Winterboard was recently updated for iOS 7 and A7-devices. And with the update came a barrage of amazing Winterboard themes for iOS 7. In case you wonder how to install Winterboard, here is the quick guide.

Most designers are keeping to the trend of flat and minimal designs when developing themes for iOS 7. What follows is a collection of some of the best (a few of them already very popular) themes for the iPhone running iOS 7. Dive right in:

Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes for iPhone

10 Best Winterboard Themes for iOS 7

#1. Soft Remix

Soft Remix Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Soft Remix is that Winterboard theme which introduced the “squircles” icon shape. It's an interesting, smooth and somewhat minimalist icon theme for iOS 7. Soft Remix reduces the icon size (slightly). The colors and the textures are smooth and beautiful. While it adds gradients and stuff, it also sticks to the flat and minimalist aesthetic of iOS 7.

Price: Free | Repo: Bigboss

#2. M'flat

M'flat Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Everyone's talking about M'flat. It's a Winterboard theme designed with a classic natural touch. The colors are mostly mute, the icon shape is rounded rectangles from old-school, and the icon backgrounds are beautiful “nature-based” themes. You have to download the zip file, use iFile to extract the theme to Winterboard's theme directory. (Here's a reddit thread explaining how to install M'flat)

Price: Free | Repo: Download Here

#3. Redsgn

Redsgn iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Redsgn is a new Winterboard theme up for grabs from Cydia. It's the first theme from its developer so you have these constant updates which add more custom icon packs. Some of you might like the icon shape which is closer to the circle but not completely so. All icons are mostly flat and minimal.

Price: Free | Repo: Cydia

#4. Translucent

Translucent Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

For folks who like translucency, Translucent is a must-have theme. This Winterboard theme features a large set of icons for the apps (even third-party). Again, it's minimalist and might be better with finer graphics for the icons but it's a beautiful theme. You might want to tweak the dock color (or use DockShift) and other elements of your iOS homescreen to match it with the translucency of the theme.

Price: Free | Repo: Modmyi

#5. Solstice

Solstice iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

If you've been following the flat design trend, you might also know of the long-shadow trend which puts emphasis on long icon shadows and impressive color palettes. That's precisely what Solstice is all about. With an amazing set of long-shadow, flat icons for the apps and a wonderful, delicious color palette to go with, Solstice can turn your iPhone into a riot of beautiful icons.

Price: Free | Repo: ModMyi

#6. Flat7

Flat7 iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Flat7 is probably one of the most-popular Winterboard themes currently available on Cydia. The theme – as the name suggests – takes a flat (or should we say flatter?) approach to iOS 7 icons. With good use of colors and interesting icon designs, Flat7 is definitely a theme to try.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#7. Mojo

Mojo Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Mojo is a beautiful theme – nor too flat, nor too “gradienty”. It's designed for iOS 7 and goes well with tweaks like Bigify which can remove the app names under the icons. The dev seems to be adding more icons based on requests and the theme itself is packed with a lot of custom icons.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#8. Kiki

Kiki iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

If you want to be able to change the shape of the icons (circles!), Kiki is the theme you should be trying out. The theme applies icon masks which are square, circle or the usual rounded rectangle. There are also some more features that the theme brings to the interface (like the passcode screen).

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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    I think I’ve seen this in Cydia Corey T., and it would make sense this is 8 months old. ; ] but yes I would pay for it. I am huge on theming, long as the theme; theme’s all apps made by apple (including beats). The rest of my apps are access by other means (ListLancher7), but I figure apple apps are a given to be theme, and all other apps are subjective from person to person. (Although, the more apps that are theme the better). =]

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