Notification Center has changed a bit in iOS 7 but it still leaves a lot of room for development. That’s what jailbreak devs think. And that’s why we have a lot of notification center-specific themes for iOS 7.

What follows is a list if interesting, useful and occasionally-smart Notification Center Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 devices (iPhone, iPad). Check it out and let us know about your favorite tweaks in the comments.

Best NC Cydia Tweaks to Customize iOS 7 Notification Center

NCObey is a smart tweak for the Notification Center tabs. Where you pull the notification center down decides what tab of the Notification Center opens. For instance, if you pull from the right top of the screen, the Missed tab of the Notification Center opens up. What’s interesting is that you can change your finger position as you swipe and the NC will open only that tab which corresponds to the last finger position on screen.

Best iOS 7 NC Cydia Tweaks

If you’re not a fan of the tabbed interface in Notification Center, NCAllOnly is a very useful tweak for you. It’s more like a tab-remover that gets you back the iOS 6-style notification center. With NCAllOnly, you can view all notifications in one screen, without having to swipe across.

TapTodaysCalendar is a simple and an ingenious tweak that lets you open the Calendar app right from the Notification Center. What you do is tap on the date in the Notification Center and it opens the Calendar app. The dev mapped the date to a shortcut code that opens the stock calendar app on your iPhone.

Share Widget for iOS 7
If you like the idea of having Facebook and Twitter share widgets (along with Weibo) in the Notification Center, this is a tweak to check out. In iOS 6, you had these share widgets you could tap to share a status on Facebook or Twitter instantly. Share Widget for iOS 7 brings back that functionality.

Apptray is a beautiful and high-octane tweak that lets you put app shortcuts under the Notification Center. Essentially, it adds a fourth tab to the Notification Center, called Apptray. You can configure what apps are listed. Make it so you access your favorite apps faster.

The ‘X’ button too small for comfort? Well, use AlwaysClear to change the ‘X’ mark into a ‘Clear’ button so it’s easier to access and faster to clear the notifications in the NC. AlwaysClear is a useful tweak if you’re clearing notifications very often.

ShowIP for Notification Center
This is fancy tweak for wannabe nerds and others who are going to be interested in seeing the IP address of the Wi-fi network (or cellular) from the Notification Center. It puts a small IP display under the Today tab beneath the date.

BetterNC7 is an elaborate and almost-complete package of a Cydia tweak that lets you customize the Notification Center. With BetterNC7, you can toggle a lot of stuff. For instance, you can change hide any of the three tabs (Today, All, Missed), hide separators, hide the date in Today tab, make the background transparent or remove the blur and much more. Additional options include configuring the height of the notification header and customizing the number of lines in a message preview. The tweak is up on BigBoss and is free.

Although not a really good implementation (graphically and functionally), Note-ification brings the ability to type notes instantly right from within the Notification Center. After you install the tweak from Cydia, you enable it through Settings → Notification Center. (pull up Note-ification into the Enabled list).

When you pull down the Notification Center, under the Today tab, you get this huge note-like interface where you can tap and start typing any note. The problem is it’s kind of ugly. And you can’t save or sync these notes to the Notes app (the biggest flaw but the developer’s to-do list has these things so there’s hope). You can type a note and then instantly share it via email or Dropbox or other apps.

  • Gabriel Rozendo

    I want one to show “all day appointment” on my calendar…
    it only shows the appointments that you have time setted up. It sucks. I have a lot of “All day”.

    Another good tweak for NC is the “Favorite Contacts 7”.

  • Jason

    Good post! Also is there one that allows us to close individual notifications? Thanks :)

    • No luck yet. We’re looking for it too so we’ll keep you posted on it.

      • William Olson

        What about Calendar for Notification Center. I had this when I had iOS5 and I loved it. I just got it on iOS7.0.6 and can’t get it to work. Even downloaded the pro version and still not working. Can anyone confirm this to be working on iOS7? It says it supports iOS 5, 6, and 7.

        • Hi we just tested it out. It’s not compatible on iOS 7.x even though the
          description says compatible with iOS 5 and later. It works till iOS 6.x
          but not later.

          • William Olson

            For some reason the pro-version started working when I installed intelliScreenX7, so I’m happy. However my friend with same iOS tried the same process with the free version (of the Calendar widget) and it didn’t work, so just a heads up. ps: I also went ahead and purchased intelliScreenX7 because it’s awesome.