Best iPad File Managers to Manage Files on Your iPad on The Go

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Steve Jobs was one of the most outspoken proponents of a “no-file-manager” system. In fact, the iOS ecosystem continues to be simple and easy to use because the user doesn't have to do anything with files or folders. Everything is taken care of by the apps.

However, some of us are overly comfortable with file management and the lack of a suitable file manager on the iPad makes it a tad harder to control things in the tablet. That is why iPad file management apps are great.

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Best File Management Apps for iPad

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Below is the list of best iPad file managers that you can use to do several things like:

  • Cut/copy/paste files and folders
  • Create or delete files and folders
  • (On some of the apps) edit files in real-time
  • Create Dropbox/ sync
  • Access/open files of various types (images, pdf, zip etc.)

#1. OYO File Manager

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OYO File Manager iPad App IconAre you finding it hard to manage loads of files in your iPhone or iPad? Don't worry; OYO file manager app can solve all your problems. Right from viewing your files in list or grid form to saving them to cloud, OYO file manager app manages everything perfectly. It not only manages the files, but you can access them on your computer or Mac book with the help of Wi-Fi. You can also listen to your favorite music with the music player integrated within the app.

Price: Free
Download OYO

#2. Files Finder

Files Finder iPad App IconFiles Finder is not just a file manager, but it has tons of additional features. Special features such as synchronizing the files on cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Sugarsync, editing excel files using Google drive, in-built browser with preloaded bookmarks and many more make Files Finder the best app in the list. As it supports Air Print, you can even print your files over Wi-Fi. Note that this app is compatible only with iPad.

Price: $5.99
Download Files Finder

#3. FileMaster

FileMaster iPad App IconFilesMaster too has a long list of features as compared to Files Finder app. Although the features differ, this app is also used by many iPad users around the world. The app is capable of creating new folders and performs operations such as copy, cut, paste, delete and move in a simple way. It has a cloud support and can also store your private files in a different folder. It has inbuilt media player, privacy protection and document viewer.

Price: Free
Download FileMaster

#4. iFile Browser & Download Manager

iFile Browser iPad App IconiFile browser & download manager is a file manager that can cut, paste, rename, move or delete the files from any folder. Other than that, the app supports direct integration to iCloud by which the files will be uploaded directly to the cloud. We just saw that you can edit excel files in Files Finder app, but this app provides an option to edit the .doc files too. Isn’t it amazing? Printing the files through Wi-Fi is also possible with Air Print feature in the app.

Price: Free
Download iFile Browser & Download Manager

#5. File Manager (Free) for iPad

iPad File Manager AppAgain, there's a PRO version for this app but I guess this is more than sufficient. The app brings quite a lot of excellent features that include support for Microsoft Office files, an integrated PDF reader, zip extractor and creator and plenty more. The interface is commendable for its standard and intuitive interface.

Price: Free
Download File Manager (Free)

#6. FileApp (Documents  & Files Reader)

FileApp Documents & Files ReaderThe FileApp comes with a ton of features too. It's not much different from the two apps above and can be taken as an alternative. What I like about the app is its interface: it's segregated neatly to help you manage files like a pro. The app features the usual support for both Office and iWork along with several other formats. You can also password-protect the app (and the Wi-fi transfer).

Price: $0.99
Download FileApp

#7. Files Manager

File Manager iPad AppFiles Manager brings you quite a lot of additional features that aren't usually found on an app of its type. For instance, think of taking photos, adding voice memos, creating text files: that's the kind of thing that Files Manager brings you. But of course, that's for a cost.

Price: $3.99
Download Files Manager

#8. iFileExplorer

iFileExplorer iPad AppiFile Explorer is a decent app that lets you connect to files, edit them, create folders and pretty much everything else that a good file manager does. As to why it's costly, it brings a totally simplified interface along with support for a lot of file-formats. You can even view videos right from within the app. There is support for Dropbox and other cloud storage but there's an in-an app purchase for Dropbox.

