Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Armbands in 2020: Go Handsfree During Workouts

Sharing the analytics of your active lifestyle with your iPhone 11 Pro Max is great, all thanks to its multiple health-related features. However, keeping the device always in your hand during outdoor activities or exercising might be quite injurious to your health. Uh oh!! now that’s a precarious spot to be in.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this, pick one of these best iPhone 11 Pro Max armbands and keep yourself and the device safe during workouts. Whether you are gyming, jogging, cycling, hiking, running marathons, brisk walking, or simply walking your dog, an armband can be your best companion.

Best Armbands for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

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#1. Revere Sport

Revere Sport iPhone 11 Pro Max Armband 

Don’t let an armband stop you from operating your phone while exercising or any other activity. The Revere Sport armband lends you full access to the touchscreen and face recognition feature. Crafted from neoprene material, the band remains soft on your hand, while maintaining a secure non-slip grip.

Further, the material is water-resistant and thus provide protection from sweat and water damage. If you prefer using earphones, you get a secure earphone cord loop that will prevent dangling. A bright reflector on the outer edge brings high visibility. A premium extender strap is also available to ensure proper fit.

USP: Supports face recognition
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#2. Mpow

Mpow Armband for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Hold your earphones and your key safely, as the MPOW armband has exclusive slots for them. A PVC plastic window ensures that you do not loose accessibility to your iPhone touchscreen. Crafted with a mixture of breathable Lycra and water-resistant neoprene for a soft and skin-friendly band.

The band is embedded with velcro and an improved nylon sticker that lends a comfortable grip. A luminous reflective strip ensures that you are visible during your nightly runs or trips. Hidden holes allow you to easily access the headphone port.

USP: Skin-friendly material
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#3. Sporteer

Sporteer iPhone 11 Pro Max Running Armband

As the name suggests the focus of the brand it to develop products that are athlete-friendly; their iPhone 11 Pro Max armband is no different. A zippered pocket encases your device while allowing complete access to screen, apps, and controls. An inbuilt moisture barrier and nylon front prevent sweat or moisture damage.

The packaging includes two interchangeable strap sizes that offer a comfortable and secure fit, directly on skin or over the clothing. An internal pocket gives you extra space to carry ID, cards, cash, or keys. Quite thoughtfully, the pouch has locking zippers, so the slider does not hang or rattles. Both armband and straps have a reflective trim that keeps you safe during the night.

USP: Easily interchangeable straps
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#4. MyBand

Myband Armband for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A band that presents comprehensive protection to your giant iPhone. A neoprene-lined pocket acts as an anti-sweat and water-resistant layer. A Velcro fold-over flap keeps the device sleek, safe and secure, precise cutouts allow easy access to headphones/charging port

The front section has a full window clear vinyl that supports touch screen access. A night safety reflective strip is double-stitched to the vinyl for added visibility in the dark. It also features a secret pocket with concealed zip, to carry your keys, credit cards or cash,

USP: Velcro fold-over flap
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JEMACHE Armband for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Don’t strain your neck or your hands to operate your device while on an armband; simply rotate it a suited angle. The JEMACHE armband uses a 180° rotatable handsfree design that enables you easy access to your device.

Fitted with elasticity tensile material on the edges, the band can hold the iPhone firmly, without hindering face recognition or any other feature. An adjustable elastic band further ensures a comfortable grip; while a non-slip, anti-scratch end prevents slippages or drops while walking, running or workouts. The group also has an inbuilt key holder and an earphone locker strip.

USP: Rotatable case
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#6. MoKo

MoKo iPhone 11 Pro Max Running Armband

A sporty accessory not just for your iPhone, but for your workout gear as well. It is basically a wallet that doubles as an armband for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The front layer is crafted from a PU material, while the back has a sweatproof and waterproof neoprene material. This allows the band to withstand the movements made during various activities.

The wallet-band dual-locking zipper and separate pockets to keep your device safe from abrasive objects, such as keys. Thanks to the universal port you can attach our phone with the lightning headphones. Double velcro straps ensure that you get a comfortable grip, suited to your arm size.

USP: Sporty look
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#7. MyBand – Custom Adjustable Strap

Myband iPhone 11 Pro Max Armband

Fitted with features that keep your comfort in the forefront; MyBand’s E-360 armband has padded rimmed edges that do not scratch your skin. Moreover, a vented, breathable soft inner let the odor to escape. An inner security pocket also safeguards your keys, cash, or credit card.

A 360-degree rotatable swivel, accommodate all your need from calling to taking photos, without removing the armband. A specially designed twist & lock strap wraps comfortably yet firmly around your forearm. Both panels have silver reflective panels to provide visibility in the dark.

USP: 360-degree rotatable swivel
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OEAGO iPhone 11 Pro Max Armband

Specially designed for iPhone, it can also accommodate your iPhone 11 Pro Max with a protective case. With an integrated headphone cord holder and key pocket, the band lets you carry essentials. Precise cutouts allow direct access to the phone through the armband.

Further, power and volume button pattern printing enhances your usage comfort. Designer with high-quality material, the band includes an extra-plush dual adjustable elastic strap for optimal fit.

USP: Lifetime Guarantee
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LOVPHONE Water Resistant Armband for iPhone 11 Pro Max

LOVPHONE armband is crafted from high-quality soft neoprene that makes it water-resistant and odor-free. Additionally, the band is soft, lightweight without compromising on the stretch quality. A PVC screen protectors protect the device from scratches and keep the touchscreen functions active.

Adjustable strap supports a wide range of arm girth from 10 inches to 15 inches, so the phone does not slip. Reflective strip on the brim illuminates under low light, ensuring safety during night time. Built-in hidden key holder, earphone holder, and card slot keep your essentials secure.

USP: Odor-free
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#10. BestPriceCenter

BestPriceCenter iPhone 11 Pro Max Armband

One of the simplest additions to our list. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity, it packs quite a few features. It can easily fit your iPhone 11 Pro Max with a slim case. Made for premium quality neoprene, the armband remains comfortable, yet security fitted even during intense workouts.

A transparent PVC window enables you to access the device without the need for removal. Perfect for arms with a girth between 12.3 to 15 inches for a secure fit. A built-in key slot allows you to carry some bare essentials with you all the time.

USP: Minimalistic design
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Signing Off…

The primary purpose of these iPhone 11 Pro Max armbands is to allow you to optimize device phone usage while you workout; whether activity tracking or music listening, whether making calls or checking notifications. What’s impressive is the multifunctionality they offer!! Imagine using an armband during other simple activities such as cooking, cleaning, or working…

Your hands are free to perform the tasks to perfection, while your iPhone is right next to you, supporting, entertaining, and encouraging you.

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