This week seems to have been kind of great for Winterboard iOS 7 themes. A mixture of minimal and richly detailed themes have shown up on Cydia. We want to add to an ever-growing coverage of Winterboard themes (make sure you check them out).

This week, we bring you five themes: Aromy, Simple Rings, Mary, Outline and Lucid. In keeping with our focus on beautifully-crafted, well-supported themes, these five iOS 7 themes go well with the general minimalist design in iOS 7. But they do come with their own style and implementation which marks the difference vividly.

Gorgeous iOS 7 Winterboard Themes


Aromy iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Price: $1.49 | Repo: MacCiti

Aromy is a beautiful, full-fledged iOS 7 theme. Just as the description of Aromy says, ‘it breathes a new soul into your iPhone' and it's kind of very true. There are over 120 app icons hand-crafted beautifully. The icon designs are very new and I am kind of drooling over them right now.

Aromy makes use of the long-shadow concept in flat design but the way the designer, TimeLoop, has designed the icons is just amazing. The colorful icons are typical eye-candy and it gels well with the entire OS. Incidentally, there are also some add-ons like Boot Logos and Lock Sound and Settings Theme icons for the tweak.


Simplerings7 iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Price: Free | Repo: ModMyi

SimpleRings7 is a simplified, circular-styled theme for iOS 7. Designer JonnehBoii packs a simple, elegant and a somewhat minimal icon pack for your iPhone. The pattern is very clear: a circle and an iconography inside the circle, that's how almost every themed icon looks. Although I must admit that it might look kind of monotonous what with a slightly boring choice of colors.

But SimpleRings7 is a theme you should definitely try out on your iPhone. If you like plain old colors and a uniform icon pack for almost all your apps, SimpleRings7 is a good theme to start with.

Mary for iOS 7

Mary Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

Mary for iOS 7 by Eduardo Lopez, the same guy who made the popular SoftRemix theme for iOS 7. Mary finds a lot of similarities to SoftRemix and in fact the developer does state that it's based on the latter. There are, however, subtle modifications to the icon packs that go a long way in creating a different experience with Mary for iOS 7.

There is a medium level of detailing in every icon that clearly makes Mary non-minimal or simplistic. The choice of colors and the gradients are really cool.

Outline iOS 7

Outline Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

Outline for iOS 7 by Derek is a theme that picks up from iOS 7's own gradients. At the time of writing this, Outline is yet to show up on BigBoss. The developer posted on Reddit that there are about 87 icons themed. All of the stock apps and many popular apps have got their icons themed.

The general look of Outline is close to SimpleRings7 but there's a thoughtful use of colors that go well with each other. All icons have gradient backgrounds. There's an interesting mix of minimalism and old-school gradients. I don't like some of the colors but it's a theme you should check out definitely.


Lucid iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Price: $0.99 | Repo: MacCiti

Lucid is a beautiful iOS 7 theme crafted out of one color: gray. The theme is a work in monotone, with all icons picking up a black/dark theme. There are a lot of icons in the pack so most of your apps are covered. Lucid calls itself a transparent theme but I think the transparency is masked by the darkness. If you've got a black/dark wallpaper, the theme really looks outstanding.

Lucid goes well with darkly-themed backgrounds and is a power-saver in the sense that white backgrounds use a lot of battery.