Best iPad Air Backpacks in 2020

iPad Air backpacks are cool. Besides the fact that they’re adorable, they’re handy, useful, and if the iPad is your primary gadget (that you’d be using mostly), iPad backpacks are awesome.

What’s likable about these bags is that they’re totally portable thanks to their size. Small but they’re beautifully crafted to fit the iPad neatly, snugly too. And in most cases, you have enough room to put other things (may be a few accessories, pens etc.). Here’s a collection of some of the coolest, high-quality iPad backpacks.

The iPad backpacks covered here fit the iPad Air perfectly. They are also compatible with all other iPads because Apple, so far, has fixed the size of the iPad’s display at 9.7″ which more or less keeps the length/breadth dimension constant.

#1. Good&God Vintage Canvas Shoulder Bag for iPad

Good&God Vintage Canvas Shoulder Bag for iPad

This one’s a keeper. It’s a canvas bag designed with all the stuff that screams “vintage” but is actually quite modern. If you’re looking for an iPad backpack that is tough and aesthetically designed, the Good&God vintage canvas shoulder bag for iPad is a perfect choice. While you can carry your iPad in it, safely, you can also put your iPhone and other smartphones in the compartments within the bag. There’s also zipper-protected room for other things that you might have to carry.

An adjustable canvas shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the bag. There’s also a Khaki version of the bag that you might want to check out.

Price: $128 (Amazon: $25)
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#2. Rothco Vintage iPad Backpack

Rothco Vintage iPad Backpack

Although not truly vintage, the Rothco iPad backpack is one of the sleekest iPad bags. It’s padded to keep your iPad secure no matter how you carry it. For added protection, the flap-closure is backed up with zippers. And of course there’s more room for cables, pens, accessories and more. A shoulder strap makes sure you carry the bag effortlessly.

Price: $18.49
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#3. STM iPad Jacket

STM iPad Jacket

The STM iPad jacket/backpack is water-resistant fabric with a modern look. It’s a simple, rectangular backpack with zippers and extra room on the front for cables and even your iPhone. There’s a shoulder strap but for the times you don’t want to wear the bag, there’s a grab-handle on the top of the bag. There are also strap-less STM iPad bags that you might want to check out.

Price: $24.99
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#4. Blan_C Belt Canvas for iPad

Blan_C Belt Canvas flap over iPad Backpack

If you prefer a slight retro-touch to your iPad bag, the Blan_C is a colorful iPad backpack. It’s a true backpack in the sense that it doesn’t come with the single strap. Instead, you have a typical twin shoulder straps. And the case has a retro-looking flap-over belts. The Blan_C belt canvas for iPad comes in five colors.

Price:  $39.38
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#5. ProTec Zip Sling Bag for iPad

ProTec Zip Sling Bag for iPad

The ProTec Zip Sling Bag is a pretty good iPad backpack. But it’s typical: there’s a padded interior to keep the iPad safe and secure and there are compartments to hold pens, accessories like cables and earphones, even an iPhone. The compartments are zippered to keep them securely inside. There’s a grab-handle and a thick, heavily-padded shoulder strap.

Price: $45.00
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iPad backpacks are not that popular or in-demand as, say, folio cases. Very few people need to carry their iPads like that. And there are laptop bags too which have compartments for the iPad.

But for the few of us that need an iPad backpack, there’s a growing collection. We picked only a handful but these are top-of-the-line in terms of durability, style and aesthetics.

Best iPad Air Backpacks and Shoulder Bags

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Best iPad Air Backpacks and Shoulder Bags
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