When traveling, take your iPad with you. It doesn’t come as a surprise when people who’ve carried their laptops (or not carried any device of that sort) when they travel find the whole experience of carrying an iPad instead to be enormously gratifying. It is the kind of a gadget nirvana that frequent travelers would love absolutely.

But of course, it’s all relative. You can carry your iPad around but if you’re going to use Safari, Mail and YouTube alone, it is not going to be of much use.

Best iPad Travel Apps

If you are going on a tour, an iPad equipped with essential travel apps would be the best travel companion you could ever ask for. What are these essential travel apps for iPad? That’s precisely what we were looking at today: some really cool, best iPad travel apps for people who go on tours. Whether you travel rarely or frequently doesn’t matter.

When you’re abroad, information is wealth. Well, actually more than that. Getting to know everything you need to know before embarking on the journey is good.

Round-up of Best iPad Travel Apps:


Free Wifi: Now, since almost every service below requires Internet, you might need Wi-Fi (or if you’re rich and lucky, you’ll have the GSM iPad). This free app will find free Wi-Fi sources for you, wherever you go.

Download Free Wifi


TripIt: Helps you create, share, save and manage your travel itinerary easily. Has super-cool features of auto-generating your travel plans through air tickets and reservations.

Download TripIt


TripAdvisor: Contains all data and information you’d want on Hotels, Restaurants, Flights along with to-do that can double up as a travel itinerary for you. Simple to use but enormously information-rich. Also comes with Offline City Guides that can be downloaded for offline use.

Download TripAdvisor

Yelp: Currently the most popular user-reviewed local area listing website. Has every little information you’d want about local shops, restaurants, pubs, gas stations and much much more.

Download Yelp

XE Currency: Get your currency exchange information right before you start spending your money. XE Currency app has a comprehensive and updated list of all conversions across the globe.

Download XE Currency

Bookings and Reservation

Jetsetter: More of a magazine-style information app about hotels, vacation homes and tour packages, Jetsetter makes it very easy to book hotel reservations right from the comfort of your home.

Download Jetsetter

Kayak: Easily the best hotel/flight/travel search and booking app on the planet. Highly popular and most-used by frequent travelers.

Download Kayak

Notes, pictures etc.

Evernote: Undeniably, Evernote takes the cake when it comes to note-taking in style. On your tour, you can type in a few words, add to-dos, take pictures, manage expenses (with picture receipts) and much more through Evernote’s comprehensive note-taking capability.

Download Evernote


Longform: This, interestingly, is an app that you’d fall in love with when you are on the flight or in the cab. Brings you newspaper-style articles without distractive design elements. Well-crafted, beautiful and resourceful e-newspaper.

Download Longform


Find My iPhone: Find My iPhone is slightly a misnomer. You can find your iPad too with the app. Make sure you’ve installed this app on your iPad before you begin your travel. You can track your iPad, delete data and recover it by logging into your account on iCloud.com.

Download Find My iPhone

These are but some of the essential apps you should have on your iPad before you begin your journey. There are of course many others.

Tell us about your experience carrying an iPad when you travel. What do you recommend?

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