Best iOS Apps to Learn German, French and Spanish

For language learners, we’ve picked best iOS apps to learn German, French & Spanish the easiest possible ways by doing practical conversations
Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Learn German, French, and Spanish

Unless you have the right guide, learning a new language is not just extremely challenging but also a lot monotonous. Things like building a strong vocabulary, understanding grammar rules, and refining pronunciation require consistent effort and more significantly; proper guidance.

Pretty much like a personal tutor, advanced language learning apps for iOS keep track of your progress and provides instant feedback. They also point out shortcomings and offer up the tips to overcome the hurdles.

On top of all, you also get a chance to become a part of a large community of language learners and interact with the like-minded people. In today’s roundup, we’ve handpicked the most popular iOS apps to learn French, German and Spanish. If you are willing to master these languages, you shouldn’t fail to give the following apps a close look as they make learning not only straightforward but also fun.

#1. Duolingo

Duolingo French, German, Spanish Language Learning iOS App Screenshot

When I talk about the most adorable language learning apps for iOS, “Duolingo” is the one name that always strikes the mind first. The reason why I put it right at the top of the ladder is the more interactive teaching methods.

As the lessons are pretty short, you will be able to spare time for them even during your hectic lifestyle. Apart from letting you learn German, Spanish, and French, it can help you master many other lingoes(over 30) which is yet another plus.

And with the progress tracking feature, Duolingo makes sure you are fully aware of how well you are solving the exercises and what you still need to do to get better.

Price: Free

#2. Memrise

Memrise French, German, Spanish Language Learning iOS App Screenshot

The conversation is probably the most essential aspect of learning any language. And Memrise makes sure you are able to articulate your feelings effortlessly by offering a lot of video clips of native speakers.

You can go through video clips at your own pace and learn how the local speakers express their views or converse in their day-to-day life. Besides, the app also provides many effective sessions such as listening skill, difficult words, speed review and more to improve all the aspects and make you a more skilled speaker and reader.

To access all the available courses and features, you will have to go for Memrise’s premium plans: $8.99/monthly, $18.99/three month, $59.99/yearly, $99.99/lifetime.

Price: Free

#3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone French, German, Spanish Language Learning iOS App Screenshot

Pronunciation matters a lot especially when you wish to have perfect command over speaking. And with Rosetta Stone, you can enhance your pronunciation and speak confidently like a native speaker.

Initially, you will learn basic things like greetings, questions, and phrases. To help you understand words easily, the app associates words with imagery. Besides, you will also be asked to read short stories aloud and given feedback. Once you have got a better hold on the language, you can express your views on a variety of topics like sports, business and more.

Keep in mind, only the premium version of Rosetta Stone will let you access all the features and lessons.

Price: Free

#4. busuu

busuu French, German, Spanish Language Learning iOS App Screenshot

When you have a good guide, learning a language becomes not only easy but also joyful. With “busuu,” you get a more personal tutor who keeps an eye on your learning closely. The app focuses both on building your vocabulary and strengthening your grammar.

Thanks to the spot on feedback, it keeps you motivated and also fully aware of your progress. And that plays a significant role in making you have a better command over all the essential aspects like reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Furthermore, this app provides a bonus travel course featuring many commonly used phrases so that you can understand the local language and even communicate with native speakers.

Price: Free

#5. Babbel

Babbel French, German, Spanish Language Learning iOS App Screenshot

The more you engage in practical conversations, the faster you learn how to express feelings and opinion. Babbel guides you on how you can start effective conversations. With the helpful hints, it enables you to speak freely without any hiccups.

Another thing that I like about Babbel is that its lessons are thoughtfully designed and are relatively short (about 10-15 minutes). Therefore, you won’t find it tough to spare some valuable time for them even during your busy schedule.

On top of all, it provides an in-depth review of your progress, showing the areas where you must work harder to improve and what are the main roadblocks.

Price: Free

#6. Mondly

Mondly French, German, Spanish Language Learning iOS App Screenshot

Powered by the advanced Speech Recognition Technology, Mondly is fully equipped to improve your accent and help you speak French, German and Spanish with the desired flair. To provide a more realistic experience, the app lets you listen to the conversations of local people.

To further simplify learning, Mondly strengthens your vocabulary through core words and important phrases. Thus, you can easily have a better hold over commonly used words.

As the practice exercises are pretty short, they can seamlessly fit into your hectic schedules. Better still, intelligent reporting makes you fully aware of your improvements and the shortcoming that must be addressed.

Price: Free

#7. HiNative

HiNative French, German, Spanish Language Learning iOS App Screenshot

Supporting more than 110 languages, HiNative stands out as one of the finest language learning apps for iOS. With this app, you will become the part of global Q&A community of language learners.

Whether you want to know the meaning of a particular phrase or find out the accent of a certain region, the community members will always be ready to answer your queries. It offers very helpful question templates which make it a lot convenient for you to ask questions.

You can also use signs, menus, labels, and pictures to ask something that you find confusing. What’s more, HiNative also provides customized example sentences and much-needed tips to boost your overall performance.

Price: Free

That’s pretty much it!

Your Top Pick?

Now go ahead and master your favorite language. Remember, it’s the consistent effort that will eventually put you in the good stead. So, always stick to the rule and make sure to spare time for your learning even during a busy day.

Never miss a single exercise and try to express your feelings without any fear. Of course, you may fumble a bit initially, but once you’ve got the grip, the going will become pretty good. Best of luck!

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By the way, which is your favorite app and what are the features that you’ve liked in it? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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