Pregnancy is a period of great joy, excitement and also, care and anxiety. When you are pregnant, the world within you and around you changes drastically. Knowing exactly what’s happening within you can be a lot of help during your pregnancy.

There are a ton of iPad apps designed specifically to help you keep track of your pregnancy, to know a lot about what happens during this time and much more. Here’s a collection of these apps:

Best Pregnancy Apps for iPad

Best Pregnancy Apps for iPad

#1. BabyBump Pregnancy

BabyBump Pregnancy Free iPad App IconBabyBump Pregnancy Free iPad App IconBabyBump Pregnancy covers most of the aspects of your pregnancy. The app provides details and information on pregnancy and baby products, gives you weekly updates of baby's development and tracks weight and cravings. You can add the due date to get a personalized countdown screen. You can also add pictures/photos/videos and create slideshows to be shared with your friends and family.

Price: Free
Download BabyBump Pregnancy

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#2. Pregnancy & Baby | What to except

Pregnancy & Baby iPad App IconPregnancy & Baby iPad App IconAdd your due date and receive customized tips and information. The app will show your pregnancy date, give you weekly videos, photos, tips and information on the changes your body undergoes and baby development. You can even meet other parents who have the same due date and communicate with them. You can share your experiences and enjoy some vent too!

Price: Free
Download Pregnancy & Baby

#3. Pregnancy. Sprout. Lite

Pregnancy Sprout Lite iPad App IconPregnancy. Sprout. Lite has information about pregnancy from doctors and mothers. You can get information on contractions, hospital bag checklist, baby’s essentials and your weight. All this information can be customized by entering the due-date. The app is optimized to provide you designed fetal images that are helpful in establishing a maternal connection.

Price: Free
Download Pregnancy. Sprout. Lite

#4. Pregnancy Food Guide

Pregnancy Food Guide iPad App IconPregnancy Food Guide iPad App IconWith help of this, know what you have to eat to remain healthy and well-fed. You can search for food or drinks by adding name or ingredient. Wherever you are; on shopping, home or restaurant, the app will help you in picking up foods that are healthy for you. You can always create your shopping list while you are searching for recipes/food ideas.

Price: $4.99
Download Pregnancy Food Guide

#5. Pregnancy food & recipes

Pregnancy Food & Recipes iPad App IconPregnancy Food & Recipes iPad App IconPregnancy food & recipes provides you with recipes that will be beneficial for you in pregnancy. This app has divided recipes into lunch, breakfast and dinner section, so you save time while browsing. For a couple of dollars, you get quite a sizable list of recipes to pick from.

Price: $1.99
Download Pregnancy food & recipes

#6. Pregnancy Companion II

Pregnancy Companion II Free iPad App IconPregnancy Companion II Free iPad App IconPregnancy Companion II gives you all necessary details. You can track weight, things to put in the hospital bag, shopping list, create list of questions to be asked to the doctor, see animated videos, get nutrition guide, flip through baby names, yoga and exercise sections. You can even find out information about the medicines/tabs you take (or the ones your doctor prescribed for you).

Price: Free
Download Pregnancy Companion II

#7. Pregnant Dad

Pregnant Dad iPad App IconPregnant Dad iPad App IconPregnancy is a tough time for dads too. This app will help you to know developments that your partner and your baby are going though. You will receive information on child’s development, tips and hints to live through 9 months and make your spouse comfortable. The app has a birthday calendar that provides information related to your child’s zodiac and provides due date.

Price: $1.99
Download Pregnant Dad

#8. Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy Journal Sprout iPad App IconPregnancy Journal Sprout iPad App IconPregnancy Journal keeps your memories in place. You can easily add photos and information in the journal. It comes with a “share” mode that allows you to share it with your friends and family. Once, you have created your journal, you can order prints of the same. Or you can export it all as a pdf file.

Price: Free
Download Pregnancy Journal

#9. Sculpt My Pregnancy

Sculpt My Pregnancy iPad App IconSculpt My Pregnancy iPad App IconSculpt My Pregnancy is an exercise app. The app provides you with a series of exercises and stretches needed by your body during the early stages of pregnancy. The app provides you new stretches and exercises every month that can relieve joint pain, back pain and pelvic pain. The app has a tracker that lets you enter likes, dislikes, symptoms, notes and other things related to your pregnancy and exercise.

Price: $3.99
Download Sculpt My Pregnancy

#10. Pregnancy Relaxation

Pregnancy Relaxation iPad App IconPregnancy Relaxation iPad App IconAmidst all that running around and taking care of things, you need to relax a lot. Pregnancy Relaxation makes sure – through audio sessions for the three trimesters – that you develop a deeper connection with your baby. There’s a bunch of related information and a community that you can connect to through the app.

Price: $1.99
Download Pregnancy Relaxation

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