You get your daily dosage of current affairs from the newspapers but that's so old school. You've got the shining new iPad and you know that there are apps that'll deliver the hottest and the latest right on your iPad. All you need to know is the right kind of news reader apps that'll make reading amazing.

Well, that's precisely what we set out to find. There are, not quite interestingly, truckloads of apps out there on the store. There are plenty of amazingly crafted news readers for the iPad. We've tried to compile a list of the popular and not-so-popular (but equally amazing) apps. You'll not find Flipboard here (too cliched) but before we start, let's make it clear: we love Flipboard. We just don't want to put that into this list!

6 Best iPad News Reader Apps:

1. Summly

Summly iPad AppDo you like Windows's Metro UI? Those colorful tiles and stuff? If yes, you'll love Summly. I love everything about Summly: the design, the fonts, the sources, the usability and the overall experience. It's amazing and beautiful. And then there's this undercurrent of minimalist approach.

I bet you'll love Summly for its design as well as for its content. There aren't many bells and whistles like adding your own feeds or integration but whatever there is, it's amazing.

Price: Free as in free beer.
Download Summly

2. News360

News360 iPad AppWith News360, you're looking at a thoroughly professional and carefully curated news presented in a friendly and familiar interface. With a specific design for the iPad, News360 makes for a pleasant news reading experience. It ain't very dramatic in its appeal but it strikes a chord if you are looking for something really simple, flat and elegant.

Price: Zilch. Free
Download News360

3. Feedly

Feedly iPad AppA gorgeous app that lets you customize your feeds, add Google Reader, Twitter/Facebook and enjoy a stunning experience catching up with all the stuff – that's precisely what Feedly is. It's one of the very few apps that kicks ass when it comes to getting your personalized digest of headlines from across a wide range of sources. And the recent update – it's rated 5 stars with about 1175 ratings. How much better can it get?

Price: Absolutely Free!
Download Feedly

4. The Feed

The Feed iPad AppThe Feed is an interesting iPad app. If you're more inclined towards blogs and the modern web, you might want an interface where your news gets delivered that way. That's what The Feed brings you: a cool, unique and different interface. But more more interestingly, the interface comes with file-folder type navigation for your tags. That's an interesting addition to look forward to.

Price: Free
Download The Feed

5. Pulse

Pulse News for iPadCan a news reader for iPad list be complete without Pulse? Well, for us it can because we've got Flipboard, but then, Pulse is a different ballgame. I don't really like Pulses's interface these days, after having experienced Feedly, Flipboard and Summly but Pulse takes the cake for bringing news from amazing sources. Paywalls in WSJ notwithstanding, Pulse gets you the best and the most important headlines and also lets you control your stuff.

Price: Obviously, Free
Download Pulse

6. Zite Personalized Magazine

Zite Personalized Magazine for iPadI am not quite sure if adding Zite to this list would be justified because after the recent update, users have been very unhappy with what was a totally fantastic news reader app for the iPad. Zite was termed “iPad's smartest magazine yet” by Mashable and the WSJ noted that Zite would handle information overload smartly. You might like it, despite the update.

Price: Free
Download Zite Personalized Magazine

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  • Summly is not an iPad app. Please do your homework before writing misleading articles. How can this app be the number one Google Reader app for iPad when it’s not made for the iPad?

    • Thanks for the heads up Chris. Although Summly isn’t built for the iPad,
      it’s built to be compatible. I believe it’s the 2X thing that works
      here. And the whole idea is not just about news apps that are designed
      for the iPad.. we were more like talking about essentially good
      aggregators with a good algorithm and Summly kind of stands out from the