Best iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protectors in 2020: Deflect The Prying Eyes In Style

The thing with prying eyes is that you may never know if they are just plain nosey or have malicious intents. Today your iPhone houses bank details, private conversations, traveling details, private pictures, password, and other sensitive data. So, why let the snoopy crowd around you, to take a peek at your devices screen.

A perfect solution is to opt for best privacy screen protectors for iPhone 11. This will not just safeguard it from accidental bumps and drops, it will also deflect any prying eyes. Now, whether you are in public transport or in a busy elevator or at a cafe, surf, search or watch your heart out. No one would be able to peep in your personal business; at least as far as your iPhone 11 is considered.

Best Privacy Screen Protectors for iPhone 11 in 2020

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#1. uShield

uShield Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11

The uShield iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protectors incorporates a host of features that keeps the screen and the data on it secure. A hydrophobic and oleophobic coating keeps the screen devoid of any sweat, fingerprint, or oil residue. It also has an anti-scratch surface ensures protection from minor drops, accidental bumps, and daily wear-and-tear.

As for privacy, whether Peeping Tom is standing on left or right within a 38-degree angle, he/she won’t be able to peep. It will be only visible to those directly facing the screen. Inclusion of an installation frame further aids is an easy and precise application of the screen guard.

USP: Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating
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#2. Uxinuo

Uxinuo iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protector

The first and foremost role of a screen protector is to stand guard between the screen and scratches. Uxinuo privacy screen protectors for iPhone fulfill this role while not compromising on looks. Although not case friendly, 4D curved edge to edge covering looks seamless and elegant.

A soft carbon frame does not allow the edges to crack, while 9H hardness keeps your screen far from cracks or scratches. While you see all this beauty, the bystanders will only see a black screen. Moreover, the protector maintains High definition and the touch sensibility of your screen.

USP: 4D curve edges
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#3. Elecshion

Elecshion Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11

Serving its purpose to the T, the Elecshion screen guard has a 28° anti-spy angle protection; people alongside you won’t be able to see your screen anymore. While full-coverage, the case smarty maintains a small gap to make it case friendly with most iPhone 11 cases available in the market.

An installation tray makes sure that you can install the protector conveniently and correctly; without any external help. The brand also offers a 12-month replacement or refund, along with life-time customer service warranty.

USP: 28° anti-spy angle
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LEADSTAR iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protector

The all-in-one, privacy screen protector for iPhone, protects your screen, data, and your eyes. Incorporated with an eye-shield layer, it blocks out mixed-light to protect your eyes better. An HC hardened layer ensures, your screen stays away from scratches.

The premium material offers HD clear vision to you and a black screen to bystanders around you. Further, it does not hinder the touch-sensitivity or the Face ID recognition. The size of the screen protector is a little smaller than the actual phone screen, to keep it case-friendly.

USP: Eye-Shield
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#5. FlexGear

FlexGear Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11

For most iPhone 11 privacy screen protectors, you have to brighten-up your devices screen. However, Felxgear doesn’t darken the screen, saving battery life. Though, the medium degree of darkening does lower the privacy factor. So, the screen guard is for people who are not looking at a high level of privacy.

The tempered glass has 9H hardness and anti-fingerprint coating for scratch-free and smudge-free protection. An easy installation tool ensures correct alignment of the screen-guard while installing.

USP: medium degree darkening
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#6. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protector

As the name suggests, the accessory lends super shield to your iPhone 11. Crafted from high-quality tempered glass, it maintains the original touch experience, while the 9H hardness safeguards screen from accidental bumps and scratches.

Moreover, an Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coating reduces smudge marks due to sweat and fingerprints. 2.5D rounded edge glass ensures a better grip and prevents any hurt that might happen due to sharp edges. This tempered glass for iPhone 11 is also rainbow-effect proof and anti-bubble.

USP: 2.5D Rounded Edge
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OUNIER Anti Spy Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11

Specially designed for your iPhone 11, the OUNIER screen protector gives a precise full coverage, curved edge fit. In doing so, it prevents light leakage and provides maximum protection. Further, the material uses has a higher light transmission that makes the screen much lighter and clearer in comparison to other screen protectors.

Further, a high sensitivity touch technology makes sure your touch-sensitivity is maintained. The 28° privacy angle offers a larger privacy area and true anti-spy protection. The bystanders on either your left or right can only see a black screen.

USP: High light transmission
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#8. JETech

JETech iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protector

JETech privacy screen protector is made from premium ultra-thin (0.33mm) tempered glass. Though the thinness does not hinder the protection quotient of the guard. It can resist scratches up to 9H and is dust-free, fingerprint-free and bubble-free.

An open-edge and slim design make it case-friendy, including most heavy-duty cases as well. As for privacy, the screen is only visible to persons directly in front of the screen.

USP: ultra-thin
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#9. Maxdara

Maxdara Ultra Thin Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11

A new-age Nanotechnology enables the protector to offers a durable full-coverage to your screen. The tempered glass is anti-scratch and has exceptionally high hardness and resists scratches up to 9H. A High quality hydrophobic and oleophobic coating further avoids fingerprints, water, oil, smudges.

The privacy protection layer keeps your personal and sensitive phone information safe from strangers. Further, the HD clear screen protector offers a highly-responsive touch. So, if you are an Apple Arcade lover, don’t worry, it will not hinder your gaming experience.

USP: Nanotechnology
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#10. Ailun

Ailun iPhone 11 Privacy Screen Protector

The Ailun privacy screen protector offers 99.99% touch-screen accuracy and 99.99% High-definition clarity. Though the HD clarity is restricted to you, as it will be black for the persons who are not directly in front of the screen. So, the Peeping Tom can peep into your screen and data on it.

Further, a clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue. The precise laser cut tempered glass perfectly fits over your device. An auto-stick mode makes for an easy installation procedure while keeping the bubbles away.

USP: Easy installation
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Here’s to keeping things Private!!

Our privacy is already being compromised at multiple levels in our day to day life, thanks to various apps, websites, and devices we use. So, why let another aspect of your privacy get compromised when you have a handy and straightforward solution. You are going to install a screen guard to protect your beloved iPhone, why not apply a privacy screen protector to ensure privacy protection as well.

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