Stylus for iPads (and iPhones) isn’t mainstream products like cases or even docks. But for a few specific niches, an iPad stylus is a very important accessory. Artists, web/print designers, game designers and a host of other people make use of the stylus. Even students who prefer taking notes on the iPad find a stylus to be really productive accessory.

A cursory search for iPad ‘styluses' reveals that the market is quite filled to its brim with a lot of tablet styluses. And quite a bunch of these have been produced with good standards of quality and performance.

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Best iPad Stylus

Best iPad/iPad Styluses for Drawing, Writing and Doodling

#1. Monoprice iPad Stylus

Monoprice iPad Stylus
This is the cheapest iPad stylus that works good too. At 4.5″, it's also one of the smaller-sized styluses in the market. It's shaped like a pen with a pocket clip to go with it. The stylus is equally useful when trying to navigate and use apps as well as when you try to sketch – even though the thickness of the tip aligns more with routine usage.

Price: $3.00
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#2. Bamboo Stylus Solo for Wacom

Bamboo Stylus Solo for WacomThe Bamboo Stylus solo is definitely the finest styluses out there. It looks and works like a premium product designed for everyday use. Like the Monoprice, this one can be used for a variety of purposes: using the iPad, jotting down notes and drawing/sketching in apps. Anodized body give the Bamboo Stylus a refined look. And there's the pen-cap that protects the rubber nib. You can even interchange/replace the nib alone (via accessories bought from Wacom).

Price: $19.99
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#3. Cosmonaut from Studio Neat

Cosmonaut iPad Stylus from Studio Neat

Cosmonaut iPad stylus is a result of asking “why are all styluses shaped like a pen?” The wide-grip stylus is for artists who doodle and sketch a lot and need something larger than a pen-like stylus. Obviously, this makes it easier to doodle on an iPad. It's a rubber-grip-based stylus with some really cool looks. The Cosmonaut is another of those high-quality products with a great response for capacitive touch screens.

Price: $25.00
Shop it from

#4. AmazonBasics Stylus

AmazonBasics Stylus for iPhone and iPad

AmazonBasics Stylus for the iPad is like Monoprice: cheap, effective and pretty decent for a touchscreen stylus. This is, again, one of those pen-shaped styluses with a large nib. It's suitable for drawing and doodling on the iPad although it serves most other purposes too.

Price: $7.00
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#5. Kensington Virtuoso

Kensington Virtuoso Stylus for iPad

The perfect Touch stylus and pen, Kensington's Virtuoso is designed to be a comfortable, easy-to-carry pen-and-stylus. While it's not a heavy-duty stylus for artists, it is one of the best and finest products for the iPad. Take notes, scribble ideas and pretty much do everything that a stylus can do.

Price: $12.14
Order it from

#6. Adonit iPad Stylus

Adonit Jot Script iPad Stylus

Adonit's got a wide range of iPad styluses (just like Wacom) but their styluses are different. The Script is a stylus that comes with a pin-point accuracy driven by some pixel-related technology. The rest of the styluses are good too (Jot Touch, Jot Flip etc.). Adonit is a premium product for a stylus – it comes with a build that's hardly seen in other stylus products.

Price: $74.99 (Script)
Purchase it from

#7. Pencil by FiftyThree

Pencil by FiftyThree iPad Stylus

Pencil is probably the stylus that sparked the media attention and interest in iPad styluses. This product from the folks behind Paper (the iPad drawing app) works in tandem with the app and also with other apps. The Pencil has one of the oddest-shapes in the stylus world but it's supposed to be ergonomic for artists and designers. Read full review.

Price: $39.99
Buy it from

#8. MagicWand  Mediadevil

Magicwand StylusMagicWand from Mediadevil is a huge collection of stylish touchscreen styluses for the iPad. There are plenty of varieties, each one specifically thicker than those thin AmazonBasics styluses. It's still very portable – it's a pen stylus anyway. The MagicWand too has a larger nib and is perfect for using the iPad in general and doodling.

Price: $9.97
Shop it from

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