Best iPad File Managers to Manage Files on Your iPad on The Go

With the top file managers for iPad on your disposal, managing files on your iOS device should no longer be a hassle. They allow you to edit your files with ease. Besides, you can keep your documents organized based on what works best for you!

Best File Management Apps for iPad

Why run from pillar to post just to manage files proficiently? To take tons of burden away and make file management smooth sailing, we have handpicked the best iPad file manager apps. With these apps on your radar, you will no longer have to work against the clock to keep all of your docs in perfect sync.

You can easily copy, paste and delete files. They also let you quickly zip or unzip docs. Jump over to find out more about these top 10 file managers for iOS!

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Best File Management Apps for iPad

Below is the list of best iPad file managers that you can use to do several things like:

  • Cut/copy/paste files and folders
  • Create or delete files and folders
  • (On some of the apps) edit files in real-time
  • Create Dropbox/ sync
  • Access/open files of various types (images, pdf, zip, etc.)

Best iPad File Managers to Manage Files

#1. iStorage 2 HD

iFileExplorer iPad App Screenshot

iStorage 2 HD is an efficient source code editor for your iPad. Apart from supporting PDF and TXT files, it can handle many other files like MS Office, audio or video, high-resolution images and more.

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It lets you share files with Mac or compatible iOS devices instantly. You can transfer files through Bluetooth if there is no Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. You can perform many transfers and edit simultaneously to make things work really fast for you.

There is a built-in browser to allow you to access and save files from the web directly from your iPad.

Price: $4.99

#2. PDF Editor & Reader Pro

PDF Editor & Reader Pro iPad App Screenshot

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What about choosing a more functional file manager? PDF Editor & Reader Pro allows you to handle all of your files with needed flair. For instance, you can download your docs, zip/unzip files and even convert them to PDF without breaking any sweat!

You will be able to sign documents and fill out PDF forms. It also allows you to annotate PDFs just the way you want. Plus, it is compatible with several languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese to ensure file management remains plain sailing for you.

Price: Free

#3. FileMaster

FileMaster iPad App Screenshot

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FilesMaster has long been one of the finest file managers for iOS and four and a half stars out of more than 4.3k rating just goes on to show how much appreciation it’s got from users. It makes file management hassle-free. You can create folders, copy/paste and edit your files efficiently.

The inbuilt media player has the support for several file formats including avi/flv/rmvm/rm/mov/mp4/mp3/wma/m3u8. Concerned about the safety of your files? You have the option to protect your folders with passwords and even hide some of the most important ones.

That’s not all, FilesMaster is compatible with several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Price: Free

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#4. File Manager & Browser

File Manager & Browser iPad App Screenshot

This one ideally dons the role of both a highly efficient file manager and a smart browser. It allows you to take complete control of your files effortlessly. You can also keep your docs fully organized and access them with ease. Copy, move and zip some files quickly. Sort your files by date, name, size or another type. And yes, you can also use the password to shield your docs.

It has the support of Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint and Apple’s iWork apps. The integration with multiple clouds like Dropbox and OneDrive offer you more flexibility.

Price: Free

#5. FileApp (Documents  & Files Reader)

FileApp iPad App Screenshot

FileApp comes with a ton of features too. What I like about the app is its interface: it’s segregated neatly to help you manage files like a pro.

The app features the usual support for both Office and iWork along with several other formats. You can also password-protect the app to offer additional safeguard to your files.

Thanks to the powerful PDF editor, you will be able to edit and annotate your files with the desired flair. Plus, there is also a competent image editor to let you design your photos using impressive filters.

Price: Free

#6. DropBox

DropBox iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Take control of entire files and manage them with immaculate precision using Dropbox! What makes it stand out is the support for all the operating systems. That means you can access all of your synced files from across the devices—cutting across operating systems.

It lets you collaborate with your friends on shared folders. Comment on files to offer your quick feedback. With the doc scanner, you can instantly convert receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs.

