To call this “the best iPad holder” might be a little misleading for a few of you but to me, I think this is some sort of a breakthrough to holding the iPad.

Holding the iPhone is easy and it’s designed for that particular purpose (after all, it’s a smart “phone”.) But when it comes to the iPad, no matter what Steve Jobs had to say about holding it comfortably, you can’t hold it for long, you can’t hold it very comfortably when you want to read and type or do some other stuff on the iPad.

When you type, you need to keep the iPad on a table or on your lap. When you tap-tap-tap with one hand, the other hand has to awkwardly hold the iPad. It isn’t exactly comfortable.

Best iPad Holder

That’s where HoldYourTablet’s Bakbone comes in with its ring-style magnetic holder that fits any damned tablet on the planet. It’s a simple magnetic holder that fits to your iPad and then lets you slide one of your fingers into the ring and done! You can now hold your iPad comfortably, rotate it to any orientation and use it all you want.

The reason I’m excited about this is because of the safety-factor involved in this simple design. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not exactly an “awesomely” designed product but what matters most is the simplicity of the idea. These guys have actually solved an important part of the puzzle to holding iPads correctly.

BakBone - Best iPad Holder

Previously, you were either holding the iPad in both hands even when you scrolled through pages and apps. Or if you were typing or tapping something, your iPad needed a base (table, lap, stand etc.). I guess all that goes down the drain with the Bakbone.

How it works.

It’s magnetic. It’s got a ring-style hole you can slide your finger in. And it lets you turn the iPad 360 deg.

All you do is attach the BakBone to the base of your iPad and slide one of your fingers into the ring. Like it’s shown here.

Compatible with:

iPad (all), iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Kindle/Kindle Fire/HD, Samsung Galaxy Tabs (all), Asus Transformer tabs and almost every tablet from Sony, Acer, HP, Dell, Toshiba etc.

How Much is it?

It’s a little pricey though. Sells for $34.95 with a $5 shipping fee.


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See the video walk-through of The Bakbone Tablet Hand Holder