Here we are with another set of amazing, little Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 that bring functional, cosmetic and other changes to your iPhone or iPad.

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7 Interestingly Useful iOS 7 Tweaks for the iPhone

Round-up of Best iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks of 2014

1. NCObey
NCObey is a simple and ingenious tweak which lets you control what part of (tab) Notification Center opens up depending on where you scroll down the screen from. There are three tabs in the Notification Center (Today, All and Missed). If you scroll from the left-end of the top of the screen, it opens the Today tab. If you open from the center part, it opens the All tab and similarly for the Missed tab. You can also configure which tab opens by default: having “All” makes sense if you prefer the old iOS 6-style notification center.

NCObey is free on the BigBoss repo.

2. Edit Alarms
Edit Alarms is one of the coolest and the most functional tweaks for iOS 7’s Clock app. It makes editing alarms simpler by removing the Edit option. Instead, editing becomes very intuitive. Tap on the alarm to edit it and swipe to delete it.

Edit Alarms is available on the BigBoss repo for free.

3. RePower
RePower is a simple add-on feature for the slide-to-power-off screen of your iPhone. Once you install it, tapping anywhere on the power-off screen reveals extra options. You can either Reboot or Respring the iPhone through it. The tweak also displays the last time your iPhone was rebooted/switched off.

RePower is up on BigBoss and it’s free.

4. SMSContactPhotos7
One of the cooler features of iOS 7 is contact photos in Messages. Incidentally, this display of contact photos is limited to iMessage only. If you want the small circular contact photos to show up in SMS too, this is the tweak to lookout for.

SMSContactPhotos7 is free on the BigBoss repo.

5. HUDDismiss
HUDDismiss has a very thin functionality. It’s designed to get rid of that volume HUD that shows up when you increase/decrease the volume. If you feel that the HUD stays longer than it should, use HUDDismiss to tap and make the HUD disappear.

HUDDismiss is free on the BigBoss repo.

6. BlurBar
BlurBar is for people who miss the old iOS 6-style status bar background (when any app opens), BlurBar can be a viable, aesthetic option. Instead of the full transparency of iOS 7 status bar, you have this ability to add a blurred background complete with customization for color, tint, opacity and blur amount.

BlurBar is up on the BigBoss for free.

7. OnlyOneNotification
Of the tweaks we’ve seen, OnlyOneNotification comes with a special focus on how notifications affect the iPhone’s battery life. OnlyOneNotification works this way: it shows and allows only one notification when the phone is locked. All other notifications are suppressed even though they’ll be available when you open the Notification Center. The tweak is so designed as to prevent battery drain due to continuous notifications.

OnlyOneNotification is available on the BigBoss repo for free.

8. StatusModifier
StatusModifier is a very simple fancy tweak. With it, you can make the status bar clock display the seconds too. And then you can also set it to show the available free RAM which is kind of cool for us memory nerds. It’s a very simple tweak.

StatusModifier is available on the ModMyi repo. It’s free.

9. Bloard
I love the black keyboard of iOS 7 but it’s not on every interface. If you prefer the black keyboard everywhere, Bloard is a Cydia tweak that makes it possible. There are no configurations here: you either enable it or disable it.

Bloard is up on the BigBoss for free.

10. ClearFolders
ClearFolders is a simple cosmetic tweak. It removes the background from the folder-view on iOS 7. Again, this is a very simple tweak for people who don’t like the transparent background over the icons. The transparency really looks great.

ClearFolders is available on ModMyi for free.