Popular games built for the iPad are now doing brisk download numbers on the iPad Mini. The 1024px resolution isn’t exactly bad when it comes to the graphic output. The pixels are small but the detail is rich enough nevertheless which makes gaming on the iPad Mini great. Game developers have been quite interested in looking at how their games turn out on the iPad Mini and quite a few have opined that the device is great for gaming.

Personally, I think the iPad Mini is great for gaming because of one single reason: it’s larger than even a “phablet” (or a smartphone) and for people who’ve spent too many hours gaming on the smartphone, it would be a real pleasure to play on the iPad Mini.

Here are top five games that you might already know of which have a fantastic track record on the iPad Mini.

Real Soccer 2013

Real Soccer 2013 for iPad MiniIt’s the same deal as Real Soccer 2012 with a few changes. If you haven’t played the game yet, you better download it right away! Real Soccer has an attractive and involving game play. You manage your team, guide it to win matches and take it up the levels. Real Soccer is a large game with plenty of options. The bottom-line is money with which you grow your team, make it strong and reach the upper most levels of soccer.

Price: Free
Download Real Soccer 2013

Hero Academy

Hero Academy for iPad MiniIf you remember Age of Empires and Halo Wars, you can probably get an idea of what Hero Academy is all about. It’s a multiplayer game that brings a lot of similar features that you find on strategy games like the Age of Empires. What’s impressive is that the game takes you to an all-new level of multiplayer experience where you challenge your friends (or those who are online) and learn the art of becoming a warrior.

Price: Free
Download Hero Academy


LetterPress for iPad MiniWhen I first found LetterPress reviewed on a website, I was eager to try it (on the iPhone). It’s a fantastic concept where you build words (and forts) and earn points against your friends via Game Center. The game is a spin on usual word games (and frankly, the latter has gotten boring these days). On the iPad Mini, with the larger display, the game experience is really cool.

Price: Free
Download LetterPress

GodFinger All-Stars

GodFinger All Stars for iPad MiniCreate worlds of your own, create a large following, send them through heavens above and simply astonish the whole crowd in this game that seems part inspired from the magic of Bruce Almighty. The whole world’s your canvas where you can weave magic and finally get more gold and stars along the way.

Price: Free
Download GodFinger All-Stars

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans for iPad MiniThis game reminds me totally of Vikings and How to Train Your Dragon. Clash of Clans is an ultra-popular game that’s available for most iDevices. It’s a game where you build your clan, protect it from attacks and grow as a powerful clan. It’s a largely strategic game on a smaller level but the game play is equally engaging. Amazingly enough, the game has been insanely popular and working perfectly on Game Center.

Price: Free
Download Clash of Clans