Welcome back to the world of Winterboard themes designed for iOS 8 – 8.4 devices! You have updated your iPhone/iPad to iOS 8 and you have jailbroken it. Many users do this just to be able to theme their iPhones. We have covered some of the fresh jailbreak themes for WinterBoard that are all set to give your iPhone/iPad a personalized look. We have tested them on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too so take your pick!

Here’s the list of top cool Winterboard themes that were updated in the past few days/weeks. Some of them are from iOS 7 era and are known to work on iOS 8 too. The themes will help you change the icons of apps, logo and much more. We have already covered the 20 best tweaks just after the Pangu 8 officially released so check that out too.

Best iOS 8 Winterboard Themes6 Best iOS 8 Winterboard Themes for iPhone and iPad:

#1. Barrel7

Barrel7 Winterboard ThemeBarrel 7 is one of the finest themes for WinterBoard. It gives attractive look/ style to the SpringBoard of your iOS 8 device. You can give 3D cube style to the Springboard of your iPhone/iPad. There’s a lot more inside the theme for making your phone colorful. It is compatible with all iOS 8.x devices.
Price: Free Repo: BigBoss

#2. Axla 2

Axla2 Winterboard ThemeAxla 2 is the rejuvenated form of original Axla. It gives your Springboard different looks. You can modify the icons for battery, apps, etc. A set of custom icons is all set to look your iPhone/iPad attractive. The new Axla 2 includes more than 350 redesigned icons (added 12 newly designed icons). Setting a new theme like Axla is all about giving a new color, simplicity and look to your iPhone/iPad.

Price: $2.99 Repo: MacCiti

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#3. MapleMaple Winterboard ThemeMaple, as its name suggests, makes your iPhone/iPad colorful, adding new style to it. You can modify the icons of the apps (stock apps as well as third-party apps). The theme is currently in beta, though, you can download it from the repo given below.

Price: Free Repo: http://maple.pe.hu/

#4. 0bscure 70bscure7 Winterboard Theme0bscure 7 is theme that shapes the apps’ icon and gives a cool look to the SpringBoard. The theme has about 500 cool icons so that you can style/color your phone the way you want.

Price: $0.99 Repo: ModMyi.com

#5. Aura

Aura Winterboard ThemeAura is all about making your iPhone/iPad look distinctive. It changes the look of your iPhone all in a new way. You get 300 icons to modify your phone’s apps (only a few are not compatible with WinterBoard) You can change the wallpaper, UI icons, Message UI, KeyboardUI and so on. You can customize the icons as you get the PSD source.

Price: $2.99 Repo: ModMyi.com

#6. Space BlueBerry

Space BlueBerry gives a cool look to all stock apps (except a few) as well as third-party apps of your iPhone. The only sad thing about the theme is that it is not compatible with iPad.

Price: Free Repo: ModMyi.com

Watch out few more cool Winterboard themes for iOS 8 – 8.4:

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