Best iPad Apps for Writers to Help You Perfect the Art of Writing

Whether you wish to write an award-winning novel or an interesting short story, check out these best iPad apps which have been primarily designed for writers to give your concept decisive advantage.

Thanks to technology and most specifically Steve Jobs, the art of writing too has gone totally hip! There’s this thing called an iPad that you’ve probably heard of a couple of million times already, (unless you’re from Mars) that has some fantastic apps for budding writers.

It’s quite natural to be bitten by the writing bug…especially if writing is not just your passion but a method of self-expression which you are really not able to channelize properly because you’re getting stuck somewhere or the other. So here’s a list that’ll help you through.

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Best iPad Apps for Writers

Best iPad Apps for Writers

We compiled a few best iPad apps for writers that will not just assist you in your writing, but will also make sure you write the right way! Read on…

#1. Werdsmith

Werdsmith iPad App Screenshot

“Werdsmith” motivates you to give your 100% and eventually gets the best out of you—the writer. It features five fascinating themes to keep your task completely cheered up. With a lot of formatting options, you have the needed liberty to design the story to your heart’s liking.

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To have the desired result, set the rules and word goals you want to follow religiously and keep a tab on how you go about doing the task each day. It will help improve your skill. Your work is automatically backed up in the cloud and remain shielded by your Touch ID.

Price: Free

#2. Writer

Writer iPad App Screenshot

What makes this app such a useful tool is the ability to assist you in creating notes and story a lot easier. Besides, you can make the recording while writing to keep track of your progress. It also allows you to quickly snap photos and add your favorite images to the story to make it more vivid. As the stories are color-coded, you will be able to easily find them and change their color—if needed. Even better, there is also an option to set future alert reminders on particular notes to remember important things.

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Price: Free

#3. Notes Writer

Notes Writer iPad App Screenshot

“Notes Writer” is tailor-made to boost your writing skill and let you express yourself with the utmost freedom. You can create rich text format as well as advanced Markdown documents as well as high-quality RTF word-processing formatting. Want to give some rest to your fingers while writing? You can use dictation to speak text instead of writing. With night mode available, you will write comfortably at night as your eyes won’t strain.

Price: Free

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#4. iA Writer

iA Writer iPad App Screenshot

Wish to enhance your writing experience and make your task more simplified? You need “iA Writer” to bolster both your writing and productivity with the required efficiency.

The customizable keyboard accelerates your typing making it more easy-going. You can build multiple manuscripts from a number of chapters and embed source code files as code blocks and nest text files into each other.

Price: $4.99

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#5. TeX Writer

TeX Writer iPad App Screenshot

Find it a bit inconvenient write and compile TeX files? You need to have “TeX Writer” to accelerate your writing and make the task uncomplicated.

It has the support of both plain TeX and LaTeX. Use the smart commands, syntax highlighting and quick text selection to simply your LaTeX editing. The customizable assistant keyboard lets you easily insert special characters. Sync your file with Dropbox to keep it securely.

Price: $14.99

#6. P writing

P writing iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“P writing” is a simple looking writing app that should get your work done efficiently. You get all the required tools to write articles and design them in the preferred format. With 12 different font types, you have enough freedom to give a better look to the text.

Choose from various paper styles and turn off the watermark as per your requirement. You can also set copyright to protect your contents. Moreover, there is also an option to set the main background.

Once you have written the story, you can share your articles via several social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

Price: Free

#7. Chambers Dictionary

Chambers Dictionary iPad App Screenshot

You’ll never ever be lost for words again with this app! The 13th Edition consists of 260, 000 words, phrases, compounds and derived forms. New words have been explained in a better way to let you understand them easily. The new usage of old words and their up-to-date pronunciation can significantly bolster your stockage of vocabulary. Most importantly, you can filter search results and even customize search options.

Guaranteed to help you write better!

Price: $9.99

#8. Story Dice: Ideas for Writers

Story Dice iPad App Screenshot

It’s out-of-the-box ideas that make any story interesting. “Story Dice” is a fabulous creative writing prompt tool that provides ideas for the character, plot, and setting. Better still, you can use these ideas not just for written but also for oral storytelling.

With the high-resolution graphics, it’s got an impressive design. It features more than 200 pictograms in the dictionary, a lot of still images and dice sounds to make your task of writing something very special a bit easy.

Price: $1.99

#9. Byword

Byword iPad App Screenshot

You absolutely cannot do without a text editor, dear writer! Here’s Byword, a fantastic simple, clean text editor. For $6, it’s really not a bad deal either.

You can swipe or switch between word counts, embedding tools like links & images and punctuation. Byword invokes Markdown syntax that uses plain-text characters to denote formatting. You can export Markdown documents to PDF and HTML documents. Use dark theme in low-lit conditions to give some comfort to your eyes. Features like Split View, Multitasking and 3D Touch shortcut on compatible iPhone make it quite impressive. Publish your top articles on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Evernote.

Price: $5.99

#10. Lists for Writers

Lists for Writers iPad App Screenshot

“Lists for Writers” is designed to be a very helpful toolbox. With multiple lists of prompts, plot lines, character traits, game-changing ideas, occupation and more, it not just takes away lots of burdens but also gives your story the right angle. Most interestingly, it can perfectly fit into the concept of any type of stories such as fiction, national novel writing, creative writing, a short story or an essay assignment.

Thanks to the dictionary support, you don’t have to leave the app to find out the meaning of any complicated words. There is a notepad feature to let you collect thought-provoking list of items and edit them more conveniently.

Price: $2.99

Wrapping Up

These apps can enormously help you in giving your story the preferred angle and making it more interesting for readers. Courtesy the useful toolbox, they allow you to plot your story effortlessly. So, take the utmost advantage of these best writing apps for iPhone and enhance your skill.

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Have I missed to include any of your favorite writing apps in this list? Do let us know that in the comments and stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read for more such top lists of iPhone and iPad apps. Also, make sure to give it a try to our iPhone app.

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