iPad is mostly used as a device for productivity, leaving the fact that it is equally powerful for gaming as well. Whether you like racing, fighting, or running; we had it all covered for you. Any number of lists is not enough when it comes to gaming.

And that's the reason why we are back with another roundup of strategy games. This roundup is especially dedicated to iPad because the real excitement of strategy games is on a bigger display. There are some of the very popular strategy games like Plant Vs Zombies, Clash of Clans, and many others. We haven't included them in the list as almost all are already aware about these games. So let's not waste a minute more and dive into the gaming world.

Best Strategy Games for iPad

Best Strategy Games for iPad

#1. Boom Beach

Boom Beach iPad Game IconThe next famous game after Clash of Clans from Supercell is Boom Beach. The gameplay is to create your base on an island and defend it from intruders. You can create your task force with players from all over the world and attack other players too. The concept is highly similar to Clash of Clans by not fully identical. The game is free with optional in-app purchases. Millions of users are already playing this game, are you?

Price: Free
Download Boom Beach

#2. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt iPad Game IconThis is one hell of a game that will undoubtedly keep you hooked up for hours. You are the mayor of the city and it's your job to build the city from scratch. You'll need to construct roads, houses, factories, water supply, electricity, and almost everything that is needed for citizens to live in a city. The game is free with optional in-app purchases. This is by far the best strategy game I have ever played on an iPad.

Price: Free
Download SimCity

#3. Heroes of Order and Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos iPad Game IconIt's time to act like a hero who will save the world. This game has exceptional graphics and user-interface that will leave you stunned. Magic, heroes, and mythology power packed in this game. You'll need to choose your hero and then move further in game along with other players in the world. Like all other, the game is free with optional in-app purchases.

Price: Free
Download Heroes of Order and Chaos

#4. Mavenfall

Mavenfall iPad Game IconIn this strategy game, you won't have to build anything apart from your own ranks. Fight real players from around the world and move up in ranks. On your way, collect different cards to unlock spells and impeccable powers. The game is almost never ending and you won't be bored. If you like hero's kind of stuff, this game is certainly made for you.

Price: Free
Download Mavenfall

#5. World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz iPad Game IconWe have made our base, cities, heroes, and what not? Now it's time to fight a war, with a tank. With this game, you'll have a wide range of tank selection. It's not just about tanks; the game has stunning graphics and supports online gameplay to connect with millions of users worldwide. The game is completely free to play but it does offer optional purchases to move ahead in game a little faster.

Price: Free
Download World of Tanks Blitz

#6. Bloons Monkey City

Bloons Monkey City iPad Game IconIn Simcity, we created a city for civilians to live. In Bloons Monkey City, we'll do the same, but for monkeys. The game offers Game Center and also Facebook connectivity. This will help you connect with your friends and help them to grow their city faster. In return, you can also get their help to advance your city. There are weekly contests where you might stand a chance to win. So buckle up and start building your monkey city.

Price: Free
Download Bloons Monkey City

#7. Traffic Rush 2

Traffic Rush 2 iPad Game IconHere in this game, your job is to strategically divert traffic at the intersection without letting them crash into one another. It isn't as simple as you might think as these car drivers are insane and hard to control. The new update has unlocked many different vehicles which you can try out. Like other strategy games, Traffic Rush 2 is also free to play but with optional in-app purchases.

Price: Free
Download Traffic Rush 2

#8. Tactile Wars

Tactile Wars iPad Game IconYou are a general of an army of mini-soldiers. Yes, you heard it right, mini-soldiers. This is really fun playing and also suitable for kids above age nine. The game doesn't involve bullets for fighting; instead, you blast your opponent's base with colors, leaving your mark on their territory. This is one of the most amazing battle games I had ever played and so far the best strategy game for iPad.

Price: Free
Download Tactile Wars

#9. Blood Brothers 2

Blood Brothers 2 iPad Game iconBlood Brothers was one of my favorite games until I realized that I live on earth and not on Arnashia! The dark fantasy of Arnashia is reborn with Blood Brothers 2 and it's your job to travel through it for freedom of Arnashia. Collect different heroes, evolve them, and level up their skills, ultimately making them undefeatable. This game is free with optional in-app purchases. Give it a try, and surely you’ll be hooked up for months.

Price: Free
Download Blood Brothers 2

#10. Bid Wars – Storage Auction Master

Bid Wars iPad Game IconEnough of wars and fighting, let's get rich! Show your skills in this auction game by buying and selling from Storage auctions. Plan strategically and don't overpay for things, else you will make a loss. The more you earn, the higher is your reputation. With that reputation, you can participate in bigger events to earn more money. This is a superb time-killing game, give it a try.

Price: Free
Download Bid Wars

Did we miss any other awesome strategy games? Do let us know by commenting below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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