As the jailbreak for iOS 8. has been released by Pangu much before the expected time, a lot of tweaks and apps are being released in a hurry. You might be confused about which Cydia tweak you should install first. A lot many tweaks are being updated for iOS 8 compatibility.

Here we have some of the best updated tweaks and apps for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.

Best iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks

Top 10 Best iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks of 2014/2015:

#1. SaveGram

Savegram allows you to save your images/video on Instagram news feed. As there is no way of saving images or videos from Instagram except using the screenshot+crop method. It makes saving photos and videos quite easy. Just tap on the image or video which you want to save and click on the save button and it will be saved to your iPhone/iPad.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

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#2. Barrel

Barrel is a very popular Cydia tweak which is unique in itself; it gives amazing transition effects to the home screen. Hundreds of transition/animation effects can be applied on the homescreen icons for page transitions. It has mostly been seen that people jailbreak their phone just for Barrel. So, why not you?

Repo: BigBoss
Price: $2.99

#3. StatusHUD 2

StatusHUD 2 is a Cydia tweak which relocates the volume icon to the status bar to give you a complete and clear view on your iPhone/iPad screen. Moreover, you can change the icon of the volume in two specific ways (squire or circle). You can enjoy video or images without any interruption of volume HUD in the middle of the screen.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

#4. Alkaline

Alkaline Cydia tweak lets you customize the icons on the statusbar. You can change Wi –Fi, battery, data indicator icon of the iOS device and so on. You can completely alter your device's statusbar. You can choose from a number of themes to change your battery or Wi-fi icon look different.

Repo: ModMyi
Price: Free

#5. NoSlowAnimation

NoSlowAnimation lets you feel the flow of water. It allows you to speed up the animations and transition effects on iOS 8.x. Once you download the tweaks you enjoy zoom in and zoom out smoothly. Unlocking the iPhone feels much more snappier than before.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

#6. ForceReach

Reachability (on iPhone 6/6+) lets you reach the top of the screen without much trouble. Tap twice on the TouchID and the screen comes down for easy accessibility. ForceReach makes Reachability do more. You can use this tweak to eliminate timeout and you will be able to invoke Reachability even in landscape orientation.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

#7. Bytafont 2

Bytafont 2 is a Cydia tweak which gives you a bundle of fonts for your device. You can change the default font on your iPhone/iPad. You get a number of fonts to download too. As it does not get downloaded by default, you have to download the font you want.

Repo: ModMyi
Price: Free

#8. Winterboard

Winterboard is the most amazing tweak for iPhone/iPad. Winterboard lets you customize the look and feel of iOS through themes and other mods. You have a number of themes and options to customize, docks, icon, backgrounds and so on.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

#9. Zeppelin

Zeppelin is another popular Cydia tweak which allows you to change your carrier logo. And it also gives you options to hide your device carrier logo when you do not wish to see the carrier logo in status bar or if you do not like the design of your carrier logo.

Repo: ModMyi
Price: Free

#10. Activator

Activator is one of the most amazing and wonderful tweaks ever as it allows you to customize a ton of shortcuts for almost anything. You get a bundle of options to launch your apps/settings etc. And most importantly, you can launch your apps anywhere with any gesture you want, e.g. on the home screen, lock screen or when you are on a running application and more.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

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  • Asif

    Hey guys please give me taig registration code

  • Jess

    Gary, Download sprintomize 2. You have many many Option also a Same thing like Barrel. Its not die free but really nice! I wouldn’t miss That ????????

  • gary

    Too bad barrel isn’t supported for iOS 8+…

    • saaaass

      It is supported on ios 8

  • Jay

    well so far i jailbroke most of my devices and i love it yeah there are apps that cost money and themes but there are some repos you can add to the sources that will find the app you are looking for , for free and most themes trust me nothing is as bad as the apple app store thats just the worse.

    • Ben Tarr

      If you think the App Store is expensive… You’re just wrong…

  • Dleh

    Unless is there any themes that do not cost money??!

    • Robert


  • Dleh

    I jailbroke and am not a fan that most if not close to all tweaks/themes cost money. This is just as bad as the Apple app store

    • Leroy

      I agree, although it wasn’t like this before. :/

      • Ben Tarr

        The App Store isn’t expensive, and developers (both in the App Store and in Lydia) need to make money..

    • Ben Tarr

      The App Store isn’t expensive, and developers (both in the App Store and in Lydia) need to make money…

  • Chaudhary Jatin

    I have an ipad mini wifi+cellular ios8.1 does winter board will work properly

  • June

    What’s the tweak that lets us do messages through computer via wifi?

    • IndianApple

      Download Remote Messages… its awesome !!!

  • NbAlIvEr100

    Anyone else having issues with Activator/SleepDepriver on iOS 8.1.1 on TiaG break?

  • Imran khan

    if i jailbreak my iphone 4s will it sucks ?

    • rehtafdos

      No I just did it

  • Kubsterrr

    it’d be great if there was a cydia tweak that could get the original cell service bars back and not the dots…

    • James

      try “Bars” from the BigBoss repo

  • knoscrub

    is there a way once my iphone 5 is jail broken can i enable wifi calling from settings??

    • If you carrier supports WiFi calling then it should work even after jailbreaking your device.

  • Aahil panjwani

    Is jailbreak ios8.1 safe on iphone 5….??

    • Yes. It’s safe to jailbreak iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1

      • ,

        I jaibreaked iphone 5 on ios 8.1.2 with TaiG, quick as

    • JigAr


    • someone


  • Kaeila Hrim

    good stuff i hadnt heard of – thanks

  • itumeleng

    Winterboard is not working on my side :/

    • Cell Matez

      you have to go into winterboard settings and turn off summerboard

  • Fig Masta

    Nothing serious in the tweaks for now asi can see in the compatible ones

  • gazza

    dont use barrel use cylinder

  • David Hasler

    StatusHUD 2 crashes the app youre using if you try to change volume in landscape more fyi

    • Spidey

      I think it crashes apps that don’t show the status bar.

      • David Hasler

        You are correct, StatusHUD on iOS 7 was able to counter measure that. Once it is updated it should be fixed I imagine

    • Kubsterrr

      It doesn’t affect me at all..

  • Jiovane Martinez

    what’s up with infinidock any updates???

    • Tarik Luca

      works already on my i6

      • someone

        Do you have iOS 8 on ur i6?

        • Kenneth Thomsen

          It was born with iOS 8.

  • The Anonymous Man

    where the hell is ifile

    • Danny

      get it from the bite your apple repo

  • Juan Sanchez Ruiz

    do NOT try to use Complete PPSync Remover for pangu icon, iphone will make endless boot, i had to restore on ios 8.1

  • George Gabunia

    can i install wintertboard on my iphone 6 ? please someone help me :) when i installed it few days ago my iphone was stuned on apple logo. now it will be ok?

    • Yes. In our tests, Winterboard installed fine and the iPhone was working
      good. But it will take some more time before WB themes are supported

      • George Gabunia

        Works-ish on all IOS 2.0 Through 7.0 :X :X :X written here.

        • We have installed Winterboard and have tested couple of themes. It works just fine on our iPhone 6+.

          • carlos minano

            same happened to me on my iphone 4s. now for some reason i cant jailbreak. and i lost my phone number after the restore. but then i somehow fixed it. Help Please!!

      • Carlll

        i need an app to get wifi passwords … i tried iwep pro but it didnt work .

        also, is there a way to factory unlock iphone 5 running ios8.11??

    • abu

      now new update for cydia bix this bug u stuck bcoz of passcode but now jailbreak works good no have any problem