iOS 8 was nothing less than a boon for the Apple world, particularly on the grounds that it brought up the new Safari which has more exceptional features. Sharing between apps has ended up simpler than any other time and the new extension support improved integration for third-party tools in Safari. Presently you can undoubtedly add new features to your browser with the help of extensions. To help you begin we have aggregated a rundown of 8 free and most useful extensions for Safari on iOS 8.

Best iOS 8 Safari Extensions

Best Free Extension for iOS 8 Safari

#1. Bing

Bing iPhone and iPad App IconInstall the Bing app on your device and you'll discover another Bing Translator alternative in the Activities list in Safari's Share dialog. With this you can translate pages on the fly with a single tap. It doesn't get any more simpler than this.

Download Bing

#2. WhatFont

WhatFont iPhone and iPad App IconAs the name suggests, you can use this extension to easily identify any font which is being used on a webpage. I have personally tried using it to find that it works most of the times and displays the font size and weight along with the name.

Download WhatFont

#3. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot iPhone and iPad App IconDespite the fact that you already have an option to take screenshots on your iDevice, with Awesome Screenshot you can do a bit more. Like you can make notes and annotations, draw lines, and make general marks upon your screenshots. Not just this, the extension lets you capture the full website page (even the region which isn't visible) and this is something you can't do with the native iOS screenshot feature.

Download Awesome Screenshot

#4. Mail to Self

Mail to Self iPhone and iPad App IconWith Mail to Self extension you can email yourself a duplicate of what you are viewing on the web. It's as simple as making a simple tap. The tool essentially changes over your mailbox into a hub for putting away data, so appreciate saving information.

Download Mail to Self

#5. 1Password

1Password  iPhone and iPad App IconBrowsing gets to be considerably more simpler given that you don't have to continue inputting passwords. With 1Password you can store your keys and login credentials using the safest commercial security systems available and afterward you can fill in a password for a webpage with a single tap, or you can likewise utilize Touch ID to do same. It's worth saying that you will never need to stress over security any more.

Download 1Password

#6. Instapaper or Pocket

Pocket & Instapaper iPhone and iPad App IconBoth of these are read-it-later services and they are both pretty good. It all relies on you what you're going to chose and once you've installed any of them or both of them, then the choice to save pages to it ought to show up in the Share dialog.

Download Instapaper

Download Pocket

#7. Evernote

Evernote iPhone and iPad App IconEvernote is the modern workspace that helps you be your most profitable self. When you install it, you'll discover a button in Safari share window. As you may expect, tapping the Evernote button gives you a chance to save links to one of your notebooks.

Download Evernote

#8. Wunderlist

Wunderlist iPhone and iPad App IconThey have an extension for practically anything. This one gives you a chance to save things in your schedules. Once installed, Wunderlist includes itself as an activity in the Safari share dialog, enabling you to save links to one of your to do lists. You can alter the title and the description in the meantime.

Download Wunderlist

Obviously this isn't the end of extensions available. There are many more paid ones available but certainly these 8 extensions are the best among the free ones available. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.