Arcade games are fun no matter how old you are. These things can get boring occasionally but give it a few minutes or hours of pause and then you're back at it again. That's how amazing arcade games are.

Some of the best iPad arcade games are Angry Birds and Temple Run. Yeah, add Fruit Ninja to that list but then, there's also a bunch of other games that you might have missed: games from the past that had you glued to your computer.

Here's a roundup of five awesome arcade games for iPad and iPad Mini:

1. Zombie Duck Hunt

Zombie Duck Hunt iPad App

Price: Free
This zombie thing doesn't ever get boring. You shoot zombie ducks but the thing gets tougher and yet enormously addictive. Looks like a classic shooting game till you begin to realize that the whole thing takes your accelerometer sensor seriously.

Download Zombie Duck Hunt

2. Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Nyan-Cat Lost: in Space iPad Game

Price: Free
The guy who created Nyan Cat said the game was “Awesome!” so you know what kind of an arcade game this really is. You must have been living under a rock if you didn't know that there was a game like this. Tip: don't get addicted.

Download Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

3. Pac-Man Lite

Pac Man Lite iPad Game

Price: Free
Ah! Pac-Man can never get old. That's why you find that Pac-Man Lite is one of the most popular iPad arcade games ever! Gobble up the pac-dots before the monsters gobble you up!

Download Pac-Man Lite

4. iCopter

iCopter iPad Game

Price: Free
Copter was one of my most favorite addictions in school through college. iCopter, its iPad version, became an instant hit when it was launched on the App Store. It continues to be a very popular app even today.

Download iCopter

5. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 iPad Game

Price: Free
This is the official app from the Disney-Pixar movie but there's only one “game” here (amongst other features). You “ride like the wind” with Woody and Bullseye to escape Dr. Porkchop's plan.

Download Toy Story 3

And hey, what are your favorite arcade games for the iPad? Let's know in comment box.

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