Best iOS 8 Keyboard Apps: Best Custom Keyboards With Elegant Features

With the addition of third-party keyboard apps, iOS 8 has successfully been able to attract modern users who had to wait quite a long for it. The custom keyboards with plenty of user-friendly features like swipe and predictive style have made Apple not only compete with other operating systems but also remain ahead. Willing to find some of the best iOS 8 keyboard apps? Here we are with some of the most useful ones!

It’s never easy to handpick the best apps when you have tons of greatly available options-one better than the other. However, keeping your high expectation in mind, the list has been prepared with the very chosen ones who will thoroughly impress you. Take a look!

Best iOS 8 Keyboard Apps

#1. SwiftKey Keyboard App

SwiftKey iOS 8 Keyboard App Screenshot

Swiftkey Keyboard learns as you type providing a next-word prediction. Equipped with the features like multi-lingual and swipe typing, it allows you to type with ease. You can type in two different languages simultaneously without to change settings. Depending on your interest, you can also experiment by typing from a letter to letter.

At present, the keyboard supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Predictive feature
  • Swipe
  • Can type in two different languages simultaneously

Price: Free

#2. Gif Keyboard App

GIF Keyboard iOS 8 App Screenshot

GIF (Graphics Interchange Files) keyboard app is for those who are very fond of communicating through GIFs. There are tons of animated GIFs (with or without music) available that let you express the way you wish. They are segregated in accordance with their quality so that you can pick them as per your choice.


  • Lots of animated GIFs (with or without music)
  • Segregated based on quality

Price: Free

#3. Phraseboard Keyboard App

Phraseboard iOS 8 Keyboard App Screenshot

Wish to communicate fast through a certain phrase in keeping with a particular style? Phraseboard Keyboard will let you do so elegantly. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in finding the most suitable phrase to chat as there are tons of them available to make it easy for you.

With the help of location category, you can share your location or give the direction to your current location instantly. You can make a separate category of all the phrases on the basis of their use so that they are easily available to you.


  • Tons of suitable phrases
  • Location share feature

Price: Free

#4. TextExpander 3 Keyboard App

TextExpander iOS 8 Keyboard App Screenshot

With the help of TextExpander 3 keyboard app, you can enable custom abbreviations in order to expand into long snippets of text like addresses, URLs, email signatures, etc. The default abbreviation “ddate” can let you insert today’s date automatically.

You can easily access all your snippets from Mail, Safari, Messages or from anywhere. By creating fill-in-the-blanks with the help of snippets, you can go through numerous letters quickly. It will save you a lot of time making it very simple. If you wish to use TextExpander on your Mac, you will need to sync your snippets via Dropbox. If it is not possible, you will have to share snippets group with iPhone or iPad on the same Wi-FI network.


  • Default abbreviation “date”
  • Access all your snippets from anywhere
  • Can be used on Mac as well

Price: $4.99

#5. Touchpal Keyboard App

TouchPal iOS 8 Keyboard App Screenshot

Touchpal keyboard app is the first keyboard to have come with the swipe/gesture input in iOS 8. With swipe input, keyboard themes and 800 + Emoji, this is one of the better keyboard apps.

The predictive feature helps you in typing fast by suggesting suitable words according to your style. You can access all the more than 800 Emoji by simply holding the enter key without having to switch between keyboards for Emoji.


  • Swipe feature
  • 800 + emojis
  • Predictive feature

Price: Free

#6. Flesky Keyboard App

Fleksy iOS 8 Keyboard App Screenshot

Flesky is considered to be the first custom keyboard app for iOS 8. With a number of colorful themes, customizable sizes, and attractive design, you would want to have it. It lets you add punctuation, capital letters, symbols and a lot more with just a simple swipe.

There is more than 800 emojis to let you express yourself. You can easily switch between languages while typing. At present, it supports 40 languages. A nice keyboard app with loads of features to keep you entertained throughout.


  • Custom keyboard
  • More than 800 emojis
  • Colorful themes
  • Customizable sizes

Price: $0.99

That’s all, folks!

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