The iPad is a wonderful gadget for reading magazines, watching videos and reading news. I like to read articles and news items on the iPad much more than on the iPhone because the larger screen makes such a big difference in the way we consume content. (Check out some of the best news reader apps for iPad)

News consumption on the iPad – that is, the digital way – is already so popular that major news publishers like NYT, WSJ, HuffPo, CNN etc. have their own apps that deliver news to iPad owners. This is one of the coolest things about the iPad. But there are more news apps – better, more resourceful and in many case, more beautiful (interface).

iPad News Apps

Dive right in to check out five of our top picks for the best news apps for iPad.

1. Reverb

Reverb iPad News App

Reverb is an iOS 7-specific news app for the iPad. It's probably the best-designed personalized news app which brings a heavy collection of categories you can instantly tap into. Using Reverb is as simple as tapping on a word to get to the news stories. Reverb emphasizes on personalized news quite a lot so you get to read stories that interest you much more than stories that are of general interest. Within this level of personalization, you have this feature where you can instantly find and keep up with trending topics.

Features from the app store:

  • Effortless discovery
  • Quickly view what's trending
  • Read & explore related content
  • Organize social feeds by topic
  • Find stories around you (location-based)

Price: Free
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2. Zite

Zite iPad App
Zite is more of a magazine than a news app but what interests us – and the reason Zite is featured on this list of news apps – is its amazingly redesigned interface and the kind of content curation that is not found elsewhere. While Zite pools into millions of articles just like most other curating apps, it seems to pick from sources that are quite varied in depth and analysis. Under the news category, this really matters as you get to stay on top of everything with the app's curated news content.

Price: Free
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3. Watchup Newscast

Watchup Newscast iPad App
Watchup is a newscast so you get to watch news videos from pre-selected news sources. Some of us prefer videos to reading articles but Watchup also brings a feature that lets you read a related article along with the video. Things like schedule make this app smarter than you think. In fact, Watchup “reads” your preferences over time and caters accordingly. Mashable said Watchup is like Flipboard for video. That's precisely what it is.

Price: Free
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4. CNN

CNN iPad News App

CNN's App for the iPad is one of the coolest news apps I've used. It's a staple diet of news presented neatly – at least, neater than most other apps from the large publishers. CNN's app brings video snippets, exclusive coverage and featured news. All news is easily accessible and “scannable” making it more in tune with the newspaper. The app also allows interaction: you can comment from within the app and you can share the articles easily across all popular social websites.

Price: Free
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5. NPR News

NPR News iPad App
NPR is the odd-man-out in a list of iOS 7 news apps. It hasn't been updated in several months and it's not redesigned for iOS 7 but there's this inherent minimalism about NPR News on the iPad that makes me add this news app to the list. Needless to say, NPR brings some of the finest quality reporting to you and the article picks are quite good. The streaming makes it easy on the eye: tune your ears in and you're done. The NPR source is very rich and various. No wonder the app won several awards. The app is not your personalized package but it sure is one amazing app to get your daily news from.

Price: Free
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