With the iPad Mini hitting the market in style, a lot of users are now ready to take the tablet experience to a new level. iPad Mini is as much a mid-way between an iPhone and an iPad as the iPhone itself is (between an iPod and a smartphone).

The 7.9″ display brings a new kind of an experience to smartphone and tablet users. As with these mini-tablets, you can do much more than on a smartphone. May be what Apple says is true: you get the full iPad experience on a smaller device.

What are the apps that you’ve downloaded on your iPad Mini? As with the iPhone and iPad, there are few apps which can be termed essential. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps that will help you get the best out of your iPad Mini, using those spectacular features of a HD FaceTime camera, 7.9″ display and more.

Best iPad Mini Apps

Essential and Best iPad Mini Apps to Get Started

1. Reading: Flipboard

Flipboard-iOS-AppEver since I was introduced to Flipboard, things have never been the same. The wonderful layout and the curated content is simply stunning. While Flipboard is great for the iPhone (and iPad), I think the iPad Mini is the best device for apps like Flipboard. The iPad Mini is a convenient gadget to hold and read for long periods of time. What’s better than Flipboard to get your best mug of information every single day?

Download Flipboard

2. Movies/TV: Netflix

Netflix iPad App LogoEven though the iPad Mini doesn’t feature a Retina Display (not a big surprise), the 7.9””display with its 1024px resolution is still pretty good. Good for movies, TV shows and pretty much every other video you want to watch; which is why, Netflix gets onto the list of essential apps for the iPad Mini. I don’t think the Netflix app needs any introduction; you’ll need a subscription (under $10 a month) to get the app running on your iPad Mini.

Download Netflix

3. Game: Hero Academy

Hero-Academy-for-iPad-MiniHero Academy is one of those amazing games that will have you hooked if you’re into games even a tiny bit. On the iPad Mini, the game takes a brilliant shape (beats playing on a small screen). The reason iPad Mini is great for games like Hero Academy is that you’ll want to hold the gadget for a long time as you play the game; the iPad would get heavy as time goes while the iPad Mini is perfect.

Download Hero Academy

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4. eBooks: iBooks and Kindle

Kindle-iPad-AppsThis one is not just for voracious readers. Even those with some little interest in reading should get the Kindle app. The iBooks from Apple is also a good alternative with tons of resources available for reading. You’ll probably find every book that you want to read on iBooks and Kindle.

Download iBooks and Kindle

5. Social: Facebook

Facebook-iOS-AppNothing beats Facebook when it comes to social connectivity. Facebook comes automatically integrated with your iPad Mini (iOS 6) but you’ll need the app to take a look what your world of friends and family is up to. Facebook revamped its app for iOS and made some drastic changes that has made the app really amazing, fast and slick.

Download Facebook

6. Communication: Skype

Skype iPhone iPad App LogoFaceTime is fine but what about others who don’t have an Apple device? That’s why Skype holds good even today. Skype on iPad Mini is as good as it gets; video chats are not as large as those on the iPad but as time passes, you don’t notice the difference at all. Skype is a must-have for communication through the iPad Mini.

Download Skype