-rates bike mounts on Amazon which I checked and reviewed for you!

Wrapping Up…

If you ask me, I would go with CAW.CAR Accessories (#1 or #7) on any given day as they boast unique design with the highest protection. Which one would you get for your iPhone? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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