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App Bundles in iOS 8 provide you the opportunity to buy a bundle of apps for a relatively low price. There are so many app bundles which are all geared up to entertain you to the core. On popular demand, we have listed a few of them to give you a clear peek as to which app bundles you can go for.

The most exciting part is that now you can share these apps with your family or friends for free (with family sharing). So that's a double bonus. You get to purchase a bundle for less than what it usually costs and you also get to share the apps with your family.

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Best iOS 8 App Bundles for iPhone and iPad

The Best iOS 8 App Bundles for iPhone and iPad

#1. Ultimate Productivity Bundle By Readdle

Ultimate Productivity iOS 8 App Bundle
While going through so many app bundles available in the App Store, we stopped at this app finding it to be one of the most utilitarian. The bundle consists of 4 essential apps – PDF Expert 5, Printer Pro, Scanner Pro, Calendars.

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PDF expert allows to annotate, edit, highlight, add text, sign documents or fill out PDF forms. The Scanner helps you scan anything easily; Calendars lets you plan your event or meetings, and Printer Pro lets you print any document as efficiently as you want from your iPhone or iPad.

For the folks who are looking for all the above mentioned apps at a reasonably low price, the bundle seems to be a smart-buy considering how much each individual app is priced. I’m sure you would certainly like to have a look at it as well.

Compatible with iOS 7.0 or later and iPad, iPhone, iPod.

Price: $19.99
Download Ultimate Productivity Bundle

#2. Motion Math: Starter Bundle

Motion Math iOS 8 App Bundle

This bundle of apps is for the kids who wish to have practical aspects of learning while still having plenty of fun. There are 3 games in the bundle – Pizza Love,  Fish Love, Question Love.

Pizza Love is all about how much profit you can make by understanding all the pros and cons of a pizza business. It presents a very interesting situation which makes kids think more as to how they can do their best and have better profits.

Fish Love is made to give kids a lot of opportunities to improve their math. There are numerous stages where they are presented with plenty of questions to think over which will enable their knowledge.

Question Love is based on math and science. It makes kids find a good solution to the puzzles/problems. It is designed to make them more confident regarding what they think or perceive.

Price: $12.99
Download Motion Math

#3. Weather Bundle: Forecasts, Alerts And Radar

iOS 8 Weather App Bundle

This Weather Bundle from Apalon Apps is has a cool interface with unique features. Just in case you want to plan your schedule or save yourself from unpredictable weather conditions, the bundle should be quite helpful. The alarm clock always keeps you aware of your task you have scheduled to complete in time. The bundle also features a Radar weather app which offers much more than the Weather Live (Reloaded).

The Weather Bundle is compatible with iOS 6 or later as well as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Price: $2.99
Download Weather Bundle

#4. Photo Cookbook Bundle

Photo Cookbook iOS 8 App Bundle

For folks who love experimenting with hundreds of delicious dishes or cuisines, this is one of the most recommended app bundles to go for. There are as many as 300 recipes from around the world with over 2500 high-resolution photos. The bundle contains 5 apps with a ton of recipes in between. And it's not just recipes. You can share recipes, find friends in the community and learn a slew of interesting new tips.

Wish to learn a variety of recipes? It stands to be a healthy prospect to try out. Food for thought! It is compatible with iOS 5.1.1 or later as well as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Price: $11.99
Download Photo Cookbook Bundle

#5. Classical Music: The Quintessential Apps

Classical Music iOS 8 App Bundle

The Quintessential Apps from Touch Press are for folks who love music and have the desire to enjoy pure classic music. The collection of melodious music solely made to thrill your heart is probably enough to make you buy this bundle.

Beethoven's 9th Symphony- It provides you an opportunity to explore four legendary performances. You can change the track of the music instantly as you wish. Vivaldi's Four Seasons- It is the recomposed version of Trevor Pinnock's cult rendition and Max Richter's evergreen compositions. The Liszt Sonata embraces your heart with piano music. The great  performance by Stephen Hough will thoroughly make you want more.

If you are looking forward to a date with classic music, you'll enjoy listening to this collection of some of the greatest music of all time. Compatible with iOS 7 or later as well as iPad.

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Price: $24.99
Download Classical Music

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