Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad

The iPad is a wonderful gadget for reading magazines, watching videos, drawing and of course reading the news. I like to read articles and news items on the iPad much more than on the iPhone because the ultra-large screen makes such a big difference in the way we consume content. Based on my personal experience, highly user-friendly features coupled with the ability to let you quickly access all the stories you love reading, these are the best iPad news apps (most of them are compatible with iPhone as well.)

Instantly browse through major headlines and read stories from your favorite categories. Make a personalized newsfeed to bring more convenience into the play. Moreover, these news apps for iOS are smart enough to find out what appeals you the most and recommend stories accordingly. Let’s jump over to find out more about these top news apps for iPad!

Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Flipboard

Flipboard iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Taking all the aspects into account, I’ve put “Flipboard” right at the top of this roundup. With a wide range of features coupled with the customization options, it seems to have a clear edge over many of its famed counterparts.

With this news app, you will read stories from several top sources like The Guardian, BBC, The Telegraph, Forbes, Wired UK, Condé Nast, Rolling Stone, etc. You have a variety of interests to explore. As for instance, you will read articles related to photography, technology, food, travel, design, etc.

The daily edition offers a roundup of all the big news of the day. More significantly, Flipboard comes in 26 local editions including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China to meet your specific needs.

Price: Free

#2. Apple News

Apple News iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Apple News” has got everything you ask from a top-notch news app. Plus, it takes the utmost advantage of the ultra-large screen of the iPad to make your reading a pleasant experience.

It’s where you will have quick access to all the trending stories from famous news sources. The app takes care of your interest very well and curates stories that you enjoy reading. Hence, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to access the news you want to read.

There is a “For You” section that collects all of your favorite stories. With the trending section, you will find out all the popular stories that are making headlines right now. You can add channels and topics to your favorites to easily access news from them.

Furthermore, you will save stories to read later at your own convenient time.

Price: Free

#3. Google News

Google News iPhone-iPad App Screenshot

“Google News” is a lot smarter than its rivals and knows exactly what you love reading. As a result, you don’t have to travel to find the stories that can keep you in sync with the breaking news or rich articles.

What sets this app apart from the rest is that it provides coverage from thousands of top publications. Therefore, you can instantly browse major headlines from major sources.

There are various categories such as technology, sports, weather to explore. The option to change the layout of the app to any of the country-specific editions is super handy.

That’s not all, you will also catch up with personalized news sections such as Hollywood, NASA, Fashion to ensure your specific taste gets the ideal stories to read.

Price: Free

#4. Bloomberg

Bloomberg iPad News App Screenshot

If you wish to keep the business news from around the world right on your fingertips, Bloomberg has to be right at the top of your radar. The app delivers the detailed global business, stock market, and finance news.

You can glance through the latest global market data and also fine-tune the app to track your personal portfolio. And with the timely alerts, Bloomberg ensures you never miss out any major news that matters to you.

Aside from providing you the comprehensive financial news, it can also keep you hooked with political twist and turns. Plus, it also offers major technology news so that you are able to stay at pace with all the important things. Furthermore, you will watch featured videos picked for top news categories as well.

Price: Free

#5. SmartNews

SmartNews iPhone and iPad News App Screenshot

As is the name so is the functionality! SmartNews can keep you posted with all the latest and trending news that’s making headlines everywhere.

The app provides top stories from more than 300 US and world news publications including NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and more. So, everything you want to read from almost any well-known sources is just a tap or two away from you.

With the breaking news alerts, it never lets you miss anything. Better still, you can take the utmost advantage of the offline mode to read your favorite stories without any interruption.

Price: Free

#6. News360

News360 iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whether you love reading technology news or enjoy catching up with the latest sports news, News360 is what you need to keep yourself in the loop. It’s designed to serve you personalized news and offers probably more customization options than other apps.

With over 100,000 sources, it allows you to access all sorts of stories from top national news providers to local blogs and websites. To get started, simply select a few interests and the app will create a special newsfeed for you. Over time, it learns the type of stories you enjoy reading and adjusts the news feed accordingly.

News360 also lets you save your favorite stories to read later. That’s not all, you can take advantage of its iMessage and Apple Watch app to never miss any sensational news.

Price: Free

#7. CNN

CNN iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

CNN’s App for the iPad is one of the coolest news apps I’ve ever used. It’s a staple diet of news presented neatly – at least, neater than most other apps from the large publishers. The app brings video snippets, exclusive coverage and featured news.

All the news is easily accessible and “scannable” making it more in tune with your demand. It also allows interaction: you can comment from within the app and share the articles easily across all popular social websites.

You can watch CNN’s original series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and more. Check out the huge photo galleries to find out the latest fashion trends or what sort of styles your favorite stars are rocking.

Set the custom alerts to keep an eye on everything you want to read. And with the 10-minute preview each day, the app helps you remain in tune with everything effortlessly.

Price: Free

#8. BBC News

BBC iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I don’t think “BBC News” needs any introduction. It’s super fast and breaks news from around the world as soon as it comes out.

One of my favorite feature of this app is the “My News” section that personalizes your news based on your preference. Hence, you will find all the major news and interesting piece right in your feed.

You will read news from several categories such as business, technology, entertainment, health and more. The huge photo galleries help you find out the popular fashion trends and hottest happenings through images. Besides, you can also watch videos of the big stories and other trending events.

Price: Free

#9. Fox News

Fox News iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Fox News is a powerhouse news category and has a massive fan following. Not for nothing this app is ranked at number four and has got 4.7 stars out of 249.3k ratings.

With this app in the offing, you will get exclusive coverage of the day’s big stories. Thanks to the in-depth videos, staying in the loop with a particular event or a political deadlock is a pretty simple task.

Check out the listen tab that allows you to stream Fox News Radio and the podcasts from your favorite experts. You will also watch the episodes of its famous shows.

Even better, the app also works with Apple Watch and Apple TV so that tracking news remains an easy affair for you.

Price: Free

#10. Microsoft News

Microsoft News iPad App Screenshot

This offering from Microsoft is at par with the best. It lets you read stories from several well-known sources like USA TODAY, CBS News, NBC News, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, The Federalist, The Week and more.

Depending on the type of articles you want to read, you can follow the news publications to access their stories right in your news feed. One notable feature of this app is the clean and intuitive interface. Hence, you can browse through the stories and pick them to read at your own time.

Like to catch up with your favorite articles at night? Microsoft News comes with dark mode that not only makes night-time reading a pleasing experience but also safeguards your eyes against straining.

Price: Free

Signing Off

So, stay updated with all the latest happenings and quickly access the stories you like reading from top sources. I’m sure these news apps would stand up to your expectation with élan. Moreover, they allow you to create special newsfeed to easily access the kind of stories that easily catch your eyes.

Which news app have you selected for your iOS device? Do let us know that in the comments section below.

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