Best iPad Keyboard Cases in 2022

iPad power-users who use the iPad much more than normal tablet users would know how hard it is to type long emails, documents, etc., on the touchscreen keypad. The iPad is great when you watch movies, play games, and do other essential things that aren’t intensive. But when you begin to use it as a notebook, you begin to feel the need for a physical keyboard (and often, a mouse too).

1. Logitech

Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

Ultra-thin: what more does one need?

If most iPad keyboard cases suffer from one problem, it lies in their size. Logitech’s Ultrathin keyboard case aims to solve this problem in style. It’s designed for a very comfortable, safe and excellent usability.

The keys are very clicky and provide the needed tactile feedback so that you can type more comfortably. Besides, this folio cover can also endure minor bumps.

USP: Slim and compact design
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2. Belkin QODE

Belkin iPad Keyboard Case

Belkin QODE features a pretty simple design. One notable feature of this keyboard case is the three viewing angles. Therefore, you have an enhanced viewing and typing experience.

And with the presence of large keys, you will be able to type a bit faster. You can trust this durable folio cover to defend your tablet from shock. Lastly, 160 hours of battery life should be good enough to live up to your demand.

USP: Multiple viewing angles
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3. Fintie

Fintie iPad Keyboard Case

Looking for a keyboard case with a colorful design? If yes, chances are high that you may find Fintie a worthy option.

This is carved out of PU leather and features an impressive Bluetooth keyboard. Thanks to the large keys, you have a bit more comfortable typing experience. Plus, there are some super handy shortcuts to speed up your typing.

USP: Large keys for smooth typing
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4. Eoso

Eoso iPad Keyboard Case

Eoso comes with high-quality ABS chiclet keys which provide the enhanced tactile feedback. Thus, you will enjoy typing on the keyboard.

With the detachable design, it ensures you can get rid of the bulk to use your iPad comfortably. The support for auto sleep/wake functionality enables it to extend the battery life of your tablet. Furthermore, Eoso has a rugged casing to fight out regular bumps.

USP: High-quality ABS chiclet keys
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