The iPad can be a great assistant when you decide to cook new recipes or old ones perfectly. With the help of some of the cooking apps for iPad, you can discover amazing new recipes and be guided by the iPad in preparation.

We picked some of the best iPad cooking apps. Just these apps combined, you can cover almost every recipe on earth ranging across occasions, main ingredients, food type (vegans, raw food, exotic etc.) and more. Take a look:

Best Cooking Apps for iPad Dinner Spinner Dinner Spinner Pro iPad App Dinner Spinner is an amazing, all-encompassing cooking app for the iPad. The app lets access to your recipe box and shopping list and you can manage them all from your iPad. Advanced search filters make it easy to find interesting dishes based on ingredients, cooking time and more. The app is enormously popular for its large database and personalization.
Price: Free

How to Cook Everything

How to Cook Everything iPad App

This one from Mark Bittman is an app based on the best-seller, How to Cook Everything from the famed NYT columnist. The app is one of the heftiest, costliest apps you’ll find on the App Store but it’s one heck of a completely-illustrated, detailed recipe app which helps you cook amazing recipes. Naturally, it’s more of a personal assistant with its exquisitely detailed tutorials and information.

Price: $9.99
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My Recipe Book

MyRecipeBook iPad App

My Recipe Book is more of a recipe organizer than a recipe discovery app but it’s one of the best “cooking” apps for the iPad. You can store all the recipes you find on bookmarked websites, on paper/magazines, etc. The app lets you import recipes directly from certain compatible websites. You can tag your recipes and that comes in handy when you sort them. There are also features like Servings Adjuster and iCloud sync (along with offline access).

Price: $0.99
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Epicurious Recipes

Epicurious iPad App

Epicurious is one of the greatest and the friendliest cooking apps built for the iPad. It features a generic interface that will take you through all types of recipes that an occasion demands. You’ll find an enormous list of recipes that you can tap into. Epicurious also lets you save recipes from certain websites, and you can also create your shopping list for a recipe. It’s the go-to app for most users of the iPad when it’s time to find new recipes.

Price: Free
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The Photo Cookbook

PhotoCookbook iPad App

The basic version comes with just 84 recipes (across five categories) but it’s one of the finest, fully illustrated cookbooks ever. The app is more like a (cook) book with detailed overview of the recipes, the cooking process. Although the number of recipes is paltry (240 after you purchase all in-app features), it’s the detailing that matters in this app.

Price: $3.99
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