The stock iOS 7 keyboard is good but definitely not good enough if you start comparing it to the options available on Android phones. Apple has a very strict policy of not changing much in the keyboard because it has been working good so far but some of us need more than the stock features.

That's where iOS 7 keyboard Cydia tweaks come in. Since iOS 5, we've seen a fantastic collection of smart keyboard tweaks come up on the Cydia store. From modding the keyboard to have extra rows to theme-ing the keypad, you can do a lot using tweaks.

Best iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweaks

Best iOS 7 Keyboard Tweaks to Add Powerful Features to the Keypad

BlueBoard iOS 7 Keyboard Tweak
BlueBoard is a simple tweak that alters the color of the keys to blue. The tweak changes the color on both the dark and the light versions of the iOS keyboard so all you see is blue keys. Interestingly, BlueBoard doesn't rely on Winterboard so you can use it as a standalone tweak. More interestingly, it's compatible with Eclipse (the dark theme for iOS 7) and looks quite good with the tweak. Other compatibilities are not known individually.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

exKey iOS 7 Keyboard Tweak

This is one of my favorites. exKey puts one additional row of keys in the stock keyboard. The additional row contains numbers and if you enable the alt, it contains characters from the second level of alt (more symbols). This key takes cue from the five-row keyboard tweaks we saw in iOS 6 so it's a huge productivity boost.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

Bloard iOS 7 Keyboard Tweak
If you liked the dark-themed keyboard in iOS 7 and want it to be system-wide (currently, the black keyboard appears in spotlight), Bloard is the tweak you should get. Bloard makes dark-themed keypad the default one for all apps. Agreeably, at times, it looks odd to see a dark-keypad for an interface that's a riot of colors or just plain white. A feature that lets you toggle where the dark-keypad kicks in would be good (and is expected in future updates to the tweak). But as such, Bloard is a great free tweak to make the dark-keypad the default keyboard in iOS7.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss


Fancy iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweak

Fancy would be an overkill if you're just looking for keyboard tweaks. But Fancy tints the keyboard beautifully aligning with the color theme that you apply for the elements. We've written about Fancy already. Fancy lets you change the whole color scheme of iOS including parts like NC, Control Center, Banners, keyboard and more.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: ModMyi


Vmoji7 iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweak

Vmoji7 is an add-on for the keyboard. It adds emoji and unicode characters to the keys so when you tap and hold on a key, it opens up the shortcuts/options that you can swipe on. It can get pretty overwhelming at first as the developer put all the emojis and unicode characters within the keys. The number 9 from the numeric keypad is interesting: there are shortcut keys which you can tap and the keyboard will automatically type out short phrases like ‘what you doing?', ‘I'm driving right now' etc.

Price: $2.99 | Repo: BigBoss


SwipeSelection iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweak

I know I'm getting curses for adding this at the bottom of the list. SwipeSelection is one of the coolest and the most ingenious keyboard tweaks ever. The tweak has been updated for iOS 7. Put simply, SwipeSelection lets you select, cut, copy, paste and more using swipe and multi-finger gestures on the keyboard. It's one of the coolest productivity tools if you type a lot on your iPhone/iPad. There's a Pro version too.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss


PredictiveKeyboard iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweak

PredictiveKeyboard brings one core feature of Android keyboards to iOS 7. It predicts words based on the letters that you are typing. It puts them on a row above the keyboard (just like in Android) and tapping them types the word. PredictiveKeyboard is another smart productivity tweak for the keyboard.

Price: $2.39 | Repo: BigBoss


iPadKeyboardBlurBanner iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweak

Enormously subtle but beautiful enough to warrant a mention on this list. The iPadKeyboardBlur is a free Cydia tweak that adds a blurred-background underneath the keyboard. On the dark version of the keyboard, it looks beautiful and is pronounced. On the white, it's not so pronounced (very subtle actually). Nevertheless, it makes the keyboard get a tinge of depth and aesthetics.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss


Colory0urboard iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweak

While Bloard makes the iOS keyboard default to the dark keys and BlueBoard makes the keyboard acquire a blue color, it's only Fancy (so far) that has been able to add several different tints to the iOS 7 keyboard. With ColorY0urBoard, you can actually paint your keyboard with any color of your choice. The freedom of choice can actually lead to ugly colors on the keyboard but if you can play it correctly, you might end up with really cool colors for the keyboard. Arguably, it's a little costly though.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss


AdaptiveKeyboard iOS 7 Keyboard Cydia Tweak

Move over ColorY0urKeyboard. Here's AdaptiveKeyboard which randomly changes colors of the keyboard but picks the colors based on the dominant color of the app you are using. One problem: it does seem to be process intensive which could affect the battery but if you're in for some random flaunting of what your iPhone can do, AdaptiveKeyboard looks like an awesome tweak.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: ModMyi

  • Neo-K

    You forgot about a really nice tool: iKeywi 2, great to enhance, IOS 7 compatible, works for iPhone/iPad !