Best iPhone 11 Pro Fabric Cases in 2020

There is indeed no doubt that leather exudes luxury and exclusivity but it is also a fact that it could also burn a huge hole in your pocket. It is time now that we find a cheaper alternative without compromising on the luxe feeling of leather. And, if you are also in the same dilemma then I have got your back with this line-up of iPhone 11 Pro fabric cases. These cases are affordable, stylish and most definitely emit exclusivity and premium vibes with them.

Best Fabric Cases for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020

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#1. Lopie

Lopie Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Lopie case is a very perfect combo of feels and functionality. This fabric case is a perfectly functional wallet case that can house about 2 credit/debit cards and a couple of cash bills. It is made of skin-friendly sea island cotton fabric, giving the case a very nice hand feeling.

Lopie has an integrated metal frame that supports wireless charging, adding to the functionality of your case. The soft fabric lining on the inside of this case also has a slot to store a nano sim card and also a slot to keep the eject pin. To add to the luxe feels of this case, it also has premium cow leather accents.

USP: Wireless Charging Support
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#2. Perfectiy

Perfectiy iPhone 11 Pro Fabric Case

Flannel is one of the softest and durable fabric, it gives the touch and feels of baby skin. Most of all premium warmers and sweaters are made from flannel fabric because it is super soft and warm. This fabric case by Prefectiy is also made from this uber soft and durable flannel.

The fitted flannel case for your smartphone is durable and stylish. The case is going to go perfectly with your winter outfits giving others major winter goals because flannel is equivalent winter and goes perfectly well with the whole vibe. Flaunt your style with your flannel case.

USP: Flannel Fabric
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#3. Omio

Omio iPhone 11 Pro Fabric Case with Card Holder

The iPhone 11 Pro fabric case by Omio is made from premium materials. It is designed with a finger circle strap, the protective back case is comfortable to the touch and pleasing to the eyes. It even protects your phone from scratches, bumps, shocks, drops and daily wears and tear.

The simple casual style makes your smartphone eye-catching and attractive but the case is not all beauty. Even, the stylish canvas case includes 2 card slots that allows you to keep your credit/debit cards safe and secure. The case provides easy access to all essential buttons and functions without any additional efforts.

USP: Finger Circle Strap
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#4. Evutec

Evutec Heavy Duty Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro

This case combines two luxe material namely leather and fabric. The case is made from selected premium leather and fabric to build the exterior of the case. While the leather of this case is stylish, protective and soft to the touch, the fabric is anti-scratch and provides a good grip.

The case provides the phone with a strong protection because it is military-grade drop tested. This super sturdy case provides a great protection without adding any bulk to your iPhone. With the metal inserts, the case works perfectly well with all wireless chargers.

USP: Combination of Leather and Fabric
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#5. Joyroom

Joyroom Ultra Slim Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro

For all the sports enthusiasts, I have the perfect fabric case for you, that is inspired by Yeezy sneakers. The knitting back cover is made of shock-absorbing high-grade hybrid materials to make the case ultra-thin with a comfortable and soft touch, without compromising on the safety of your iPhone.

This Joyroom case has a luminous color that emits light in the dark giving the flashlight of your phone a run for its money. It is made from dual layer materials ensuring maximum protection to your precious smartphone. You can choose from a huge collection of colors that are available in this design.

USP: Luminous Color
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#6. Goospery

Goospery iPhone 11 Pro Fabric Wallet Case

This case is a One-of-a-kind flip case with credit/debit card slots and a pocket for bills that will definitely eliminate the need to carry a separate wallet everywhere. Obviously, the case can’t hold everything that your wallet can but it can definitely make up for a make-shift wallet.

This iPhone 11 Pro fabric case is not just functional as a wallet but also a protective folio case and can also be used for handsfree movie streaming with built-in kickstand. You can house up to 3 cards and a few cash bills in the cash and card slots and store them securely with the magnetic closure.

USP: Magnetic Closure
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#7. Bigphilo

Bigphilo Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Bigphilo fabric case is crafted with a skin-friendly cloth and premium PU leather to give the case a unique, stylish and high-quality look. The inner lining of the case is also made from a soft fabric to protect your smartphone from scratches while installing or removing the case.

The camera lens does not protrude out of the back of this case, so you can lay your phone on a flat surface without worrying about scratching your lenses. The front of the case also sports raised lips so that even your screen is protected while laying face down on any surface.

USP: Raised Lips to protect the screen and camera
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#8. Dockem

Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Fabric Case

The cases by Dockem are all about elegance, style, and professional looks. This Luxe M1 wallet case is no different in manner. The case is uber chic and stylish complementing your look perfectly while also acting as a functional wallet case that can store up to 2 credit/debit or ID cards comfortably.

There is a hidden magnetic plate in the case that helps your phone to be mounted on a magnetic car holder. The metal plate is so integrated within the case that it doesn’t hinder the wireless charging or damage your cards. Just ensure that you remove your cards while you put your iPhone on a wireless charger to avoid damage to your cards.

USP: Magnetic Mounting
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#9. fitBAG

fitBAG Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro

This iPhone 11 Pro sleeve has already featured in our list and I was blown away by the simplicity of this sleeve soo I had to mention it in this round-up. This fitBag sleeve is a perfect fit for your 5.8-inch smartphone and looks super stylish as well.

Made from very fine and fashionable fabric, this case is made in Germany and fits your device snugly. The inner lining of this case is made such that it cleans your nasty iPhone screen every time to slide your device in and out of it. This case is backed by a 2-year warranty and protects your smartphone against dust, scratches and light impacts.

USP: Perfect fit skin
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#10. Dockem Luxe Wallet Sleeve

Docked Luxe Wallet Fabric Case for iPhone 11 Pro

As I said earlier, Dockem is a leading manufacturer of premium accessories for iPhones and all its cases are not only stylish but also very functional. This fabric case can store up to 4 credit/debit cards along with a couple of dollar bills, now you know why I was calling it functional.

In true Dockem sleeve style, this one also comes with an elastic pull tab that makes it swift and simple to remove your phone. The tab retracts back to the sleeve once you let it go and a small magnet on the pull tab keeps it in place. It also allows easy access to your cards with the help of the thumb openings in the card slots.

USP: 4 card slots
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Signing Off…

Well, that’s a wrap guys and I hope you found what you were looking for and that these fabric cases for your iPhone 11 Pro are perfect for your preferences and style. Also, let us know in the comments below if you want us to do some particular accessory round-ups.

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Best Fabric Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

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Best Fabric Cases for iPhone 11 Pro
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