Best iPhone 11 Designer Cases

Just getting a case for the sole purpose of protection doesn’t make sense when you have got such a gorgeous looking iPhone 11 in your hands. It certainly deserves more attention given the glossy look of the smartphone. Of course, protection of your iPhone is important but compromising with its sleek design doesn’t do justice either. To make it simple, we’ve got some of the top-rated designer cases for your iPhone 11 which makes you stand out from the crowd!

After thorough research and detailed reviewing of each case, we’ve come up with the best iPhone 11 designer cases which you are sure to fall in love with! Besides being the finest in design and look, they also protect your smartphone with precision.

Best iPhone 11 Designer Cases in 2020

With these designer cases, you can flaunt your iPhone in style. So let’s have a look at the best of all such cases available for iPhone 11.

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#1. Gviewin

GVIEWIN iPhone 11 Transparent Bumper Designer Case

A simple yet elegant design with a floral cover is what makes this case from Gviewin special. The crystal clear back case with a floral print on the corners and a few prints on the center got my attention right away. Besides being sleek in design, the case also guards your iPhone 11 against sudden drops, bumps and accidental fumbles.

As it is made of soft TPU, it doesn’t add any weight to your iPhone. Moreover, the bumper edges give enough resistivity to your smartphone from drops & shocks. The raised edges near the screen and the camera on the back safeguards your iPhone against the flat surfaces as well. 

It’s scratch resistant, bubble free and comes with an anti-yellowing feature that never lets your case go out of the limelight. The case comes with a money back guarantee of 180-days. It’s available in reseda green, pink and sunflower yellow color variants. 

USP: Floral Print & 360-Degree Protection
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#2. Maxdara

Maxdara Glitter Liquid Designer Case for iPhone 11

This glitter liquid case shines from a far distance and it looks stylish enough to let you flaunt your iPhone in style. These types of designer cases are best suited for women. And the combination of gold and silver shiny sparkles on the back cover is a perfect recipe for girls to show off their iPhone 11 in style!

The soft TPU on the back and the shock resistant corners give complete protection to your iPhone. Moreover, the liquid doesn’t affect the body of your smartphone in any way. It’s available in green, silver, gold & silver, rose gold and teal color variants. It comes with a warranty for 1-year. 

USP: Glossy Looking Case
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#3. Cyrill

CYRILL iPhone 11 Designer Case

Right from floral print to flower garden prints and from red floral to white mandala prints, Cyrill’s case is available in a variety of colorful prints. Being a clear case for iPhone 11, it flaunts your smartphone with the prints on it. The air cushion technology on the corners protects your iPhone against the bumps and sudden drops effectively. 

It’s not only suitable for women but few prints like white mandala and flower garden suit for men as well, just in case if they want to. With this case, you’ll never hide the original beauty of your iPhone ever! So what keeps you waiting? If you love floral prints on the case, Cyrill is your way to go!

USP: Multiple Floral Print Designs
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#4. i-Blason

i-Blason Slim Designer Case for iPhone 11

You may call it a marble design and few may even see the galaxy in it but let me tell you that it’s a marble print. Such is the design of this all new i-Blason’s designer case available for iPhone 11 users. With a smooth and glossy finish, it suits perfectly to your iPhone.

The features like scratch resistant and shockproof give complete security to your smartphone against the bumps and drops. Moreover, it comes with a built-in screen protector that guards the screen against scratches, fingerprints, stains, dust, dirt and a lot more.

Even if you drop your iPhone from 10 feet, you’ll mostly see it in the same condition without any damage. Such is the protection provided by this military graded i-Blason case. It’s available in purple, marble and blue color variants. 

USP: Marble Design & Built-in Screen Protector
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#5. JanCalm

JanCalm iPhone 11 Rugged Clear Designer Case

The lady love, Pink color is back in action! The case from JanCalm is crafted keeping in mind of their female customers all around the world. Its polycarbonate and the TPU frames on both sides of the case give 360-degree protection to your iPhone 11. In short, it’s a heavy duty case that comes with shockproof and scratch proof kind of features.

The sparkling pink colors on the back frame and near the camera give a glossy looking design to the case overall. Its raised lip protects the screen and camera on the back against the flat surfaces. Moreover, the precise cutouts make it easy to access all the ports and buttons with a gentle touch!