Price: $2.99
Download iFileExplorer

#9. File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro App iPad AppThere are file managers that offer similar features as File Manager Pro (but are priced in the range of $9.99). Things like a fantastic interface, a good stable app and cloud storage and sync make File Manager Pro stand out from the crowd. The app lets you manage files better with the clearly marked folders (according to media type, cloud folder etc.)

Price: $4.99
Download File Manager Pro

#10. OrganiDoc HD

OrganiDoc HD iPad AppOrganiDoc HD needs no introduction. With a stunning interface and a bold take on file management, OrganiDoc presents some of the best features for a file manager. It comes with tons of support, options, features and stability. It is one of the best file managers on the App Store.

Price: $4.99
Download OrganiDoc HD

#11. Documents 5

Documents 5 iPad App IconDocument 5 features everything you can expect from a quality file manager app. This app lets you view Office documents, read and annotate PDF files, edit text and search inside documents. You can watch movies, tune in to your favourite music and view photos.

It lets you copy documents from Mac or PC and even allow you to share files with anyone you wish. You can save web pages as well to read them later. With the use of password, you can protect your files.

Price: Free
Download Documents 5

#12. Files n Folders

Files n Folders iPad App IconFiles and n Folder has packed in lots of user-friendly features. It allows you to browse your Mac and PC from your iPad via Wi-FI. You can easily transfer files, photos, videos between computer and your device.

You can create folders and organize files, save files from other apps such as Mail app. With the use of enhanced media function, you can make gorgeous photo slideshow and audio or video playlist with auto loop.

This app lets you save web pages as HTML or PDF as per your need.

Price: Free
Download Files n Folders

#13. iStorage 2 HD

iStorage 2 HD iPad App IconiStorage 2 HD is an efficient source code editor for your iPad. Apart from supporting PDF and TXT files, it can handle many other files like MS Office, audio or video, high resolution images and more.

It lets you share files with Mac or compatible iOS devices instantly. You can transfer files through Bluetooth if there is no Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. You can perform many transfers and editing simultaneously to make things work really fast for you.

There is a built-in browser to allow you to access and save files from the web directly from your iPad.

Price: $4.99
Download iStorage 2 HD

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  • CharlieB

    I just want to be able to look at what’s on my iPad in a file manager, so I installed OYO, because you said it would “solve all my problems”. I see nothing in “My Drive” at all. No folder structure, no files. Am I doing something wrong?

  • oyoapps

    there is one more top rated app to manage files in iphone / ipad:

  • Nirav

    Documents 5 by Readdle does many tasks as file manager for me. It should be included in the list.

  • Bill McQ

    I live in a rural area, I do not always have access to the internet even when you do it is often a pain to find out what the pass word for local wifi is. I would like an easy way to store files of interest on a flash drive or even on ipad memory for use when away from wifi locations. Are there any good programs for this?

  • Svs

    1 word….. iFile

  • James Leroy

    Just downloaded Air Drive. Unfortunately does not work. Cannot connect from PC to server and app support link leads to an empty webpage.
    No thanks!

  • Stephane English

    So how come Documents by Readdle isn’t on this list? It’s got a slick, intiitive, drag and drop UI and it can be set up as an FTP server on your PC / Mac.

  • Eric

    Yes, I have used files-finder edition and it worked quite excellent to me. though it’s not free but, yet pays full value to price. The best feature about it is the simple UI it has that even a laymen can use this quite well.

  • Scott

    You might wanna take a look at Files – Finder Edition. This is quite a great app which allows you to manage all your files, photos, videos and other content in a finder like interface. The interface is as close to Finder as it can be. The search is quite powerful too and you can orgnaize your files with tag, folders etc. This integrates with email app so you can directly open PDF or other files in the app. Take a look at or google files – finder edition ipad


      Is there a file manager for the I-stick file structure? File manager Pro has one partation of files / floders, which I really find great but it does not see the partition on the I-pad that the I-stick uses. Is there a good file manager that will work with the I-stick file structure?