Best Armbands for iPhone 11 in 2020: Amazing Asset for Fitness Freaks

For exercise enthusiasts, armbands are as essential as a pen to a writer. They ought to keep track of the calories burnt, the number of steps, distance covered running and walking, and so on. But with our screen sizes increasing day by day it becomes all the more important to invest in an armband that is compatible with large phones. It is also very essential that these armbands don’t increase a lot of weight.

The iPhone 11 comes with grand 6.1-inch display size and thus hunting the right armband for this robust device is very necessary. Today, I’ve rounded up the best armbands for iPhone 11 that will perfectly secure your phone while you exercise and won’t add much weight either.

When I look for the perfect armband I look for a couple of qualities in them. They have to be lightweight, sweatproof and funtional and over and above all these, the material should be breathable and skin-friendly. All the armbands in today’s list live up to all these standards so you could easily take your pick of the best one.

Best iPhone 11 Armbands in 2020

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#1. Lovphone 

Lovphone Sport Amrband for iPhone 11

The Lovphone armband is a perfect fit if you cannot keep your phone without a case. This band is big enough to hold your smartphone even though you have another protective case on your device. With specific and precise cutouts, this band allows you to access all the ports from outside, so enjoy music while you are sweating it out.

The case is made from water-resistant neoprene and PVC screen protector that will protect your smartphone from scratches, dirt, and sweat while you achieve that fab body. It is so designed that you can twist and bend it as much as you wish to but it will still regain its original shape, proving its durability.

USP: Life-Time Warranty
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#2. Sporteer

Sporteer iPhone 11 Running Armband

While working out I have faced an issue every time, even though I have an armband with me at all times, I still don’t have any other place to put my belongings. But not anymore! This Sporteer armband is all that I need. This band has a concealed pocket to keep my important belongings like cards and keys.

The dual zips securely keep all your belongings and your iPhone safe while you workout. You could also adjust the zippers in a way that you could slip your earphones through the opening in order to enjoy music while you work out. The straps are interchangeable, so you could change them according to your preferences.

USP: Zipper Case to Store Cash and Cards
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#3. Jemache

Jemache Armband for iPhone 11

While all the armbands on this list come with the standard controls and port access but the Jemache iPhone 11 armband comes with a loop to hold your earphones. So, loop your earphones in while you work out so that the wires don’t bother you. Another great feature that this armband sports is a cavity to hold your key.

This armband is made from stretch resistant neoprene material that bends, flexes, twists or folds without warping. And the adjustable strap protects and stabilizes device without slipping or constricting. It also has a rear pocket to keep your IDs, credit cards and cash in place.

USP: Earphone Loop to hold earphones
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#4. MyBand

MyBand iPhone 11 Running Armband

The MyBand armband is specially designed for the iPhone 11. The pocket to house phone is 6.5 inches tall, to safely protect the 6.1-inch iPhone. Sides of the phone protective case are stiched with a highly-reflective cloth that lights up at night to ensure safe running or workout under low-light.

The neoprene-lined pocket will protect your phone from sweat and water while the clear vinyl allows you to fully access the super responsive touchscreen of your device without any hindrance. It also comes with a velcro fold-over flap to makes sure your phone is always safe and secure.

USP:Flexible to use as an Arm and Wrist Band
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#5. Reve Sport

Reve Sport Armband for iPhone 11

Made from quick-drying Lycra cloth, the flexible arm sleeve is an easy fit for all arm sizes and is so lightweight that you will barely feel any weight. The material of the band is soo soft and comfortable that you can not worry about any irritation or any other skin related problem.

You never have to readjust or worry about slipping during physical activity. Its discreet, stylish design makes it a perfect phone holder for an active user who is fond of working out, running, walking or exercising. This armband is also backed with a 30 Day hassle-free money-back guarantee.

USP: Made from quick-drying Lycra
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PORTHOLIC iPhone 11 Armband

What’s to worry when the armband from PORTHOLIC comes with a one hundred percent money-back guarantee! This trendy sports armband features a foam padding at the back, which makes it hard to slip down. Straps of this armband have holes for ventilation, which assist in keeping your arm cool and dry during intense workouts.

The transparent front side offers a clear window that allows you to use the touch screen to change songs, reply to texts, or use face ID without having to remove your phone from the armband. It is available in 4 attractive colors – Black, Grey, Pink, and Light Black. Grab the one which appeals to you the most.

USP: Non-slip design with ventilation
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#7. RunBach

RunBach Armband for iPhone 11

The RunBach workout band is big enough to hold your phone even with a protective case. It offers full-screen protection to your expensive buy and without blocking any controls or ports. Even the touch sensitivity of your device is not affected.

It is a skin-friendly iPhone 11 armband made from water-resistant Lycra fabric that is soft, stretchable, lightweight and is sweatproof. The premium fabric has a tough grasp that will not let your phone or the armband fall off even during an intense exercise.

USP: Key Holder
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#8. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 11 Armband

Made of stretch resistant neoprene, the Trianium ArmTrek iPhone 11 Armband case for large smartphone easily bends, flexes, twists, and folds without warping. This multi-slot adjustable velcro armband fits almost all arm sizes, making it a very desirable armband.

This armbands minimalistic design is what catches my eyes, yes there are many more functional armbands on this list but somehow, I have an inclination towards simplistic and minimalist things. It also has a secret compartment to store your house keys and some cash while exercising.

USP: Minimalistic Design
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#9. JETech

JETech Armband for iPhone 11

The JETech is an ideal armband for all iPhone 11 users. It is made from TPU screen to ensure the actual touch sensitivity of your phone is not hampered and its precise cutouts also allow full access to all buttons, controls and you could even plug your earphones in it and hold them in place with the special earphones loop.

The armband is made from skin-friendly material offers you a comfortable using experience. Its unique back cushion design is anti-slip and permeable. This band also comes with an additional extended strap that you could use in case the need arises. The back of this band houses a secret slot to store your money and cards safe while you workout.

USP: Extended Arm Strap
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#10. TRIBE

TRIBE iPhone 11 Armband

TRIBE’s water-resistant armband case comes in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. Apart from supporting the iPhone 11 series, the case also lets you enjoy devices from other manufacturers on your arm.

An adjustable elastic band and an extra-plush provide optimal fit and comfort. While your phone is inside this armband case, you still have full touchscreen access.

Made from premium Polyurethane and a mixture of Lycra and Neoprene, this case comes with a lifetime warranty! And one last thing- you have ten colors to choose from! Over eighteen thousand people have given positive feedback for this case on Amazon. Maybe you, too, will love it.

USP: Supports many models and lifetime warranty
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Signing Off… 

With the reflective strips along with some of these armbands the companies are making sure that while you are trying to protect your iPhone, they are putting your safety at the utmost priority. Which amongst these armbands was your most favorite and you feel is a worthy pick? Let us know about that in the comments below.

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