JanCalm case’s shock absorbent feature is what I loved the most besides giving it a designer touch. It’s available in pink and black color variants. I’m sure the girls out there would be dying to get such cases crafted in pink color. Aren’t you?

USP: Tough Case with Sleek Design
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#6. Velvet Caviar

Velvet Caviar Protective Designer Case for iPhone 11

If you’re looking for a perfect marble shaded designer case for your iPhone 11, Velvet Caviar’s case if your way to go! And thanks to the laser printing technology that has delivered such a masterpiece. All the designs in this case, are specially designed by the artists in New York City. So be rest assured about the uniqueness that you get with this case. 

The hard bumper and soft TPU material ensure that it protects your iPhone against the fumbles and unplanned impacts. Its raised bezel edges guard your camera and screen both at the same time. Given the stunning design, it comes with a warranty of 1 year and it supports wireless charging too. 

USP: Designed by Artists
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#7. Sonix

Sonix iPhone 11 Protective Clear Designer Case

Sonix has been known for years now for the designer cases in special. The unique prints with untouched concepts are what Sonix cases specialize in to. The stars, the moon and the eyes, well, only a true artist can understand the deep meaning of this puzzle printed on the back of the case. Can you figure it out? Even, I can’t!

It might be anything but the concept is amazing and so is the design. All the corners of the iPhone are protected by the rubber layered framing in this case. With its unique design, it also protects your camera like never before. It’s compatible with wireless charging and it comes with a lifetime warranty as well. 

USP: Lifetime Warranty
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#8. Coolwee

Coolwee Soft TPU Bumper Designer Case for iPhone 11

Are you madly in love with a pineapple? Want to be it with yourself everywhere you go? Well, here’s your chance to carry it with your iPhone 11 too. And that’s possible with Coolwee’s case. The unique pineapple print design on the case gives a stunning look to your iPhone. Not many would love this but there are few who go crazy about such prints and designs. 

The soft TPU and the bumper frame along with the hard plastic back cover give all-round protection to your iPhone against all the drops, impacts, shocks, etc. The raised bezels are a perfect recipe to avoid your iPhone’s contact from flat and uneven surfaces. It’s easy to access the buttons and the ports due to the precise cutouts. 

Even when the case is on, you can charge it using a wireless charger as it’s compatible with the same. It’s slim and lightweight making it stand on top of race in today’s lineup. 

USP: Slim & Lightweight
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#9. Bentoben

BENTOBEN iPhone 11 Hybrid Rubber Designer Case

The glitter sparkle design of this case is the most loved concept by many iPhone users all around the world. And this is where Bentoben has won thousands if not millions of hears with its designer iPhone 11 case. The perfect design along with the dual-layered protection which is an added advantage, make it a perfect choice for many of you. 

Hard PC and the soft TPU material ensure that your iPhone never gets damaged due to any fumble or impacts. The rubber bumpers on all the corners act as a cushion where is a sudden drop or an accidental shock to your iPhone 11. Besides having these many materials on the case, it somehow manages to be slim and lightweight too. 

It’s easy to install and remove whenever you do not need it. And yes, if you’re removing it for wireless charging, don’t do that as the case is compatible with wireless charging. It comes in rose gold, mandala in galaxy, and starry sky color variants. I loved the mandala in galaxy color variant due to the vibrant colors it had.

USP: 3 Staggering Design Variants
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#10. Caka

Caka Glitter Soft TPU Designer Case for iPhone 11

A glitter liquid case is what we already saw before in our lineup but this one is something different from it as it comes with a starry night designed theme for your iPhone 11 case. The case makes you feel that the stars are floating in the water. It’s a perfect pick for women and girls out there.

The case is made of high-grade TPU material giving maximum protection to your beast! Given the precise cutouts, it’s always easy to access the ports and the buttons as well. Besides getting one for yourself, you can even gift it to your loved ones if you want to surprise them with a case with splendid design. 

It’s available in silver, rose gold and black purple colors and it comes with a warranty of 180-days.

USP: Stars with Liquid Design
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That’s it for today, folks!

Final Verdict!

I can’t say much about my choice but my wife would surely love the cases that come with a glitter liquid and a shiny material. And it was for men or a boy, the marble designs would be the perfect way to go! So which one would you choose for your iPhone 11? Do let us know in the comment section right away!

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