Best iPad Racing Games

Racing on the iPad is fun. With the ultra-large screen, the tablet offers a wonderful experience of gaming. Keeping your penchant for unbeatable speed in mind, we have made this great collection of racing games for iPad to let you dominate your opponents and win jaw-dropping challenges.

Pick out a dashing car with tons of available options. Customize it to your liking. Compete with top players from around the world and win a lot of cups, coins, and rewards. Let’s dive right in to explore the top racing games for iOS!

2020’s Best iPad Racing Games

#1. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 Racing iPad Game Screenshot

Featuring 3D rendering technique and superb graphics, “CSR Racing 2” provides a thrilling experience. It has more than 50 officially licensed vehicles from top manufacturers like Ferrari, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani.

You can race against the top players from around the world or compete with your friends. Use a variety of paint, rims, brake calipers, and interior trims to customize your car. You can also use paint wraps, decals, and custom license plates to give your supercar a personal touch. Collect some amazing cars and keep them in a warehouse garage.

Price: Free (Handful of Gold – $2.99)

#2. Real Racing 3 for iPad

Real Racing 3 iPad Game Screenshot

Real Racing fans are booing because EA made the game a freemium thing (which, I must say, kind of sucks) but technically, the game is as awesome as ever.

The IAPs do hurt the game, but you’ve got to admit that the game has an impressive spec to it. Real Racing 3 has already climbed to the top spot on the App Store in over 90 countries as of this writing.

Price: Free (Everyday Card – $1.99)

#3. Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits Racing iPad Game Screenshot

“Need for Speed” is as exciting as it can ever get. The racing game has over 1,000 extremely challenging races.

There is a huge range of cars to choose from. With plenty of customization options available, you will be able to design your car to your best liking. Take part in as many races as you can, dominate your opponents, own the road and be the enviable king of speed.

Price: Free (Monthly Gold Card – $2.99)

#4. Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 Racing iPad Game Screenshot

Well, I didn’t really want this ‘Top 5 racing games’ list to have an extra guy pop in from under but you know, it’s Asphalt! First, you gasp at the 1.74 GB file size of the app, and then you gasp at the attention to detail. It’s almost like driving a real vehicle.

Asphalt 8 will require the best of processors and memory but more than that, the game demands that you be passionate about racing on the iPad.

Price: Free (Super Rookie Credit Pack – $0.99)

#5. CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing iPad Game Screenshot

“CarX Drift Racing” is an absolute beast and an ideal choice for those who don’t get enough of delightful racing. You will enjoy exhilarating driving on many different surfaces such as asphalt, grass, and sand — race on world class tracks.

You can choose different setups for each car. For instance, you can select different Stock, Turbo, Racing, and drift, etc. There is a ghost mode to get the best from you. Win a lot of cups and earn as many coins as possible. Upload your replays to YouTube. Even better, you will unlock 26 sports and new tracks.

Price: Free (SCHOOLBOY – $2.99)

#6. Road Riot Combat Racing

Road Riot Combat Racing iPad Game Screenshot

“Road Riot Combat Racing” is lightning fast and action-packed. Put your best effort to escape missiles, gunfire and deadly road hazards. You also have to loot money trucks and blow up gas tankers.

There are 100 missions and accomplishments. It lets you customize five types of vehicles like a sports car, magnet car, missile car, laser car, and blast car, etc. What’s more, you can build up to six drones to destroy your enemies.

Price: Free (30 Gems – $0.99)

#7. Door Slammers 2

Door Slammers 2 Racing iPad Game Screenshot

“Door Slammers 2” is lashed with some terrific challenges. Enriched by the 3D graphics and excellent design, the racing game has been primed to offer you a pleasant experience.

Customize your dream car and give it a dynamic look. You can join the live multiplayer action to showcase your skill. Crush your opponents, never stop until you have reached atop.

Price: Free (5 Gold Coins – $0.99)

#8. Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted Racing iPad Game Screenshot

At first, I was like “should I include this on the list?” Every list that goes by the name of ‘best iPad racing games’ has this and it would be too clichéd. But hey! This is NFS! Nothing beats NFS when it comes to top racing games and not including this would be the greatest offense towards the entire gaming fraternity. So here we are.

NFS gets exciting all the time. And yeah, it’s a pricey game, but if you’re looking for a serious, no-holds-barred racing game, this is your one-stop solution.

Price: $4.99

#9. Death Rally

Death Rally Racing iPad Game Screenshot

Hold on. The recent update kind of kills the distraction-less, pure gameplay because of the developers – for whatever reason – decided to put ads in the game. (Yeah, it’s a paid game with ads!). But all hell breaks loose in this ‘Death Race’ style game where ‘not a trick is too dirty.’

Death Rally is harsh and quite violent if you take the game by its horns. But still, for those looking for some terrific action in a racing game, Death Rally fits the bill.

Price: Free (Vagabond Warpaint for Multiplayer – $0.99)

#10. Reckless Racing 2

Reckless Racing 2 iPad Game Screenshot

This is one of the finest games that you can actually have the satisfaction of conquering even if you’re not a full-time gamer on the iPad. Reckless Racing 2 features some amazing tracks, a lot of characters, and online leaderboards and multiplayer options.

Price: $1.99

Wrapping Up

So, it’s time to burn the tires, own the roads and all the world-class tracks. Also annihilate your enemies, win as many cups as possible and earn plenty of coins.

Which one of these racing games has won you over? Let us know that in the comments. I would recommend you to check out these game lists as well:

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