You updated your iPad recently to sport the all-new, radically different (from previous version) iOS 7. You’re on a spree to add iOS 7-based apps but you’re one step short because there’s one more app missing from your collection: Weather.

Not many apps have been redesigned to match iOS 7’s look and feel but there are ones that already sport a somewhat flat, light-weight look.

Check out these best iPad weather apps that might just fit right in with your iPad/iPad Mini.

Best iPad Weather Apps

#1. Clear Day (Formerly Weather HD)

Clear Day iPad App IconClear Day is a stunning, very visual and picturesque weather app for the iPad. It’s one of those really captivating weather apps which provide rich information coupled with equally rich and detailed visual aesthetics. This comes with weather videos, video themes, push alerts for severe weather conditions and some clean social features.

Price: $1.99
Download Clear Day

#2. Celsius – Weather & Temperature

Celsius iPad App IconCelsius is probably the only app on this list that sports a brand new iOS 7-ish icon. At first glance, the icon looks like the Calendar app icon. Celsius actually displays the temperature as a notification badge. This is probably the greatest feature it does offer. Overall, the information provided within the app is great but I’m not a fan of the interface. Perceptions differ.

Price: $0.99
Download Celsius

#3. Vane

Vane iPad App IconVane is a minimal weather app for the iPad/iPad Mini. At its best, it provides hourly weather information for almost all cities in the world. You can’t get a cleaner look for the weather app than this. Vane is built on flat-design aesthetics, completely. No picturesque, animated graphics that gobble up the battery.

Price: Free
Download Vane

#4. Dynamic WeaPro

Dynamic WeaPro iPad App IconTechnically, I don’t think Dynamic WeaPro is a befitting candidate unless you want to let an underdog play. Dynamic WeaPro is not as popular as, say, the next app on this list but it’s a pretty good weather app. If you’re looking for a new app to try, this could fit your bill perfectly.

Price: $0.99
Download Dynamic WeaPro

#5. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel iPad App IconWell, one cannot miss listing The Weather Channel. It strikes the right balance between a graphically exciting interface and accurate weather information. These guys are serious about the weather info that they put in a lot of thought and action towards weather forecasting. And top it with a lot of customization.

Price: Free
Download The Weather Channel

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  • Claire Anderson

    WeatherMate is a nice weather app which is worth a try!!!

  • Mark J

    Would recommend Swackett, which is free and does a lot.

  • Henry

    Would of loved to have seen the ‘indie’ developed Weather Pod in your list. A fine balance between fast, accurate weather data with stunning visuals. The app can be found here: