There’s really so much happening in the world, one wonders how to keep up with everything at the same time! With the news junkie’s dream – the iPad, that’s no longer impossible. With a few taps, everything about the world is at your fingertips. You just need to tap the right places!

It’s quite understandable if you don’t have time to quickly glance at the newspaper with your morning cup of coffee when everything is available on the go. We’ve put together some news apps for you to make sure you’re up with the on goings in the world (not to mention its eco-friendly and saves a hell lotta trees from turning into paper!)

Best iPad and iPhone News Apps

#1. NewsBeat

Newsbeat iPhone iPad News App IconAlways on the go? No time to read? Try Newsbeat! It takes articles that interest you and translates them into audio stories that you can listen to. You can create your own, custom news broadcasts featuring topics you like the most. With NewsBeat, you can explore news outlets, stories, and subscribe for a daily email news digest.

The stories are presented beautifully with a hierarchical front page and a lot of headlines, sources and excerpts. Tap on a story to display it fully.

Price: Free
Download NewsBeat

#2. The Guardian

The Guardian iPhone iPad News App IconOne of the best news apps ever, The Guardian’s iPhone app has been highly praised. On launching, the first screen presents the day’s top stories with pictures and headlines with color-coded sections. To explore the app a little more, simply scroll down to the videos, audio and photos section. On the iPhone Retina display, body text is crisp and easily legible.

There’s one great thing about this app, it lets you download content for reading offline – great for commuting on the tube! You can also save stories in your Favourites Folder.

Overall, a clever app!

Price: Free
Download The Guardian

#3. BBC News

BBC News iPhone iPad News App IconThis one needs no introduction! BBC is legendary. On launch, the app displays default news categories like the World, Sports and Entertainment where stories are presented with thumbnail images and a headline. Part of the screen displays the current story with an appropriate video or image which one double tapping opens in full screen mode. You can swipe across the screen for more news options.

Stories can be emailed, and shared on Twitter and Facebook. But that’s not what makes the app cool! BBC News has a fantastic feature that enables you to watch the BBC News channel live on your iPad or iPhone at the tap of a button.

All in all, browsing is simple and the app fulfils its purpose.

Price: Free
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#4. Flipboard

Flipboard iPhone iPad News App IconFlipboard is more like a Flipbook that takes content from your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and Google Reader and puts it all together. This is a tool that helps you keep everything you like and want to follow all in one place in a rather stylish manner.

The only downside is that everything is presented in reverse chronological order!

Flipboard is stunning and the best part is that it is FREE!

Price: Free
Download Flipboard

#5. Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse iPhone iPad News App IconPulse is an RSS reader with a twist. Instead of feeds having tedious headlines, they have image grids! Tapping a story displays it on the right of your screen. It also displays social media updates like Facebook status messages and Google Reader.

There’s a minor issue with watching videos, where you need to watch then only in the full screen otherwise they are a little sliced off, but apart from that, this is an excellent app!

Price: Free
Download Pulse

All these apps are easy to use, have simple navigation options and are among the most loved news apps ever. They’ll not only help you keep up with current affairs, but they’re a great way to brush up your general awareness skills. Of course, nothing can ever replace the smell of a fresh news paper early in the morning, but with changing times and advancing technology, digital news are fast becoming a trend.

Which app have you downloaded today?!