Best iOS 8 Touch ID Apps for iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus

Based on functionality, these are the best iOS 8 Touch ID apps for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Take a look at the adorable list!

Entering passwords time and again to verify identity, authenticate payment, protect apps, files and unlock the device is quite bothersome. Given a chance, most people would like to escape the process of entering long passwords. “Touch ID” makes the authentication process super easy and much more convenient.

Check out these best iOS 8 Touch ID apps for iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus. Using Touch ID, you can protect your files, passwords, photos, videos and access them instantly. Read on to find more about these apps!

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Best iOS 8 Touch ID Apps

Best iOS 8 Touch ID Apps for iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus

#1. 1Password

1Password iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

1Password is one of the best password manager apps. It keeps all of your passwords safeguard and allow you to quickly log into any website.

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You will be able to easily fill in your username, passwords, address and credit card information. Use tags and favorites in order to organize your passwords with ease. It allows you to create multiple vaults to help you provide more safeguard to your data. Protect the app with Touch ID to prevent unauthorized access.

Price: Free

#2. LastPass

LastPass iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

LastPass is an award-winning password management app which provides secure access to your passwords. What the user needs to remember is the master password for LastPass, and the rest is taken care of by the app.

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The app takes care of auto-filling the forms with usernames and passwords, filling profile forms for online shopping, creating secure notes for the credit card details, etc. and also gives offline access to your data. The password generator lets you instantly generate strong passwords. With Touch ID, you will quickly and securely access your vault.

Price: Free

#3. Amazon

Amazon iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

Amazon has also integrated the Touch ID feature in its app. You can browse, search, get details and also compare the products using reviews before you decide to buy. It also lets you keep a track of your orders. Besides, the exclusive prime membership offers will let you save a lot of money. With TouchID, you can easily verify your identity and authenticate your purchase.

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Price: Free

#4. Evernote

Evernote iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

Evernote is one of the most popular apps to have integrated TouchID. The is very helpful for taking notes. You can take notes in several formats such as text, photos, videos, web clipping, audio, PDFs, etc.

Using your iPhone camera, you will scan business cards and any documents. Create personal checklists, annotate documents using comments. Set reminders to keep you informed about your tasks and complete them before the stipulated time. Use Touch ID to ensure all of your notes have the much-needed protection.

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Price: Free

#5. Mint

Mint iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

Mint is one of the most famous money management apps for iOS. Put all of your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments at once place to track them comfortably. With the multi-factor authentication, the app provides complete protection to your data.

Based on your goal, you can create a budget to prevent overspending and save more money. The bill pay reminders help you avoid paying fine. What’s more, you can also schedule payments to reduce stress.

Price: Free

#6. Discover

Discover Mobile iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

If you use Discover, the app should come in as a very handy tool to manage credit card and bank accounts. You can keep a tab on your account balance and information more conveniently.

It allows you to make/edit payments, manage rewards, add your card to Apple Pay. You can activate a new card and even report a card as stolen. You will redeem rewards for statement credit as well as direct deposit.

Price: Free

#7. iSafe Password

iSafe Password iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

iSafe Password is a simple password manager. With this app, you will securely fill your login credentials, credit card details, and other addresses.

You can edit your stored information and keep it organized. The built-in search function lets you comfortably find any specific data. The app encrypts all of your stored data to ward off security breach.

Price: Free

#8. Social Lock

Social Lock iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

Do you feel the need to protect all of your social networking apps? “Social Lock” allows you to lock your favorite social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr and more.

On iPhone 5s or later, you will unlock the app using Touch ID. On the non-Touch ID supported device, you can use the passcode to protect your device. The neat design coupled with effective functionality makes this app a real deal for your social apps.

Price: Free

#9. Password Manager Data Vault

Password Manager iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

DataVault is both feature-rich and exceptionally user-friendly password manager app. It encrypts all of your data with 256-bit AES with PBKDF2 (a Password-Based Key Derivation Function). You can set maximum login attempt to automatically erase your stored data after successive failed login attempts.

With the use of field masking, you will protect your data from prying eyes. Using categories and types, you will keep your entire data in right order. The password generator helps you create a very strong password.

Price: $9.99

#10. Securepad

Securepad Encrypted Vault iOS 8 Touch ID App Screenshot

Don’t want anyone to bump into your personal photos and videos? Try out Securepad to prevent anyone from accessing your private photos without your permission. The app also allows you to protect your GIFs, notes, bank accounts information and PDF files.

Your files are encrypted with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. It allows you to upload unlimited files. If anyone tries to break into your data, the app will send you the report along with his/her photo, location, date and time of the intrusion.

Price: Free

Signing Off

Indeed, Touch ID makes it a lot easy to verify identity, authenticate payment or provide the desired safeguard to any personal files, documents, apps and more. What’s your take on it and how much do you use it on your iOS device? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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