Cydia tweaks enable you to customize your iPhone or iPad in accordance with your desire or need to do so. Though it requires you to jailbreak your device, it provides you the freedom to break the boundaries set by Apple and bring the changes you want to see in your iPhone/iPad.

In case, you have jailbroken your iPhone/iPad and looking for some of the best Cydia tweaks to make exciting changes to Lockscreen, we have you covered with some of the best of them. How about handpicking one smart tweak for your device? Let's dive ahead!

Best iOS 8 Lockscreen Cydia TweaksBest Lockscreen Cydia Tweaks For iPhone and iPad Running iOS 8 – 8.4

#1. BerryC8

BerryC8 is one of the best Lockscreen launcher Cydia tweaks. It allows you to launch as many as 12 apps right from Lockscreen of your iPhone. After you have installed it, you will find its preference pane from Settings app. This tweak lets you change the look of icon’s appearance like, small, default, tiny and large. In addition, you can add apps per page like, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Though it has been developed mainly for Touch-ID supported devices, it works fine with passcode supported devices as well.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#2. LockGlyph

LockGlyph is a Cydia tweak that adds the Apple Pay touch animation to the Lock screen. You can visualize your fingerprint confirmation on the screen. When you unlock your phone, you can see the animation being animated and then conformed on the Lock screen. You will hear conformation sound each time you unlock the device.

But the whole process takes near about two second of time. However, you can quickly enable/disable the tweak from the stock Settings app. You can do this through the Kill Switch added in the tweak. The tweak is compatible with all touch ID iPhone/iPad devices including 5s.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#3. SleekCode

SleekCode is a pretty exciting tweak that enhances the look of the Lock screen. You can change the look of the Lock Screen Passcode interface. The three features for altering the changes, include, Blur, Alpha and Passcode Button Rings. The tweak gives your phone a cool look.

Each time you make changes to SleekCode, you have to respring your phone in order to make changes effective. Fortunately, thanks to the respring button featured at the bottom of the tweak settings, it is not so cumbersome.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#4. LockSpeed

If you have to call someone like your friend, parents or any of your close ones quite frequently, the LockSpeed can a very handy tweak for you. The tweak allows you to add your favorite contacts to the Lock screen. You can add nine contacts to the Lock screen and make a call without unlocking the device.

To make a call, just swipe left on the Lock screen and tap once on any number or image displayed on the screen.

It might be risky as it intrudes your privacy.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#5. AndroidLock XT

AndroidLock XT is a cool tweak that alters an android Lockscreen look to your iPhone/iPad’s Passcode. The tweak provides you almost all the style that you find in android. The tweak is cool and easy to use unlike the Passcode in iPhone/iPad.

You can open your device by connecting the right pattern, which you have registered. You can change the behavior of the pattern by going to the settings of the tweak. The tweak keeps your phone as secured as the Passcode.

Price: $1.99 | Repo:

#6. CleanLock

If you want to keep notifications hidden and away from anyone to put their hands on them, CleanLock Cydia tweak is the best answer. Just a tap on the right side of the screen helps you access to your hidden notifications.

The jailbreak tweak allows you to choose the app for which you want to keep notifications. Besides, it provides you the option to delete all notifications at once or from the selected apps.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#7. SubtleLock

SubtleLock is an awesome Lockscreen Cydia tweak designed to customize the Lockscreen of your iPhone. This tweak lets you customize the Lock screen font, color, size and more interestingly, the appearance of the clock as well as the slider.

When you install SubtleLock, it provides preferences pane from Settings app to let you use it as desired. You can enable or disable this tweak with the kill switch. In the tweak’s preferences, you will have options to customize the clock settings, slider settings and other miscellaneous settings such as grabbers.

If you want to design the look of your Lockscreen with some eye-catching customizations, then you must try SubtleLock.

Price: $1 | Repo: BigBoss

#8. IntelliScreenX 8

If Cydia tweaks were to rank based on their exclusive usability, IntelliScreenX 8 will be right up there with the best. This tweak allows iPhone users to make the best use of Lockscreen and Notification Center thanks largely to unique features. It provides quick access to any apps both from within an app or right from lockscreen.

IntelliScreenX 8 allows you to view email, mark it as read or even delete it quickly. You can compose emails and also be able to view incoming emails right from notification center. It allows you to view Facebook timeline along with comments. You can instantly comment, like or unlike a Facebook post. In addition, you are able to check out your Twitter timeline, tweet a message and more from notification center.

You can quickly compose or reply a message. Though iOS 8 has come up with a lot of rich functionality, IntelliScreenX 8 can still enhance it to be more user-friendly.

Price: IntelliScreenX 8 is available for free for the users of IntelliScreenX 6 and 7. However, IntelliScreenX users will have to upgrade the tweak at $4.99 and the earlier users of InterlliScreen will have to upgrade at $7.99.

Price: $7.99 | Repo: ModMyi

#9. LockSmoother+

LockSmoother+ is an extra-ordinary Cydia tweak that lets you customize your Lockscreen with plenty of awesome twists. This tweak allows you to hide date, hide charging text, hide slide to unlock text and customize date text. In addition, you can customize slide to unlock text, hide status bar, set status bar opacity and even hide grabbers.

LockSmoother+ also lets you remove blurs, shadows notifications separators and a lot more. Once you have installed it on your iPhone, you will get configure options from Settings app to use this tweak as you wish.

This tweak provides four sections in its preferences such as, General, Advanced, Lockpad Options and Other Options. All the options of customization have been divided into sections so that you are able to use the tweak conveniently.

If customizing your iPhone Lockscreen is what you are looking for, then this tweak is the perfect one for you.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#10. AppBox 8

AppBox 8 is a terrific Lockscreen Cydia tweak that allows you to launch your favorite apps from Lockscreen itself. It comes with its own preferences pane from Settings app after being installed.

This tweak features plugins to let you access shortcuts of specific apps quickly. You can hide certain Lockscreen items if you don't want them to appear on the Lockscreen. AppBox 8 enables you to auto-unlock both apps and notifications temporarily. Moreover, you can also change slide in order to unlock any text.

If you are charmed by the speed of launching your favorite apps, you must have a look at this tweak.

Price: $1.5 | Repo: BigBoss

Have a look at few more Lock Screen Cydia tweaks for iOS 8 – 8.4:

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