Best iPhone 11 Pro Armbands in 2019: Must Have Accessory for fitness Freaks

Armband cases are one of the essential accessories for your iPhone. Fitness enthusiasts love to keep their iPhones with them even during their fitness sessions. If you are one such freak, buy one of the best iPhone 11 Pro armbands listed here.

Fitness freaks continuously track their activities to achieve their fitness goals. On their iPhones, Activity app is the best software to check calories, steps, miles, and more. While they are chasing targets, Apple Watch measures everything. Since it is a watch, people can tie it around the wrist. But what about their iPhones? Where to keep it during a workout session? Perhaps the right answer is armband. For your latest iPhone 11 Pro, only the best sports armbands will suit.

I have made a list of best iPhone 11 Pro armbands for you. These armbands not only store your device but also help you keep other things like banknotes, keys, and plastic money. Made of robust materials like neoprene, some of the armband cases are waterproof, allowing you to walk or run in the rains. Without much ado, let’s take a look at the collection of armbands for your iPhone.

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Best Armbands for iPhone 11 Pro in 2019

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LOVPHON iPhone 11 Pro Armband

One of the primary purposes of an armband is to keep your iPhone handy during workout sessions. And while exercising to achieve your fitness goals, you are likely to sweat. LOVPHONE has used high-quality soft neoprene material to keep the armband odor-free. Even after hours of rigorous exercise, your armband will not send out a musty smell.

The armband case is lightweight; when you wear this case, it does not stretch out of shape – thanks to its air bending quality. LOVPHONE has used waterproof neoprene to keep sweat and dirt separated. The PVC screen protector will guard your phone against scratches.

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USP: Odor-free
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#2. MyBand

Myband iPhone 11 Pro Armband for Running

If you are an early morning jogger, stepping out without MyBand’s armband can be dangerous for you. Vehicles coming from the opposite side may not see you in the dark, and this can cause a fatal accident. MyBand’s armband case has extra night safety. This sports armband uses highly reflective strips, which make sure you are seen in the low-light conditions in the early morning or late evening.

The touchscreen of this armband is fully responsive; you can operate your iPhone even as it is nested inside the armband cover. During your fitness regimen, you can make and take calls, or read messages on your iPhone. Use the hidden security pocket to store keys, wedding rings, credit cards, or cash.

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USP: Extra night safety
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LETSCOM Running Armband for iPhone 11 Pro

My experience of armbands is that most would begin to slip when the body sweats. To get rid of this situation, I was looking for an armband that has a non-slip design. And I found LETSCOM’s running armband for my iPhone. Broad compatibility is one of the notable features of this armband, which boasts universal size. LETSCOM has used premium-grade breathable material to make it super light, soft, and sweatproof.

This armband keeps your iPhone screen visible to you so that you can use your device with direct access to music, calls, messages without removing the case. As mentioned earlier, its non-slip design keeps your iPhone firmly on your arm during your workout.

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USP: Breathable material
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RUNBACH iPhone 11 Pro Armband

Music listening is one of the favorite activities of all joggers and fitness freaks. While they are running, walking, or working out, they love to listen to music. With RUNBACH’s armband, you can easily manage the cord of your iPhone headphones. This armband has a dedicated pocket to store your headphones so that they don’t come in your way when you workout.

Another significant feature is case-friendliness. Given its big size, you can put your iPhone wrapped in a protective case. Thus you can ensure double protection for your premium device. This iPhone 11 Pro armband is made of high-grade lycra fabric, which keeps it skin-friendly.

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USP: Skin-friendly lycra fabric
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#5. RevereSport

Reveresport Running Armband for iPhone 11 Pro

RevereSport armband allows you to register your Face ID even as your iPhone is inside the case. This means you can keep your iPhone protected inside the pocket of this armband. Moreover, you can put your device with a slim case; note that you cannot install a large case on your iPhone if you wish to use this armband.

A striking feature of this armband is inside pockets, which are perfect for storing your keys, cash, credit cards, ID, earphones, and other stuff. Enjoy long workout sessions without causing any damage to your iPhone, which is pretty safe inside the neoprene case.

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USP: Inside pockets
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JEMACHE iPhone 11 Pro Armband

When a running armband gives you more than promised, you will undoubtedly grab that piece. JEMACHE has done this effortlessly by stitching a pocket under the phone case. You can store your credit cards, social IDs, license, and banknotes inside this pocket. Since it is a hidden pocket, your valuables are well protected against theft or damage.

Another remarkable feature is big storage. This armband can accommodate your phone wrapped in a protective case. Apart from OtterBox DEFENDER series case, you can use all cases on your iPhone and put your device inside the armband.

USP: Delicate cutouts
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BUMOVE Workouts Armband for iPhone 11 Pro

After rigorous jogging in a park, you may like to have a cup of coffee or something other at a cafe nearby. Since you are in your exercise wears, you might have forgotten your wallet home. If you are not using Apple Pay, your only hope is currency notes or credit card. You can securely store both inside a hidden card slot attached on the back of this armband case.

BUMOVE has used waterproof neoprene material and PVC screen protector to safeguard your iPhone against scratches, dirt, and sweat. This feature comes handy when you are outdoors. During your workout, you may bend and twist your arms, but this armband will never lose its original shape.

USP: Waterproof neoprene material
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#8. BestPriceCenter

Bestpricenter Armband for iPhone 11 Pro

During your fitness sessions, you may not like to carry things like the house key, credit cards, banknotes, and other stuff. You wish you could store all these things in a single place. BestPriceCenter offers the right solution. This armband is the best iPhone accessory to streamline your sports life. Whether you are hiking, cycling, or running outdoors, put your iPhone in this case and go on.

BestPriceCenter has used premium materials to provide you with advanced comfort. Check that key slot, which allows you to take the bare minimum with you. At a single price, BestPriceCenter offers you armband case and wireless headphones. This eliminates a need to use wired headphones to listen to music.

USP: Sweat-resistant
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#9. Vangoddy

Vangoddy iPhone 11 Pro Armband

Vangoddy presents this jogging armband in seven different colors. You can buy one or multiple armbands to make your exercise hours more exciting every day. This sweatproof workout armband allows you to indulge in extreme exercises, whether you are at the gym or outdoors. A dedicated key pocket is provided at the back of this armband; this holds your house or office key securely.

With this armband, you get a removable extra 7.5-inch Velcro strap to lengthen its size. This means the armband can fit around big or small arms. It is your best choice for running, workout, or cycling.

USP: Removable Velcro strap
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#10. SumacLife

Sumaclife Sport Gym Armband for iPhone 11 Pro

Hook and loop fastener of this armband makes all the difference for users. This premium gym armband is durable and lightweight. For different arm size, users can adjust the length of the band so that they can work out comfortably. Never worry about the protection of your iPhone as this armband has a plastic front panel of the case. The front panel allows you to interact with your iPhone without taking it out of the case.

The transparent front of this case lets you change tracks, answer calls, and track your workout quickly. Use its hidden key slot to insert a key while you are following your fitness goals. The armband comfortably fits around the arm size of 12.50″ (smallest) and 15″ (biggest).

USP: Plastic front panel
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That’s all folks!

What is your fitness goal?

I like to use armband for my iPhone as it provides greater comfort and better protection to my device. One of the most convincing reasons to use this product is the weather. You can use waterproof armbands and go out for exercise even if it is raining outdoors. A durable armband can effectively ward off all the vagaries of unfriendly climate.

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