One of the most important uses of smartphones is extensive texting and mailing. The default built-in keyboards that come with iPhones may not necessarily be comfortable or to the liking of all. Thanks to third-party keyboard apps compatible with iOS 8 a whole new range of possibilities has opened up for smartphone users.

Best Third-Party Keyboard Apps for iPhone

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Here are some of them that we have tried, tested and reviewed to help you choose the ones that suit your taste and preferences.

Best iOS 8 Third-party Keyboard Apps

#1. Swype

Swype iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

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This gesture-based predictive keyboard is hailed to be the most accurate iPhone keyboard available. Users can type or swipe their words as input much faster and easier than in any other third party keyboard app available from iTunes right now. Swype refers to the gesture of sliding the fingers across the keyboard which is not only fun but is also far more accurate than manual typing. “Swyping” reduces the number of keystrokes which further enhances the battery life and the durability of the touchscreen. It also has various themes that occupy the background improving the visual appeal of the phone. Further, sending texts and e-mails becomes more fun with customized backgrounds.

Key features of the app include:

  • Brilliant intuitive keyboard predictions,
  • Never amiss word predictions,
  • Easy input of punctuations, extra characters, numerals, capital letters through swype gestures,
  • Adaptive programming that memorizes the typing pattern and habit of a user.

Price: $0.99
Download Swype

#2. Minuum

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Minuum iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

Minuum is unique when compared to all other third-party iOS 8 keyboard apps available from iTunes right now. This brilliant app offers users the option to customize the keyboard size to a bare minimum. It is best for those with a small screen of who wish to read previous messages while still typing out a new message. The app helps reduce the size of the keyboard to one-quarter of a default keyboard thereby increasing the screen expanse incredibly. It is designed and sold by Minuum and is presently available at half the price as a limited period offer.

Key features of the app include:

  • Expanded screen space
  • Enables fast-paced typing with aptly sizes keys
  • Accurate word prediction
  • Controls for enabling and disabling third-party dictionaries,
  • Quick shortcuts to controls.

Price: $3.99 (Limited period offer: $1.99)
Download Minuum

#3. Fleksy

Fleksy iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

In the race for the fastest tying keyboard, Fleksy wins. Fleksy offers unmatched speed in typing out a quick text or e-mail in a rush. The app enables users to customize the visual appearance and color theme of the keyboard making it even more enticing and appealing for the ones who can’t resist moments without their smartphones. Fleksy has won the repute to be far more user-friendly and precise in predictions than the standard iOS 8 third-party keyboard apps available from iTunes right now.

Key features of the app include:

  • Claimed to be the fastest keyboard available at present
  • Easy flow of words and natural typing with improved speed
  • Customizable keyboard sizes that make texting even more convenient.

Price: $0.99
Download Fleksy

#4. TouchPal

TouchPal iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

Designed, marketed and sold by a company bearing the same name, TouchPal ranks as the first keyboard in iOS 8 platforms to feature gesture control and swipe input of words. The keyboard features a wide range of fascinating emoticons, customizable keyboard themes, and quicker typing interface that is compatible with most iOS devices. The app also won the GSMA Mobile Innovation Global Award and also found itself among the finalists for an array of technology awards and is also offered as a preloaded keyboard by a range of mobile companies like Sony, HTC, Alcatel, Huawei, etc.

Key features of the app include:

  • Gesture and swipe input
  • Enhanced prediction of words
  • Plenty of personalized themes
  • More than 800 Emojis than add fun to texting

Price: Free
Download TouchPal

#5. TextExpander

TextExpander iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

TextExpander is a cross-functional keyboard for all iOS 8 devices that offer enhanced typing speed and accurate predictions of commonly used words. The app has some wonderful features that are of immense use in daily texting like the auto insertion of date, expanding abbreviations into long texts, affixing e-mail signatures, etc.

Key features of the app include:

  • Custom shortcuts to frequently used words
  • Expand abbreviations or greetings into full-length text
  • Autocorrect of typo errors
  • Access to multiple snippet groups simultaneously
  • Dropbox syncing of snippets with Mac devices

Price: $4.99
Download TextExpander

#6. Slated

Slated iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

Slated is a translation keyboard that lets you talk to your friends in another language even though neither of you knows it. It provides you the option of over 80 languages. Slated is equipped to translate instantly while you type in your preferred language. Moreover, it can also translate what your friend sends to you in the very language in a quick time.

Slated allows you to replace your keyboard with another app to converse. It works with SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Twitter and more.

Key features of the app include

  • Over 80 languages
  • Capable of translating language quickly
  • Easy-to-use

Price: $0.99
Download Slated

#7. PopKey

PopKey GIF iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

PopKey lets you add interesting LOLs to your conversations. There are plenty of LOLs to allow expressing exactly what you feel in a text. You can chat in designed GIFs, funny mems and timeless references in the animated form.

You can add LOLs to your conversations with just a tap. Besides, you can also customize the PopKey to bring your personal touch into the play. It provides you thousands of GIFs to choose from.

Key features of the app include

  • Add funny LOLs to conversations
  • Thousands of animated GIFs
  • This app claims to be world’s first animated GIF keyboard

Price: Free
Download PopKey

#8. Gmoji

Gmoji iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

Gmoji keyboard app is absolute fun to use. It is capable of turning iMessages and text into very attractive text messages. It enables you to send and receive funny animated messages and texts. You can make hilarious video texts and post personalized video messages to Facebook.

You can search tons of great videos and give them your personal touch. Gmoji will let you experiment with your text and videos exactly the way you wish.

Key features of the app include:

  • Tons of videos to search
  • Animated messages and texts
  • Personalize videos

Price: Free
Download Gmoji

#9. Gifmoji

Gifmoji iPhone Third-party Keyboard App Screenshot

Gifmoji keyboard boasts of attractive animated GIFs. There are no banner ads, in-app purchases, no watermarks and no account signup requirement. It includes a great many text-based emojis which you can send to friends.

The beautifully animated emojis and the smart collection of GIFs will win you over.

Key features of the app include

  • Attractive animated GIFs
  • No banner ads or in-app purchases
  • Many text-based emojis

Price: Free
Download Gifmoji

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