Though there are so many feature-rich third party keyboards apps, they still lack useful interfaces. With the help of some intelligently-designed Cydia tweaks, you can customize the default keyboard and make it more efficient.

Be it editing text using simple gestures to turning the entire look of keyboard, keyboard Cydia tweaks make them look seamlessly easy much to your heart's content. Here are the best keyboard Cydia tweaks to let you customize your keyboard on iPhone/iPad in order to go along with your wish.

Best iOS 8 Keyboard Cydia Tweaks

Best iOS 8 Keyboard Cydia Tweaks

#1. iKeywi 3

iKeywi enriches your keyboard experience by adding an extra fifth row to the default keyboard. You can set keys as cursor mover and undo/redo function. This tweak is capable of supporting both landscape and portrait mode.

As it supports all languages, you will have a very comfortable time while using it. This tweak is compatible with iOS 8.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#2. ColorfulKBD Pro

ColorfulKBD Pro is able to change the color of keyboard randomly. It will let you experience a different color every time you launch keyboard. You can choose a custom background from your Photo library and give it your personal touch. If you wish to make your keyboard truly colourful, it would be a cool option for you.

This tweak is compatible with iOS 7 or later.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#3. HandyKey

HandyKey Cydia tweak is equipped to add a one- handed keyboard to iPhone 6/6 Plus. If you find difficulty in typing on the large screen of your iPhone, this tweak will help you. It gives you the option to force the iOS keyboard to always open to HandKey when you launch the keyboard. You can also have a two-finger swipe gesture on the keyboard in order to use it comfortably.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#4. SystemWidePredictive Text

SystemWidePredictive Text has been designed to let you type quickly. If you are fond of Apple’s predictive text, this tweak will let you enable it even where Apple doesn’t allow it. There are no options to configure. This tweak is compatible with iOS 7 or later.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#5. KeyCommands

KeyCommands lets you invoke activator actions with the use of simple keyboard shortcuts. You can create your own shortcuts in system preferences and also be able to assign them to actions as desired. As for instance, you can assign ⌘-Tab to invoke the App Switcher or even navigate to the previous app.

There are configure options from Settings. It is compatible with iOS 7 or later.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#6. SwipeShiftCaret

SwipeShift lets you move cursor by one character or continual with the use of swipe. This tweak doesn’t add any icons to homescreen. However, it does provide configure options from Settings app.

From Settings app, you can enable or disable vertical move, vertical scroll lock as well as faster by swipe speed. Based on need, you can change the style of curser movement by selecting Continual or Step. It is compatible with iOS 8 or earlier.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#7. ShowCase

ShowCase Cydia tweak makes it very easy to see which case you are typing. Hence, you don’t have difficulty in typing in either uppercase or lower case. This tweak is able to place your current case directly on your keyboard, thereby making it very easy for you to know which case you are currently in.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#8. Bloard

Bloard is equipped to turn your keyboard into an attractive light black keyboard. Based on your need, you can turn it off from the Setting app. There are no settings to configure.

If you don't like the color of your keyboard and wish to give it a different look, this tweak will serve the purpose. It is compatible with iOS 7 or later.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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