Control Center is iOS 7's powerhouse that “could” drive a lot of things on your iPhone or iPad. Based on popular tweaks like SBSettings and NCSettings and a few custom additions, iOS 7's Control Center lets you  toggle few settings (Wi-fi, Airplane Mode Bluetooth), control Music playback and also launch a few things easily (torch, timer etc.).

But there are a few limitations that stop Control Center from being a powerful part of the iOS ecosystem. Thankfully, with jailbreak tweaks around, there's no stopping users. A lot of tweaks have come up (and continue to be developed and uploaded) that let you customize the CC and make it even more powerful and useful.

Best iOS 7 Control Center Cydia Tweaks

Customize iOS 7 Control Center with these Awesome Cydia Tweaks

1. FlipControlCenter

One of the first tweaks that let you add more toggles to the Control Center was Ryan's FlipControlCenter. It's a simple tweak, easy to configure with not many options at all. Just install the tweak and you can enable/disable a bunch of toggles in the control center. You could also control how many toggles were visible in one set (paginated). The tweak is free and can be downloaded from Ryan's private repo.

2. CCControls

CCControls takes from FlipControlCenter and extends the functionality and customization to an altogether new level. With CCControls, you can not only decide how many toggles should show up, but you can also choose a theme for the icons, disable certain toggles to be clickable from the Lockscreen, and in a very similar way as to the previous tweak, pick the number of toggles visible on a page. CCControls is a free tweak available from the ModMyi repo.

3. CCToggles/CCSettings

Although we haven't tried CCToggles (and its associated add-on CCSettings for adding more settings toggles to the list), we hear good things about the tweak. The previous two tweaks should be fine for most parts but if, for some reason, they don't work to your liking, you can try CCToggles. You will get a basic set of toggles to start with which can expanded with CCSettings. The tweak can be found on BigBoss; it's free.

4. ControlTask

ControlTask mimics the old multi-tasking switcher (iOS 6). It makes use of the lower row of icons in Control Center to display the icons of apps running in the background. It's a cool tweak: you can swipe to the left for more apps or right to reveal the original toggles. Swiping further to the right will kill all the apps. Pretty nifty tool. ControlTask is a free tweak on the BigBoss repo.

5. CCClockOpentoAlarm

Do you use the clock/timer from the Control Center shortcut? If not, may be it's time to tweak it so it points to the alarm clock – which is a better option. This tweak does that. It maps the clock icon to the alarm clock instead of the timer so you get a shortcut to the Alarm Clock. CCClockOpentoAlarm is available on the BigBoss repo for free.

6. CC Deseparator

A simple tweak, it's just a cosmetic addition (or rather, removal). CC Deseparator removes the separator lines in the Control Center. Nothing else but just a design thing. CC Deseparator is a free tweak on the BigBoss repo.

7. CCQuick

CCQuick is a combination of multi-task switcher, background app killer and a few extra toggles/shortcuts in the Control Center. CCQuick actually brings quite a lot of useful things to the table. With CCQuick, you can not only kill apps but you also get a virtual home button, a rotation-lock shortcut etc. Everything integrates with the shortcuts part of the Control Center. The tweak is free and is on the BigBoss repo.

8. CCHide

If you think some sections of the Control Center must be hidden or invisible, CCHide will let you do that. It's a simple standalone tweak which hides parts of the Control Center based on your preferences. You can hide the music controls, the brightness slider, the shortcut icons or the toggles and more. CCHide also features a toggle which selectively hides the music playback: the controls are visible only when some media is playing on your iPhone. The tweak is free on the BigBoss repo.

9. CCNowPlaying

CCNowPlaying is for active Tweeters who like to tweet the song they're listening to. The tweak adds a simple Twitter icon to the Control Center media controls. Tapping this opens the Twitter share sheet. Nifty little tweak if you are that person who tweets with the #nowplaying hashtag. There are also options to configure how the Tweet is composed (album, artist, song etc.). And you can choose to share the album art with your Tweet too! The tweak is free on the BigBoss repo.

10. CCSystemStatus

CCSystemStatus displays system information right on the control center. One of the most important information you get is RAM, the Wi-Fi IP address, and a few other details you can actually toggle/tweak. It's not mighty useful right off the bat, but for folks who keep a look out for memory and such details, it's useful. It's on the BigBoss repo for free.

11. CCRespring

BlueCoda's CCRespring is the most simplest, downright straight-forward respring tool for the control center. I think it replaces any other respring tweak/action easily. Install this to put a Respring link in the Control Center. Tap and your iPhone will respring. (Respring is also a good way to clear some cache memory). The tweak is up on BigBoss for free.

12. CCMeters

Like CCSystemStatus, CCMeters puts valuable system information (that includes CPU usage, RAM, free space, data speed) right under the toggles in Control Center. The iconography is neat which makes one prefer CCMeters over CCSystemStatus. (but CCSystemStatus has more options to choose from). CCMeters comes with no preferences to pick what information you see in the Control Center but it lets you customize the style (bold font, white labels/white icons). CCMeters is on the BigBoss repo for $1.00.

13. Polus

Polus is the perfect Control Center quick launcher for iOS 7. There are many quick launchers that work from the lockscreen or from Spotlight Search but Polus is probably the only, perfect implementation of a quick launcher for Control Center. The tweak has a lot of customization options. So much so that you can even customize the icon / glyph for the shortcut that you pick. You can change the layout, the number per page, the shape of the icon etc. Polus is available on BigBoss repo for $0.99.

  • Venkatesh Ramasamy

    CCQuick forced my device to reboot on Safe Mode. Uninstalled.
    FlipControlCenter is Good. It should allow to add Apps on Control Screen.

  • THE_Sorcerer

    CCControls is the reason why i’m here … it NO LONGER WORK WITH IOS 8
    you can install it, you can see the options, but any option who supposed to change something like 3G/4G/wifi on/off, plane mode, even really simple stuff like mute on/off, WILL REBOOT YOUR DEVICE in safe mode (so you need to reboot it again in normal mode)

  • Fujin

    I just wanted to thank you for this post. I am glad it was one of the first results in a google search for it was exactly what I was looking for. – Keep up the great work!

    • SweKiwi

      Same here! Wanted to hide the Music Controls since it looks really large with QuickActivator – but with CCHide, it’s perfect! Thanks!