iPhones are undoubtedly the best and most functional smartphones in the market but let’s face it, they are not the toughest and thus protecting them under all circumstances are necessary. I have high hopes from the newly launched iPhone but to tell you guys a secret I have butterfingers, and my phone keeps on slipping from my hands. Thus, I need a robust and sturdy military-grade case for iPhone 11 to ensure the utmost safety and security of my yet-to arrive device.

While the new iPhone is yet to hit the open market, its cases and screen protectors have started flooding in the market. I am sure that everyone is stocking up their iPhone 11 case collection and its time now to get your hands on one of these Heavy duty military-grade cases.

10 Best iPhone 11 Military-Grade Cases of 2020

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#1. Simicoo

Simicoo iPhone 11 Military Grade Case

Defend your lastest device from all anticipated and unanticipated falls, the Simicoo case is a Military-Grade certified that comes with Air Cushion technology. The case is made from the hybrid multi-layered metal bumper and TPU silicone impact-resistant frame along with clear hard PC back that provides long-lasting protection from drops, scratches, dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

The case disperses impact force and can withstand drops from a height of 2-Meters. This case has a simple form factor that doesn’t add much weight and volume, but it gives your phone an extra powerful service in a rugged environment. It is a perfect gifting solution for all Apple Lovers. 

USP: Air Cushion Technology.
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#2. Poetic

Poetic Military Grade Cases for iPhone 11

Protect your iPhone 11 from all angles with this Military Drop tested iPhone case. The Poetic rugged case has a clear back that will be an advantage to all those who want to show off their newly acquired iPhones. It is shockproof, drop-proof, impact-resistant, and scratch-proof, ensuring complete safety of your iPhone.

The raised lips and corners of the front hard frame provide exhaustive protection from drops and keep your screen safe. Raised ridges on the back include a frosted matte-finished for safety against scratch, the concave area has a honeycomb pattern and is transparent so that you could show off your device.

USP: Raised ridges to protect the glass back.
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#3. Hontech

Hontech Military Grade iPhone 11 Case

When looking for Military grade cases for iPhone 11, I have come across some really bulky cases, but thankfully the Hontech case is not bulky at all. This translucent military drop-tested case is super thin as compared to other cases in this category, without compromising on safety and protection of your phone.

The non-glossy back of the case is so made that it prevents from getting scratches and fingerprints. It is made from high-quality rigid plastic PC back, and soft TPU edges equipped that are equipped with Air Cushion technology to maximize the protection while maintaining a slim-frame.

USP: Ultra-Thin.
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#4. Sahara Case

SaharaCase iPhone 11 Military Grade Case

Wireless charging compatible, this military case is all you need to for your iPhone 11. The Sahara Case can withstand a fall from a height of 3 meters and would still protect your device. This all-in-one cover safeguards your iPhone from falls, drops, scratches and even dirt and dust.

SGS Certified this case comes with elevated bezels to protect your screen and camera from shattering and daily wear-and-tear. It is an ergonomically designed case that is made from the highest quality of rubberized plastic to allow easy and smooth access to all the controls and speakers of your powerful beast.

USP: Ergonomic Design.
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#5. Futanwei

Futanwei Military Grade Cases for iPhone 11

The Futanwei Military Grade case for iPhone 11 is made from top of the quality soft silicone shell that ensure 360° protection of your device. The rugged and coarse feel of the case also assures a firm grip of the device with an added benefit of being anti-scratch and fingerprint proof.

The case offers smooth accessibility to all the controls on your device and gives a clear music playback without causing any hindrance to the speakers. Its raised edges also keeps your screen and camera safe from rubbing against surfaces. And in my opinion, if you are looking for an affordable, durable and safe protective case for your iPhone 11 then, this case fits in your criteria.

USP: Anti-Scratch Silicone Case.
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#6. Mobosi

Mobosi Military Grade iPhone 11 Case

Armor up your iPhone 11 and get ready to take over the world. The Mobosi armor case for your iPhone 11 fits in all the standards to keep your delicate device safe from any hardware damage. Its 2mm raised camera lip makes sure that the cameras of your beauty don’t get scratched or shattered.

The doubled structured case that is made from hard PC back, and soft TPU silicone edges safely lets you flaunt your swoon-worthy device because of the transparent back. To add an extra layer of protection, the case sports anti-slip coarse strips on either side of the case to establish a firm grip of the phone.

USP: Anti-slip coarse strips for firm grip.
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#7. RoyBens

RoyBens iPhone 11 Military Grade Case

You don’t see too many clear silicone cases in the list of military-grade cases for iPhone, but to your and mine utter surprise, the RoyBens case gets featured in this list. Not because it looks very well, but this is actually military drop tested and certified and has the ability to protect your iPhone 11 from a 1.47m high fall.

This soft silicone case provides heavy-duty fall protection while maintaining the original beauty of your iPhone. The case is made from a long-lasting transparent silicone gel that uses a micro-dot technology, making it anti-yellow, bubble-free, scratch-resilient, and fingerprint-proof.

USP: Transparent and soft case.
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#8. Tudia

Tudia Military Grade Cases for iPhone 11

How often does your phone fall in a day? Well, my average count is 5-6 times. I have suffered the pain of a shattered screen more than once, so I can empathize with people who face the same thing, but thankfully I got my hands on a military-grade case and trust me they do wonders for your phone. Tudia case for iPhone 11 is actually worth every penny.

This case is sleek, stylish, and most importantly, very very protective. Made from superior quality of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane rubberized gel skin, it dispenses complete care to your iPhone from unnecessary bumps, dents, and scratches.

USP: Advanced 3-Layer protection.
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#9. Meifigno

Meifigno Military Grade iPhone 11 Case

Can your current iPhone cover withstand a 5ft. drop? Well, the Meifingo military-grade case for iPhone 11 can withstand a drop as high as 5ft. without causing any damage to your device. This case was tested 26 times in a row and is SGS certified, the company even claims that the case can even withstand a 6.5ft. fall.

With almost 100% transparency, this crystal clear PU back and TPU bumper case is unlike any other clear silicone case that comes with dot pattern, ultimately reducing the transparency of your case. It is made from top-notch quality of silicone that avoids the case from becoming yellow.

USP: Withstands 5ft. drop.
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#10. Futanwei

Futanwei iPhone 11 Military Grade Case

Protect your iPhone 11 in style with this Futanwei armor phone case. Made from high-quality silicone soft shell (TPU), makes your phone safer and protected. Its rugged design reduces the chances of slipping and avoids all sorts of scratches, dents, and fingerprints.

Tested under extreme military conditions, the Futanwei case possesses advanced shock absorption technology that protects your phone from high impact drops and falls. The 4 corner bumper cushions absorb the impact of the fall, making the case shockproof.

USP: 4 corner bumper cushions to absorb shock.
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Signing Off…

Prevention is better than cure, and I have learned it the hard way after shedding a lot of money in the repairs of my previous iPhones. Don’t be like me and protect your phone from the very beginning and get your self one of these military-grade iPhone 11 cases for a tension-free use of your new device.

Let me know in the comments, if you found this covers line-up useful and if you would like to read any other such round-up?

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