Expenses are an inevitable part of our lives. However, it is essential to keep a track of those expenses to ensure that everything goes smooth. If you have an iPad, these easy and user-friendly apps will keep your receipts in track.

In simple taps and swipes, the data will be synced and stored so you can retrieve them anytime.

Best Receipt Tracking Apps for iPhone

Best Receipt Tracking Apps for iPad

#1. Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts iPad App IconDigital Receipts collects the receipts in two ways: “Touch-and-Go” technology that generates pictures after scanning the QR Code at checkout points in store or simply scan the receipt by using your camera. The app has a secure backup system and allows you to send e-mails to track your expenses. You will receive monthly reports based on your receipts, stating your money spent.

Price: Free
Download Digital Receipts

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#2. Receipts Magic Pro

Receipts Magic Pro iPad App IconReceipts Magic Pro app has in-built OCR and picture processing technologies that keeps the pictures sorted in your iPad. The app has automatic backups to your Dropbox, so you need not worry about losing it. The basic download will allow you to save first ten receipts. For an unlimited saving option, you need to upgrade by paying $1.99 from the in-app purchase.

Price: Free
Download Receipts Magic Pro

#3. Receipts by Wave

Receipts by Wave iPad App IconReceipts by Wave will upload your receipts into account after you have clicked and confirmed the picture and details. The receipts will be synchronized with your Wave account. You can choose the OCR option if you do not fill details manually. You can categorize your receipts to keep a check on money spent in each niche.

Price: Free
Download Receipts by Wave

#4. Simple Receipt

Simple Receipt iPad App IconSimple Receipts has a simple and easy interface that makes scanning and taking pictures on receipts easy. You can create categories and the app will automatically transfer the receipt in those folders. You can send expense reports via email by putting in data range and category name, the app will upload the PDF format of all receipts under that choice. It comes with iCloud support, so the data is safe.

Price: $0.99
Download Simple Receipt

#5. Receipts Plus

Receipts plus iPad App IconReceipts plus allows you to enter your personal, professional receipts and create expense records in iPad. You can create categories, sub-categories and put in payment mode in it. The app provides you with option of pass code that can be used to protect your receipts. You can view, edit and delete the images, if old or not in use.

Price: Free
Download Receipts Plus

#6. Receipts2go

Receipts2go iPad App IconReceipts2go app is best option when it comes to put claim for your receipts. You need to take picture of receipts and put in expense details. The app will convert the specific receipts into PDF or CSV format, so you can send e-mail, quickly.

Price: Free
Download Receipts2go

#7. ReceiptLoader

ReceiptLoader iPad App IconReceiptLoader app saves integral details with your receipt image. The app will give you amount, venue, category and date of purchase based on receipts. The save receipts can be get in various format form such as XLS, PDF and CSV. The app is customized to read even smallest details from distorted receipts too.

Price: Free
Download ReceiptLoader

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