Best Fabric Cases for iPhone 11 in 2020: An Ideal Fusion of Comfort and Style


Fabric cases are something that is still unexplored by iPhone lovers if I am not wrong. And the reason being, lack of awareness of this amazing product. Luxury does matter when it comes to cases and fabric covers look luxurious too, of course, not as luxurious as leather cases, I admit that. 

But the fact is that the fabric case is just made from original fabric and not from animal skin just like leather cases are made, and this must be an ideal choice for those who go vegan by all means! We understand such people who don’t like cases made from the animal bodies and hence, we’ve listed some of the best iPhone 11 fabric cases for all vegans out there! Of course, it’s not just for them but for everyone who wants a luxurious case along with a fusion of comfort and feel. 

Best iPhone 11 Fabric Cases in 2020

We’ve reviewed every fabric case for iPhone users listed below and we’re sure you’re going to love each one of them. So here we go!

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#1. Joyroom

joyroom Knitted Fabric Cover Case for iPhone 11

Bright, colorful, soft, comfortable and what not! Joyroom has all the boxes ticked through its case made of fabric and it’s knitted to perfection! The edges all around the screen and the camera are higher and this protects your iPhone 11 from flat and uneven surfaces. 

Besides being a fabric case, is has a sporty look as well. The luminous color completely changes the shade of the back cover due to the dark and it’s visually so appealing that I can’t take my eyes out of it. High quality PC in the inner layer and fabric on the outer layer is a perfect combination to protect your iPhone against drops, bumps and shocks! 

Moreover, it’s certified with Military Grade 810.1-G compliance so even if you drop your iPhone by mistake from 10 feet height, it will hardly do any damage to your device. Its anti-slip design ensures that you get a comfortable grip and a gentle touch because of the fabric layer. It’s available in black and green color variants and it supports wireless charging too.

USP: Military Grade Protection!
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#2. JJ Phone Case

JJ Phone Case iPhone 11 Fabric Pattern Case

If you’re looking for a glossy case, JJ Phone Case must be your preferred choice if I am not wrong. The class, elegance, softness, comfortableness, firm grip and a lot more to say, make this product stand apart from the others in today’s lineup. On top of this, it’s slim, lightweight as well and this makes it a perfect case to carry on the go!

With precise cutouts, it’s easy to access all the ports, sensors and the buttons are soft too. The inner layer of the case is made of hard plastic that is durable and it protects your iPhone 11 from high impacts. Its color combination of black, grey, white and the maroon lining gives it a perfect look for your iPhone overall. 

USP: Glossy Design
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#3. Bigphilo

BIGPHILO Leather Case Card Holder for iPhone 11

The brand name itself suggests that it’s a big case. Being big doesn’t mean that it’s bulky but it only means it has more space to store your valuable credit and debit cards on the back of the case. You can carry 3 cards or either 2 cards and some cash along with the case on your iPhone 11. 

It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t let the camera to pop out of the case and it protects it to the best! But still, if you don’t want to take a chance, you can always go for iPhone 11 camera lens protectors that guard the dual-camera with precision.  

The stylish soft fiber protects your case from scratches on the back and on the corners as well. It is available black, brown and grey/brown color combinations. And yes, in spite of being a combination of a leather case and a fabric case, it still supports wireless charging. 

USP: 3 Card Slots
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#4. KWMobile

kwmobile iPhone 11 Soft TPU Fabric Case

If you don’t want the leather to be included in your case and want a pure fabric case, KWMobile is your way to go! It’s exclusively made for iPhone 11 and the TPU case is covered by the fabric on it which gives it a stunning look. As it’s made of TPU material, you can rest assured about protecting your iPhone 11. 

The canvas design along with the stylish fabric cover is what makes it a special case for the iPhone 11 users. Given the precise cutouts, it’s always easy to access all the buttons and ports. It’s slim, lightweight and the raised edges near the screen protect your iPhone to precision. The case looks more like a jeans case, isn’t it?! It’s available in black color only!

USP: Jeans Design
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#5. Evutec

Evutec Heavy Duty Fabric Case for iPhone 11

Here’s yet another case that is made of fabric and leather. The lower part of the case is made of premium leather and the upper part of the case is made of pure fabric and the combination of these both makes it a perfect case for iPhone. This case is military grade drop tested so that you don’t have to worry about protecting your valuable smartphone. 

The metal inserts on the case make it compatible with the magnetic vent mount so that you can use your iPhone hands-free whenever needed. The vent mount is included along with the case as well. Besides this, the case works with wireless charging as the metal inserts are placed in such a way that it doesn’t affect this charging mode. 

Its honeycomb design adds an extra layer of protection on the inner side of the case. The anti-slip grip ensures that you get a comfortable grip all the time you carry your iPhone. It’s available in black color only with a canvas design. 

USP: Magnetic Vent Mount Included
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#6. Aceyyk

Aceyyk Anti-Scratch Fabric Business Case for iPhone 11

As they say, last but not least! And the same applies to Aceyyk’s fabric cover overall. The dual color tone on the back of the cover gives it a fresh look as no other case comes with. It’s available in black, brown, gray, purple, and red color variants. It’s more suitable for those who are into business and often go to meetings. 

It’s a perfect piece of case to show off your iPhone 11 in a style that is made of fabric. The metal place which is built-in the case is compatible with the magnetic car mount holder as well With 0.3mm hole, it can protect your iPhone’s dual camera at its best! The precise cutouts ensure that you are always a step away from accessing the ports and buttons. 

Soft TPU edges protect your iPhone against drops, bumps, fumbles, impacts and sudden shocks as well. The three layered case which consists of a cloth layer, hard PC plate and silicone soft border makes it even protective against all impacts. 

USP: 3-Layered Protection & Dual Colors
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Getting a fabric case for your iPhone 11 now makes sense, isn’t it?!

Final Verdict! 

All the 6 cases are unique in design, class and protection. I would want you to pick the best of all these as per your requirements and styling needs. Do let us know your choice in the comment section below right away!

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