Apple produces smart case covers for the iPad (and iPad Mini), and they’re quite smart. But then, if you’re looking for an all-round protection, you’ll need to look for something more. The usual Apple smart covers aren’t enough to protect your iPad’s back.

Quite a lot of iPad case covers are available in the market, but there very few of them are enormously unique and surprisingly strong.

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We’re going to take a look at an unusual mixture of looks and performance based iPad cases from across major brands. Dive right in:

Best iPad 4 Cases

#1. Case-Mate Smart Cover Barely There Case

Smart Cover Barely There Case for iPad

This is one of the most usual cases that people choose for a standard protection. We begin our list with the Case-Mate case; pretty normal but the Barely There series makes sure the case is surprisingly thin and light-weight. With plenty of color options, you get a wide variety of choice. The impact-resistant hard shell is quite flexible too, making it very easy to fit onto the iPad with retina display.

Price: $40 ($10 on Amazon)
Buy Smart Cover Barely There case from

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#2. Otterbox Utility iPad Latch

Otterbox Utility Series Latch for iPad

At first glance, the utility iPad latch looks like some crazy backpack for the iPad. It’s not exactly a backpack, but it’s highly utilitarian befitting the name. It’s not exactly a case, but you can use the utility latch with a case. Even otherwise, it’s a cool utility that has plenty of functions. Here’s a video showing how the latch comes in as a very handy accessory.

Price: $49.95
Shop Otterbox Utility Series  Latch from

#3. Speck SmartShell for iPad

Speck SmartShell for iPad

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Speck’s line of products is aesthetic, high-quality, durable, sturdy and mostly very smart. The SmartShell stays true to all this and offers more. It’s an ultra-thin, flexible and cleanly fitting case for the iPad that is best used with Apple’s Smart Cover. The case lets you handle the iPad 4 with ease, and you can safely keep the iPad down on any surface. It’s hardshell with a soft exterior for a smooth handling.

Price: $34.95
Buy it from

#4. PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad

Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad

At iGeeksBlog, we’ve been a fan of PixelSkin series from Speck. It has this rugged look beneath a soft, glossy finish that makes it quite impressive. The pixelated finish offers excellent grip over the new iPad besides offering two practically safe standing angles: one for viewing and the other for typing. For those who don’t want to take up the offer on an Apple Smart Cover because it doesn’t come with a case, this is the best solution.

Price: $49.95 ($32.79 on Amazon)
Shop Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap from

#5. Griffin Survivor Case for iPad

Griffin Survivor Case for iPad

People on the move, adventurers in jungle and people who are very serious about protecting their iPads – the whole of Griffin’s Survivor Case fits the needs of these guys precisely. The specs are out of this world:

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  • Independently tested and certified to meet conditions outlined in US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810
  • Integral Display shield deflects wind and rain
  • Rigid internal frame protects against shocks and drops (Test: drop on flat concrete surface from 6’/1.8 m)
  • Sealed ports block blown sand and dust
  • Includes multi-position work stand

Price: $79.99 ($39.99 on Amazon)
Buy Griffin Survivor Case from