Another notable feature of Dropbox is the support for a number of languages like English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian and Japanese.

Price: Free

#7. File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro iPad App Screenshot

File Manager Pro is for the folks who want an all-in-one solution for managing files. Things like a fantastic interface, a good stable app and cloud storage and sync make File Manager Pro stand out from the crowd.

It has the support of multiple cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. It lets you manage files better with the clearly marked folders (according to media type, cloud folder, etc.) Another feature that makes it right on the money is the compatibility with several formats including, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, PDFs, audio, video and more.

Price: $4.99

#8. OrganiDoc HD

OrganiDoc HD iPad App Screenshot

OrganiDoc HD needs no introduction, does it? With a stunning interface and a bold take on file management, the app presents some of the best features of a file manager.

You can manage your photos and videos both in public and protected mode for more privacy. To ensure all of your files are secure and easily accessible, it has the integration with multiple cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. With the support of almost any file formats, it ensures you have the maximum convenience while dealing with your data.

Price: $4.99

#9. Documents by Readdle

Documents 5 iPad App Screenshot

Document 5 has long been a highly rated file manager app and deserves to App Store editor’s choice in more than 70 countries. It lets you view Office documents, read and annotate PDF files, edit text and search inside documents. Plus, you can watch movies, tune in to your favorite music and view photos.

Save web pages to read them later. Want to offer more shield to your files? Use password to keep them protected from unauthorized access. Besides, you can synchronize your docs with Dropbox, iCloud and other cloud services to keep them accessible and secure.

Price: Free

#10. Files n Folders

Files n Folders iPad App Screenshot

For keeping your files organized and uncluttered, “Files and n Folder” is a fine option. Using this app, you can quickly transfer your files and folders between the computer and your device. You will also be able to save files from other apps and keep them in the right order.

Thanks to the support of several file formats like MS Office, PDF, Text, HTML, Photos, Zips, Videos, you will feel at home while dealing with your data. It allows you to browse the web and save files as well. Moreover, you can save web pages as HTML or PDF.

Price: Free

Apple Files

With iOS 11, Apple has introduced a file manager called “Files.” It’s fully capable of handling your documents with the required efficiency. Head over to this complete guide

That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

Which one of the file manager have you chosen to let you manage your docs with ease? Do let us know its name and the features you have liked in it.

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  1. I just want to be able to look at what’s on my iPad in a file manager, so I installed OYO, because you said it would “solve all my problems”. I see nothing in “My Drive” at all. No folder structure, no files. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. I live in a rural area, I do not always have access to the internet even when you do it is often a pain to find out what the pass word for local wifi is. I would like an easy way to store files of interest on a flash drive or even on ipad memory for use when away from wifi locations. Are there any good programs for this?

  3. Just downloaded Air Drive. Unfortunately does not work. Cannot connect from PC to server and app support link leads to an empty webpage.
    No thanks!

  4. So how come Documents by Readdle isn’t on this list? It’s got a slick, intiitive, drag and drop UI and it can be set up as an FTP server on your PC / Mac.

  5. Yes, I have used files-finder edition and it worked quite excellent to me. though it’s not free but, yet pays full value to price. The best feature about it is the simple UI it has that even a laymen can use this quite well.

    • I also purchase files finder editon and I love my iPad and this app too. Thanks to appsicum team for such a nice app. If you also looking for the same app, then you can buy from

  6. You might wanna take a look at Files – Finder Edition. This is quite a great app which allows you to manage all your files, photos, videos and other content in a finder like interface. The interface is as close to Finder as it can be. The search is quite powerful too and you can orgnaize your files with tag, folders etc. This integrates with email app so you can directly open PDF or other files in the app. Take a look at or google files – finder edition ipad

    • Is there a file manager for the I-stick file structure? File manager Pro has one partation of files / floders, which I really find great but it does not see the partition on the I-pad that the I-stick uses. Is there a good file manager that will work with the I-stick file structure?


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