Best Stylus for iPad and iPhone in 2020

Stylus for iPads (and iPhones) isn’t mainstream products like cases or even docks. But for a few specific niches, an iPad stylus is a very important accessory. Artists, web/print designers, game designers and a host of other people make use of the stylus. Even students who prefer taking notes on the iPad find a stylus to be a really productive accessory.

A cursory search for iPad ‘styluses’ reveals that the market is quite filled to its brim with a lot of tablet styluses. And quite a bunch of these have been produced with good standards of quality and performance.

Best iPad/iPad Styluses for Drawing, Writing and Doodling in 2020

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#1. Buteny

Buteny iPad Stylus

A digital pen from Buteny ensures perfect balance when you are writing something on your iPhone or iPad. This gives you a smooth flow and fewer mistakes. Your writing strokes do not go astray when you are working on important communication. The sleek and ergonomic design looks great in your hand and pocket. For its slim appearance, it can be a good gifting option.

Designers and artists would love to use this stylus as it boasts only 1.5mm fine tip, which enhances accuracy. You can capture even the tiniest details when you are sketching or drawing something on your iPhone or iPad.

USP: 1.5mm fine tip
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#2. Wacom Gen. 3 Bamboo Stylus Solo

Wacom Bamboo Fineline iPhone and iPad Stylus

The Bamboo Stylus solo is adorable and worth taking a look for quick note-taking and navigation. It looks and works like a premium product designed for everyday use.

The anodized body gives the Bamboo Stylus a refined look. And there’s the pen-cap that protects the rubber nib. You can even interchange/replace the tip. Besides, you have three colors to choose from.

USP: Ergonomic triangular design
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#3. Cosmonaut from Studio Neat

Cosmonaut Stylus for iPhone and iPad

Cosmonaut iPad stylus is a result of asking “why are all styluses shaped like a pen?” The wide-grip stylus is for artists who doodle and sketch a lot and need something larger than a pen-like stylus.

Obviously, this makes it easier to doodle on an iPad. It’s a rubber-grip-based stylus with some really cool looks. The Cosmonaut is another of those high-quality products with a great response for capacitive touch screens.

USP: Enhanced Grip
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#4. AmazonBasics Stylus

AmazonBasics Stylus for iPhone and iPad

AmazonBasics Stylus for the iPad is cheap, effective and pretty decent for a touchscreen. This is, again, one of those pen-shaped styluses with a large nib. It’s suitable for drawing and doodling on the iPad although it serves most other purposes too.

Aside from smooth sailing drawing, you can choose AmazonBasics in multiple impressive colors like blue, black and silver.

USP: Large nib
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LIBERRWAY Stylus for iPad

Unlike your fingers, LIBERRWAY’s digital pen is more reliable as it gives you a better touchpoint than the fingertip. With higher accuracy, you can trust this stylus for your serious conversations on iPhone and iPad. The tip is made of soft and scratch-resistant rubber, which gives you a smooth writing experience.

LIBERRWAY has manufactured a lightweight and compact pencil, which is easy to carry. Buy one or the entire set of ten digital pencils for you and your family. And you are still left with a few, you can gift the pen to someone you love.

USP: Compact and lightweight
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#6. Adonit iPad Stylus

Adonit Ink iPhone and iPad Stylus

Adonit’s got a wide range of iPad styluses (just like Wacom), but their styluses are different. The Script is a stylus that comes with a pin-point accuracy driven by some pixel-related technology. The rest of the styluses are good too (Jot Touch, Jot Flip, etc.). Adonit is a premium product for a stylus – it comes with a build that’s hardly seen in other stylus products.

Thanks to the palm rejection and pressure sensitivity make writing and sketching more convenient. That’s not all; you also have shortcut buttons for eraser and right-click that can come very handy while drawing. Plus, 80 hours of long battery life means your work will barely come to a halt.

USP: Palm Rejection & pressure sensitivity
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#7. MagicWand  Mediadevil

MediaDevil Stylus for iPhone and iPad

Mediadevil Magicwand is a huge collection of stylish touchscreen styluses for the iPad. There are plenty of varieties, each one specifically thicker than those thin AmazonBasics styluses. It’s still very portable – it’s a pen stylus anyway.

It has a larger nib and is perfect for using the iPad in general and doodling. Beyond writing, MediaDevil is available in four attractive colors like black, pink, green and ever charming red.

USP: Wide compatibility
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CCIVV iPad Stylus

CCIVV takes enough care of your iPhone and iPad, and therefore, it has made a digital stylus with hybrid mesh fiber tip. When you scribble something on your iOS device, this pen does not make any scratching sound; the nib silently glides over the smooth touchscreen of your device. This is the power of a mesh fiber tip, which delivers better performance than other rubber tips.

The brand has created a sensitive tip for this digital pen, which protects your device against fingerprints, grease, scratches, and other damage. It is a five-inch long pen with a tube diameter of 0.33 inches. It is pretty comfortable to hold this digital pen in your hands.

USP: Mesh fiber tip
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#9. Mixoo

Mixoo Stylus for iPhone and iPad

Mixoo is a flagship killer courtesy the appreciable design and performance. The digital pen sports a sleek design that offers improved grip. Made of high-grade stainless steel and aluminum, it’s very durable.

Incorporated with the transparent disc, it provides more flexibility and accuracy. The smooth tip glides spotlessly on the screen, making it more convenient for you to get your work done at the desired pace. Even better, you have five color options to choose a fine asset for your iOS device.

USP: Transparent disc
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#10. Milemont

Milemont Stylus for iPad

Milemount has paid special attention to the precise accuracy of the stylus. Because of the ultra-fine pen point integrated with a stylus, you can select small icons, click small alphabets and achieve accurate selection. You would love to write, draw, and create content with better ease and convenience.

A notable feature of this stylus is it does not require Bluetooth connection. Open the package and start using this digital pen on your iPhone and iPad; it comes fully charged. Let the inner artist unleash creativity and imagination.

USP: No Bluetooth connection needed
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Evach iPad Stylus

Evach Active Stylus for iPad and iPhone

This stylus weighs only 13.3 grams and the thickness of the tip is merely 1.5mm. It is perfect to use for a long time without tiring your fingers. The built-in battery can last up to eight hours after charging it for at least one full hour. Besides that, you won’t need to connect it using Bluetooth. It works just like that.

The buffer unit at the tip gives better experience while operating it. Given the price of the stylus, it is more suitable for beginners and not for the professionals.

USP: No Bluetooth connectivity required
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That’s all, friends!

What’s your favorite?

Guessing, you have chosen a fine digital pen for your iOS device. Would you like to tell us something about it and the features you have found admirable in it?

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