Did you miss the WWDC 2013? Well, tons of interesting things got released and you’ll have to dig through a ton of things to take them all in. Here’s what got released in iOS 7 (features).

If you want to skip all that and dive right into the most interesting and important stuff, here’s a gist of few things that we think is the most important part of iOS’s overhaul.

The new iOS 7 will be bringing a lot to the table but these will impact the end-user much more than others.

iOS 7 Features List

Stunning Redesign:
We have a totally redesigned iOS 7, just as the rumors had predicted. Everything is flat but it turned out well despite our fears of a reductionist interface. The minimalism is intact. Every app has been redesigned from the ground-up to stick to the new flat design philosophy. You should get to see stunning changes in the keypad, weather app, dock, multitasking, calendar, mail, messages and more.

SBSettings-like Control Center:
Finally, you have SBSettings-like control panel to toggle settings, brightness etc. The Control Center pops up when you slide up on the homescreen. The Control Center puts a lot of things: settings toggles, sliders for brightness and volume, and music playback too.

Perspective 3D View
This is something new and interesting to look out for. You tilt the iPhone and the gyros change the background so there’s a perspective shift in how it looks giving iOS 7 what’s possibly a 3D effect. Eye-candy, obviously.

Auto App Updates In the Background
Finally, this comes to iOS7 so you don’t have to update every app manually. Background app updates were one of the very important features expected. Especially after Senator McCain asked Tim Cook why he had to keep updating the apps. It pissed him off for sure much more than Apple’s so-called tax evasion.

Totally Powerful Mobile Safari
There’s a ton of changes in Mobile Safari that the whole experience is set to change. No tab limits, a different tab layout that’s more fascinating to look at. Well, you have to read our full iOS 7 feature post to check out all the changes in Mobile Safari.

Videos in iCloud Photo Stream
And yes, you can now upload videos to Photo Stream. You can share them and when you share a photo stream publicly, people you’ve shared them with can add photos/videos to the stream. And vice versa too when someone shares a stream with you.

Compatible iOS Devices:

  • iPhone 4 and above
  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen.